December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Death of a Loan Shark ~ Expect no condolences!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May peace be upon you with the Mercy and Blessings of Allah.

Dear brothers and sisters.

Recently we heard of a local loan shark @ ‘Ah Long’ ~ Sin Chee Loon alias ‘Botak’, 25 being bashed to death by a borrower together with some other friends of his in Sg.Nibong, Penang.

The ‘Ah Long’ was beaten and left to die by the roadside. Members of the public who found him lying seriously bleeding by the roadside, had rushed him to the hospital but due to the severity of his injuries, the Ah Long perished.

If the members of the public knew that he was a loan shark, I doubt that any of them would have bothered to help out the man.

Hell, some might even have gone on to give the fella a few more whacks to speed his demise!

That’s the extent of the hatred that the loan sharks of this nation have incurred as a result of their cruel, sadistic ways in dealing with their loan defaulters all these years.

The news report and expose of their own private prisons recently at Seri Kembangan where the ‘Ah Long’s had incarcerated their loan defaulters, chained them up like animals, beat and brutalized them if they even whimpered, locked them up like nobody’s business surely has not endeared them to the public or evoke in them any feelings of mercy or compassion to those brutes involved in these illegal money lending operations.

Prisoner of the Ah Long @ loan sharks.

I doubt that the members of the Malaysian public will even shed a tear for the loan shark who died in Penang.

The way that these loan sharks operate is getting from bad to worse and I blame it on the lackadaisical way that the so called authorities of this land react to such blatant breach of the existing numerous laws.

There is just no will at all on the part of those who are employed as the law enforcement agencies of this country.

The prevailing attitude of the ones in power @ usually the Malays are of a nature that is nonchalant and apathetic manner of ‘working’.

Most do not.

Do not work that is!

All that they are concerned with is punching in for duty at 0800 hours or 0830, whichever comes first. Mosey on down to the cafeteria at their departments, agencies or ministries.

Order their breakfast, yak yakkety yak yak with their colleagues. Talk about the latest gossip. Chat about the political circus going on in this country.

Discuss or curse their chosen political figures for the day. Yak yak yak till someone tells them that the boss is coming.

Disappear to their desks and ‘pretend’ to work.

Come 10.00 am, presto they disappear to the canteen again. Tea break!

Yak yakkety yak yak again as they please.

10.30am, back to their theatrics of ‘doing work’! ‘Bertugas’ they call it.

12.00pm. Stop all ‘work’!

Lunch time!!!

2.00 om. Back to act.

3.00 pm. Tea break.

5.30pm. Clock out!

Day in, day out!

Do you think that the problems of this country will ever get solved?

Keep dreaming!

Some say that this is the work culture of the BN.


I await the day when the PR get to run this country and hope to see any significant change of the overall government of the day machinery at work?

Don’t get your hopes too high for when it crumbles just like the roof of the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium at Gong Badak, Terengganu did, you can expect not to see anyone come forward and readily accept the blame! It’s currently ‘pass the blame’ time.

It’s all the deeply ingrained ‘work culture’ of the Bumiputera’s mentality.

Whether you call them the BN or the PR, they will remain just the same till Yaum al Qiyamah!

Those who dare to dream that there will now be strict enforcement against the activities of the local loan sharks @ ‘Ah Long’s are just fooling themselves.

A recent survey states that more than a 100,000 government servants ranging from the lowliest staff to even the cream de la creme amongst the big shots of the civil service are clients of the loan sharks.

Why has this come to be?

None other than due to the way our local banks and financial institutions have made it such a hassle to secure loans, even the micro credit ones.

Official red tape and office bureaucracy make it almost impossible for the average Malaysian to secure a loan to solve their financial needs.

The loan sharks come forward and offer non collateral loans but take out a portion of what they lend out. They top it up with astronomical interest rates and choke the living daylights out of the loan defaulters.

The death of that Penang Ah Long @ loan shark is just the start.

People are quick to copy anything nowadays. Malaysians are pretty good at it.

Copying all the bad examples, I mean.

Soon, we will hear of another loan shark beaten to death! Believe me, the odds of this happening is very high.

Now that the public has heard of this walloping to death of that ‘Ah Long’ and the police will face reluctance of informers to come forward and be a witness to this case, there might be others who will be ‘inspired’ to do the same.

Hehehehehe…it is now the ‘Ah Longs’ who will have to be a bit more alert to the chances of that killing in Penang recurring ..this time to them.

You might even find the ‘Ah Long’s reduced to operating on a smaller scale due to the chances of them getting hurt in the illegal moneylending process.

I wonder if the banks have it in them to now sort of ‘seize the day’ @ ‘carpe dium‘ and open up more loan facilities albeit a bit more customer friendly and do away with unnecessary red tape to secure more business?

Anyway, the shining example of the Bangladeshi ‘Grameen Bank‘ founded by Professor Dr.Muhammad Yunus ought to be a beacon to our local banking and financial institutions to break the red tape wall now prevalent in our nation and lead the way to the successful eradication of all these illegal money lending operations of the ‘Ah Long’s of Malaysia.

As for the dead loan shark, I have no condolences to offer.

The saying goes that those who live by the sword, die by it.

One loan shark gone, thousands more to go?

Wallahu `alam bissawab.

Wonder where all those ‘chettiars‘ of old have disappeared to?

You know, the chaps sitting cross legged on pavements, pencils stuck between their ears, donning those horn rimmed glasses, perpetual smile across their faces and that trademark black umbrellas they used to carry as they went about knocking on the doors of their customers?

Extinct already?

Tch..tch..tch…what a more legends of the P.Ramlee era’s around.

They sure were an important institution in Malayan society before.

Selamat pagi Incik Jamil! Ada baik kah?


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