December 9, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Rape of Nanking & Japanese War Atrocities Remembered.

Those who clamor for the forgiving of the notorious former Secretary General of the Communist Party of Malaya, Chin Peng obviously were mostly born after the country stabilized and peace was returned to this fledgling nation.

I was born in 1958 and was fortunate not to have been exposed to the horrors of war that took place in World War 2 here in our beloved country when the notorious Japanese Army plundered, ransacked and raped their way through our nation back in 1945.

Those who are now speaking as if they know what the bloody hell they are talking about have no clue at all to the terrible fate that befell our forefathers, mothers, sisters and brothers who had been tortured to death, stabbed with bayonets, heads decapitated and had their stomachs cut open, spilling their guts, young girls barely past puberty who were gang raped, brutalized and skewered to death after having had their honor, chastity and persons violated all in the name of war and occupation know nuts about what they are asking us to forgive and forget!!!

Hell no!!!

Have you seen what horrors the Japanese and the Communists have inflicted upon our civilian population during the WW2 and then during the Emergency?

I’d advise those who speak without knowledge to please go buy yourselves a copy of the DVD produced by TV3 and Grand Brilliance titled ‘JUNGLE GREEN KHAKI BROWN ~Malaya’s Fight Against Terrorism. Sold at MPH Bookstores for RM21.90 per copy.

Click on the image to view it better.

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Please do that. Watch the whole dvd, contemplate as to all the truth that is shown in the historical dvd showing authentic footage that was shot by the official information services back then before you conclude anything?

You might also want to go buy yourselves a Dvd of the Nanking Massacre. A HBO Documentary Films Production by FORTISSIMO FILMS.

Witness for yourselves the atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese Army upon the helpless people and civilians of Nanking, China!

See how they systematically decimated more than 250,000 innocent Chinese civilians and raped to death more than 10,000 Chinese girls and women ranging from as young as 9 year olds to old ladies and grandmothers!

Then see whether you still have it in you to come advise me to go easy on the likes of Chin Peng and his ilk?

Those who so recklessly spew the seeds of hate and conflict amongst us here in our beloved country probably have yet to witness all these horrors of war, death and destruction?

That’s why they so irresponsibly are goading the masses into an uprising of sorts and wage war against the authorities without considering the terrible toll that any untoward civil war or conflict is going to unleash upon the entire nation?

I promise you one thing. That and if trouble does break up amongst us, none will be spared the harm and damage that we and our loved ones will suffer when law and order is no more and anarchy takes its place here in Malaysia?

The Japanese Army and the Communists of Malaya have massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent Malayans before.

So many lives have been lost and generations continue to suffer emotional and mental trauma.

Those young upstarts who spew bullshit and nonsense about giving room for the war criminal to return to this land and live out the remaining moments of his disgusting life have yet to experience what his numerous victims had gone through and so many of them have perished as a result of his tyranny against this land!

I am just thinking as to whether these folks will still think the same if they have even one instance of suffering under the Communist Party of Malaya under Chin Peng’s leadership?

They sure would be crying for his head if it happened to them! That’s for sure!!!

My sympathies to all the grieving families of the victims of the Japanese Army and the bloody CPM of Chin Peng!

Al Fatihah!

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