December 4, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Batang Kali Massacre by British Troops during the 1948 Malayan Emergency

It is a reality of war that atrocities are committed by armed forces in the heat of the battle or after prolonged exposes to the dulling of natural state of compassion in the fighting troops of whatever army or band of guerrillas.

The British Army had been ordered to brutalize many countries during the height of their colonizing period.

I have read many news reports and articles as to how the British simply massacred the protesting civilians of countries which they colonized in the name of their King or Queen since they became stronger than many other nations back then.

I have watched countless documentaries and movies depicting how the British simply overcame resistance from those whom they were conquering using nothing but armed might and brute force!

When I read about how Britain spirited away the wealth from our motherland here which was then known as British Malaya, I figured that is what most colonialists do?

So when I came across this news about the Batang Kali Massacre in 1948, 60 years ago, I try to visualize how things might have been during that time when the country was facing an Emergency brought about by the rampaging MPAJA @ Malayan People Anti Japanese Army also known as the Communist Party of Malaya, going around attacking police stations, killing those whom they suspected to be Japanese or British agents?

From what I have learned about the CPM @ Communist Party of Malaya, most of them consisted of the Chinese community with a few Malays.

Thus, when I try to picture what must have gone in the minds of the British Army in the form of those Scots Guard soldiers facing a village full of Chinese rubber tappers who might also seemed suspicious to them, I can just imagine that those British soldiers wouldn’t have known as to how to differentiate between the communist guerillas and the villagers?

Thus the massacre!

As a fellow Malaysian, I sympathize with the survivors and descendants of those who were shot dead in cold blood on the 11th and 12th December, 1948!

Britain must accept responsibility for what its soldiers did back then and compensate the families of those who were killed and do what’s right!

No point in crowing about world peace, justice, law and order when one’s own hands are covered with the blood of so many innocents, right across the whole wide world!

Let justice prevail!

Declassify the police records on the massacre!

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