February 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Indian Protesters and the PDRM – Reasons for their confrontations?

Greetings dear fellow Malaysians.

I would like to share about what I see being the main reasons why when Malaysian Indian protesters converge illegally on to the streets and roads of this nation’s capital and major cities or towns, they almost always run afoul of the law and get the full brunt of the PDRM’s counter measures?

I can’t help but notice that those who organize the protests and gatherings of Malaysian Indians who feel strongly about anything that concerns them and members of their community always seem to fail in taking the safety and well being of those whom they fire up emotionally to join them in their agendas and missions to show their unhappiness about any such causes or issues.

These protest organizers usually will come across like roaring lions and stoke the fires of dissatisfaction’s in the hearts and minds of the beleaguered Malaysian Indian populace without thinking of the consequences of such direct confrontations between the protesters and the full might of armed to the teeth police and law enforcement security forces.

I do not see why time after time, we still have to see the people be aroused into being sacrificial lambs and led to the slaughter by those politicians and social activists who themselves almost always get to escape the full measure of counter action taken by the law enforcement troops and in turn are heralded and iconized as the ‘people’s champion and so on and so forth?

What is the fruit of such unnecessary confrontations and whipping up of religious and racially based fervor which often ends up as propaganda which only serves to worsen the situation between the Malaysian Indian community and the powers that be?

I wish to call upon the Malaysian Indians here to understand that their lot here is not as terrible as over there in Sri Lanka.

It is true that the plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka is very much due to the blatant discrimination and racially biased Singhalese Government’s persecution of the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

The LTTE @ Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam that came into being as a result of the Sri Lankan Government’s injustice against them however also proved that even they the LTTE were not really just in their dealing with the other minority living together with them there in that island nation!

The LTTE massacred hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan Indian Muslims in their 25 year rampage through Sri Lanka!

Another massacre by the LTTE in Sri Lanka of innocent civilians videofilmed by them for record:

We have yet to see Malaysian Indians (those who are innocent of criminal activities) ending up in such a fate, massacred by the Malaysian Law Enforcement Agencies!

May Allah Forbid!

Back to the matter of staging political and social activism based protests and demonstrations by the leaders of the Malaysian Indians.

Are the leaders and the organizers of such protests dreaming of achieving a political coup over the ruling government of Malaysia ala Thailand, Indonesia or the Philippines?

I’d advise them to please wake the hell up!

Malaysians are simply not up to it.

No sirree.

For one thing, you do not have the numbers.

The majority of Malaysians are simply not bothered to create extraordinary political change overnight as like those 3 Asian countries.

I pity the majority of those amongst the Malaysian Indians who keep falling into the political traps of the ‘elite few’ out there amongst them today who rouse the people into gathering on the streets and roads of our nation’s cities and towns but do not realize that when it comes to facing the law enforcement juggernaut it is not the leaders who will dare to face up to the might and brunt of the police force but the ordinary Malaysian Indians who have to suffer the most!!!

I still believe that if the leaders of these protests and demonstrations really truly care for the Malaysian Indians, they will use their intellect to go about it in a more practical, diplomatic way by having direct meetings with the authorities concerned or involved?

Look at the way some other communities use the courts and justice system no matter how screwed up it is to pursue their cases and causes?

I have yet to see the Malaysian Christian community take to the streets to protest this and that although we all know that they have been vocal about many issues and concerns affecting them and their faith here.

All I hear and see both with my own eyes and through the online and offline media is the Malaysian Indian community being forced to confront the FRU and other law enforcement agencies through the endless protests and demonstrations cooked up by the ones who almost always have something brewing all the time.

My hope is to see no more Malaysians from whatever community or faith having to be put to danger by those political maestros who in actuality are the ones who seek fame and glory to appease their insatiable needs to be heralded, garlanded and carried as the Makkal’s champions!

My question is that when the protest is over and the people return, drenched, water cannoned and tear gassed into submission, back home to nurse their wounds and treat their attained injuries after confronting the full force of the law enforcement juggernauts, what victory have they @ the common people achieved that has improved their lot and life’s?

We need to weigh the pros and cons of all these ceaseless protests and demonstrations that are being organized and carried out like clockwork since the last GE!

What good has it done for the Malaysian Indians community?

I know that most of them are good, decent citizens who if taken care of by their elected representatives would want no part in all these confrontations but due to the fact that there remains injustice in the way this country is being ruled, are at times left no room but to stand up and make their voices heard in order to live with whatever little dignity is left for them to carry on as the sons and daughters of this land called Malaysia.

I wish that those who think that by driving the people’s passions aflame and goad them into going out there onto the roads and streets of this nation, will please have pity on them and spare them further harm and heartaches in the real sense of the word.

If you truly care for them, there are still many ways and platforms which you can use to both your benefit and theirs by going about it in the decent, intellectual ways that are available to those who know how to acquire them?

My prayers are for the well being of all my fellow Malaysians and it is in my heartfelt wishes that no one Malaysian is harmed just to fulfill another’s goals and mission.

Insya Allah.

May the people be protected and guarded by those who have been trusted by them to lead them to a better tomorrow.


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