December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Parliamentary Immunity – Licence to libel as you please?

I refer to the manner by which Parliamentary Immunity for MP’s has been abused by many to spew forth all kinds of lies and accusations as they please within the Dewan Rakyat.

I support the call by Independent MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali [Pasir Mas] who calls for the removal of such immunity from being abused by Members of the Malaysian Parliament.

Several MP’s especially those like the father and son team of DAP MP’s Karpal Singh and his son Gobind Singh Deo have said many things that border on libel and in Karpal’s case a clear accusation where he cursed UMNO Youth with the offensive ‘Celaka!’ @ ‘Damned’ word and then accused them of having sent the 2 bullets with an accompanying death threat against him and his family over his statement of wishing to sue the Sultan of Perak, His Royal Highness Tuanku Sultan Azlan Muhibbudin Shah over the sacking by His Highness of the Pakatan DAP-PKR-PAS coalition Perak State Government when they lost the majority of State Assembly seats upon the turncoat of 2 PKR State Assemblymen and a DAP State Assemblywoman to be Independents supporting the Barisan Nasional side.

Gobind Singh Deo [Puchong] ‘s accusation in Parliament that the Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak is responsible for the murder of the Mongolian model cum interpreter Altantuyaa Shaariibuu is an example of how such abuse is being perpetrated in the Malaysian Parliament.

When challenged to repeat his allegations outside Parliament, Gobind Singh refused stating that he will not do so and that he is using his Parliamentary immunity to say what the ‘rakyat’ says?

Is that so?

How many of the rakyat have been stating so and where is his proof?

It’s so bloody convenient for some of these Members of Parliament to go around accusing this and that person as they please and throwing tantrums as uncivilized people yet demand that they be accorded respect as the ‘Yang Berhormat’ @ ‘The Honourable’ whilst committing acts that would shame even a 6 year old whilst being there in the nation’s highest institution of law.

Every bloody politician claims to speak for the rakyat when in reality they speak for their own overinflated narcissistic damn ego’s!

The antics of certain uncouth members of parliament have been going on for far too long unbridled by self control or realizations that they are not in some filthy road side coffee shop but there in the supposedly august House of Parliament where the future of this country is decided?

I therefore support Dato’ Ibrahim Ali’s call for the immunity of the Members of Parliament to be reviewed and withdrawn enabling them to be made responsible for whatever they say and utter in Parliament!

There must be a sense of decorum when one is elected and appointed to be an MP!

Being an MP does not constitute giving them the license to just shoot their mouth as they please and libel, accuse anyone or even blaspheme against Allah the Almighty at times as they bloody well please!

It’s time for the House of Parliament to be put in order!

Parliament should be where the representatives of the people should act and speak nobly setting a fine example for the rest of the nation to follow not be a political zoo or out of control circus where egoistic narcissistic megalomaniacs are let to go stir crazy as they damn well please!

Karpal Singh owes Pemuda UMNO a public apology for his accusations against them as even the police have stated that there is no proof that it was UMNO Youth who were responsible for sending the two bullets to him?

The case is said to be still pending but the hurt and the anguish that those chaps in UMNO Youth must feel can just be understood by most of us citizens.

Dato’ Ibrahim Ali may be a loose cannon at times but this time around the man speaks what is right and this citizen supports him in his demand that the Members of the Malaysian Parliament where even he himself is a member ought to be made responsible for each and everything that they speak and state there in the Dewan Rakyat!

When even each word or action of them are recorded in the Hansard of Parliament, why should they be allowed to get off scot free after having libeled, accused or cursed even the Malay Sultans of this country to whom they pledged allegiance and promised to serve when they took their ‘oaths of office’?

Surely there must be a limit to what anyone says or states in Parliament or is that supposedly ‘august highest house of law’ in our country just a madhouse where loonies and wackos masquerade as the ‘honorable’ members of parliament?

It makes me respect the ordinary decent chap sitting there at my neighborhood’s local roadside stall more than someone who drives around with that ‘Ahli Parlimen’ crest displayed so bloody prominently at the front and back of their vehicles as if that gives them a license to gloat and brag around that ‘Hey! I’m an MP! I’m one of the Untouchables!’


Well, for all I know, there will come a time when the Archangel of Death, Sayyidina Izra’il Alaihis Salam will come to rip off your souls when your time is up!

No brandishing of any logo, emblem, crest, title, honorifics or whatsoever is gonna stop him, the Servant of Almighty Allah from taking your life away from your mortal remains when it is time!

But then again, some folks live a delusional life prancing about in the Dewan Rakyat thinking that they are invincible beings and can do as they damn well please!

So, as expected, the majority of the Malaysian Parliamentarians are not overly excited about endorsing Dato’ Ibrahim Ali’s call for if they do, it is their own self’s who are gonna be in the hot soup when they go out of line!

This video clip shows the MP for Puchong getting expulsed from the Parliament for refusing to obey the Speaker of Parliament’s order for him to sit down!

This is another clip showing Gobind expressing his frustration for being chased out by a Deputy Minister for Housing several months back! I believe that this took place back in July, 2008.

This is what happened yesterday resulting in the MP for Puchong getting suspended from attending Parliament for 2 days?
Part 1

Part 2

Dato’ Ibrahim Ali. You have just proved your case sir!

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