February 22, 2024


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Mountain Trekking and Climbing in Malaysia – The videos by samadyahaya.

If there is one thing that I love to do even at this age is to go trek or journey up into the hills and mountain areas of this blessed land of Malaysia.

When I was living in Penang, I used to go for jungle trekking in the hills of my home island. The usual destination was Penang Hill and the entry point was Moon Gate at Jalan Waterfall.

I didn’t have the luxury of owning a camera back then nor did I own a video camera to capture all the sights and sounds of the natural tropical jungle wonderland of Penang Island.

It is just by chance that I came across these series of videos uploaded by samadyahaya, an avid mountain trekker and climber who has shot and produced such wonderful videos highlighting our precious jungles and mountain sceneries here for us to enjoy.

Thank you samadyahaya. You have done us all a great favour by sharing your videos here for those of us who might not even get a chance to climb those hills and mountains in our life.

Gunung Ledang Climb Part 1 of 3.

Part 2 0f 3 – Halfway up there…

Part 3 of 3 – The Summit!

After that exhilarating series of videos of his group’s climb up Gunung Ledang @ Mount Ophir in the Malaysian Peninsular, samadyahaya shares with us these videos of his group’s trek up the Gunung Datuk Rembau in Negeri Sembilan.
Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2.

Great company, good clean humor and an excellent record of the true Malaysian spirit!

Thanks samadyahaya for these excellent videos.

I truly enjoyed watching them.

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