December 4, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

American Christian Televangelists & American Zionists Plan Strike against Iran!

Assalamualaikum dear Brothers & Sisters,
Whilst US President Barack Obama speaks about restoring peace in the Middle East, there exists people like Christian Pastor John Hagee who founded John Hagee Ministries spreading venom in the hearts and minds of the impressionable clueless masses of America’s Christians stoking rage and hatred against Muslims of the world especially against the Islamic Republic of Iran!

The video above exposes how the brainwashed masses of John Hagee’s followers are rooting for the pre-emptive action military strikes against Israel’s enemies such as Iran!

Now, I understand that these American Christian televangelists need to constantly have something hot to rile up the masses into supporting them and their causes but to have such ill conceived ideas brewing in their obviously polluted minds is just something that we as Muslims can no longer ignore and need to correct this wrong mindset of common American people who are being fleeced of their finances in the name of this and that and taken for a ride by the likes of Pastor John Hagee!

I call upon the Muslims in America to take up this issue and educate John Hagee and his confused followers to please get their facts right for the sake of peace and harmony before Hell breaks out over there in the land of the brave but seemingly home of the clueless!

No wonder snake oil medicine peddlars had been striking gold all over America in the Wild, Wild West!

I mean, just look at what kind of a fumbling clueless fool Texas produced in the form of former President George Dubya Bush? 😛

Man! I wonder how blinkered people still exist in the USA despite all the technological advances that scientists and researchers have achieved in the world’s most powerful country?

Clearly, the folks featured in the videos above seriously lack grey matter up in their craniums for falling so foolishly for the sly fox’s ulterior motives against a country that has never bothered them like Iran!

Americans are so easily stirred up into a paranoia that every other country out there is their bloody enemy and they are going to be attacked by just about everyone else out of their borders!!!


Talk about a nation that is now famous for crying ‘Wolf!’
Well, here’s proof of how wrong John Hagee is?

Compare the way the fear mongering John Hagee is whipping up anti Islam and anti Muslim sentiments as shown in the videos above with the way clear speaking truthful Callers to Islam like Sheikh Khalid Yassin, Sheikh Yusuf Estes, Brother Abdur Raheem Greene, Brother Yusuf Islam and so many other dignitaries of Islam share the truth about Al Islam with the world!

Brother Abdur Raheem Greene (UK) :

Sheikh Khalid Yassin (USA):

Brother Yusuf Islam former Cat Stevens British Pop Superstar:

NBC Report on 20000 Americans reverting to Islam each year!

From Catholic to Atheist and now Muslim

Nicole Queen, Dallas, USA.

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat ( May Allah bless his soul)

Former Hindu Brother Abdullah shares his journey towards Islam.

I can keep adding videos after videos to show you that far from being the evil belief that it is made out to be by the fearmongering chaps such as this John Hagee, Islam is the birthright of all Mankind and is the panacea for all problems of people who are looking for the way out of their miseries.

I invite you to be a Muslim and to submit to none but Our Lord, Almighty, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful Allah who has created us as the Children of Adam Alaihis Salam.

We who are humans can be the best of Allah’s Creation and do good to ourselves, our loved ones and all those who come within our reach.

May Allah open up your hearts and minds to learning the truth about Him and to know about Islam, the Way of Life that God Almighty has revealed for us, regardless of who we are and our social status, shape, size or ethnicity!

May Allah bless and protect us all.


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