December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

From the heart of a Malaysian Medical Doctor to his fellow Indian Makkals.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

My dear fellow Malaysians,

I am privy to some exclusive discussions amongst the online Malaysian Communities and from one of the special exclusive online groups discussing about the national social -political matters.

I came across this heartfelt plea from a medical doctor to his fellow Malaysian Indians to please be more aware of the real situation concerning the state of affairs regarding the treatment of the incarcerated leaders of the now banned Hindu Rights Action Force of Malaysia especially the condition of the ISA detainee Uthayakumar ( pictured below)?

Without disclosing the identity of the said doctor or will I ever expose the particular online discussion group’s website, here are the stirring words of a learned medical doctor pleading to his community to wake up and see the real situation concerning the said detainee and not to swallow hook, line and sinker as to any or everything that they get to read about from the self exiled chairman of the said group :

Quote :

“I have always recognized the HINDRAF as the champions of the Indian community and respected the bravery of the HINDRAF leaders .

They had created a stir leading to major defeat of the BN in last election and making other parties realize the importance of our society . They were my heroes.

A recent article forwarded to me in the form of a so called letter from Waytha Moorthy has got me into thinking.

Are they (really) our champions or are they just like the MIC?

In his recent letter , he mentioned about Uthaya Kumar being taken to hospital and exaggerated about how Uthaya could be dying and how he needs urgent surgery and how his sugar is high and so on and on?

Here is the truth.

I worked in the Taiping hospital and have seen many ISA patients including Uthaya.

Waytha Moorthy claimed that the doctors have not accorded Uthaya the proper treatments.


Whether it is an ISA detainee or not every patients are treated the same.

Some of my house officers were frightened to see so many (prison) wardens (in the wards).

Uthaya was seen by the Head of the department themselves.

Both were from the orthopedic and medical departments.

Both are Indians and good in their work.

Dr. Letchumanan prescribed the best medicine and the most expensive medications yet Uthaya refused to be treated.

Inspite of (getting) counseling for a long time Uthaya still refused.

Many of the ISA patients usually request for special diets and I used to recommend them.

They do get these diets.

I had a friend look into the (medical) records.

Uthaya’s X-Ray did not show any fractures.

His leg was not even gangrened. It was oedematous.

Waytha’s letter is provocative.

It is making a fool of the young blooded youth who usually fail to think and respond to spinal reflex .

We do want to fight for our rights.

We have to fight the right way and not being manipulated by someone who knows Indians can be fooled.

Many of you might be angered by this mail.

Many of you have read my articles any you know I am not a supporter of MIC.

I feel we are being fooled in the name of HINDRAF and we are again going to be misguided by another group so that they can claim to be (our) heroes.

This is not right.

I have observed the Hindraf movements and their emails.

It is not guiding us to a better future. It is leading towards disaster.

If we are true Indians and if you are believer of AHIMSA and believe in Gandhi’s words, we can fight for our rights.

First we must learn to think for ourselves.

If the youth fail to think and you fall for the trap that HINDRAF is setting for you, then all my time (spent) writing about bringing changes to our community and ensuring our survival and the future of our community is wasted.

I feel so sad for our community.

Inspite of having many who can lead us to the right path , we are still being led by the wrong leader to the wrong paths.

Street protests are not going to achieve anything.

It is not about (us) being cowards.

A stupid man who goes to war will stand to lose the battle but a smart man who knows when and how to fight the war, is surely bound to win.

Hindraf has created the awareness and unity amongst us but they are using our stupidity to fight their war.

Many of you are educated.

Take your time to think.

Please do not believe whatever (is) thrown to you by Hindraf.

Get the facts right. Please do not let us ruin our own community . THINK! THINK! THINK!”

End of quote.

Dear fellow Malaysians.

We, who blog for the sake of truth and justice aren’t exactly free from being biased or opinionated about anything that concerns us, living here in this multi ethnic, multi faithed nation.

I myself have at times been discriminated against, called names, labelled as this and that by those who do not see eye to eye with me on certain issues based upon the differences between our activism based upon religious or racial values and standpoints.

To me, it matters not as to how those who have yet to know me for who I really am and choose to make themselves into my enemies on their own accord?

It’s just part and parcel of being human.

‘Birds of a feather do flock together’ is a famous proverb and I for one agree that it’s points are true.

We do tend to unite and congregate into a certain community whether we like it or not?

It’s human nature.

Muslims congregate at the masjids and suraus. Christians at their churches. Hindus at their temples. Taoists do the same. Buddhists have their wats and temples too. Sikhs their Gurdwaras.Etc.

Even those who do not believe in any faith have their meeting spots. Coffee gardens, pubs, etc.

The online community too has developed a sort of a global village. Each complete with their own banners, memberships, house rules, etcetera.

I set up the Muslim Bloggers Alliance to pool the thoughts and ideas from those of my fellow Muslims who blog for the sake of spreading the truth about Islam and to help dispel or correct the misinformation being published online by those who love to do so.

In a way, we too are just looking out for our fellow Muslims, regardless of each MBA member’s political standpoints.

I see the plea above from the medical doctor to be sincere in wanting to see his people not to be taken for a ride again by the new wave of Indian leadership calling itself as Hindraf.

I don’t blame them ; for their chosen representatives in the Malaysian Indian Congress have failed them all these years.

Even as I type these words, their President (MIC) still seeks re-election despite losing his seat at his 3 decades old Parliamentary seat of Sg.Siput!

Other Malaysian race based political parties have had changes in their leaderships, but in the MIC, it seems that the incumbent and often despised chap still has it in him to keep an iron grip clutch on the MIC’s presidency.

As a fellow Malaysian, I can’t help but feel sorry for the Malaysian Indian community.

If only good natured, positive minded, learned persons like the medical doctor here was to be given a shot at leading the Malaysian Indian community, I am confident that the nation might see an end to communal strife and poverty amongst the Malaysian Indians.

I am sharing this heartfelt plea from the good doctor for public reading just to let you know that there is still hope for the Malaysian Indians with the presence of gems like this gentleman.

He’s a bit frustrated at the state of affairs of his often strife torn community but if he remains steadfast and committed to bringing reform to the Malaysian Indians, all he has to do is to keep going at it and when the much needed opportunity presents itself, to seize the day and open up the Malaysian Indian community to the realities and vast opportunities still out there.

He won’t be able to do it alone for he or anyone else are clearly just human!

Yet some individuals have it in them to shine forth and be a shining beacon to the down and outs, the forgotten folks in the rural and squatter areas who struggle to fork out a living despite having prosperity show its butt to them for those whom they trusted and depended on just took them to be nothing but collatoral fodder for their political ambitions.

I wish this doctor and those like him who live amongst us all the very best in their endeavors and hope to see him and them succeed in their honorable missions.

May truth and justice prevail upon this motherland of ours and bring forth a new line up of leaders for each community here in Malaysia who would be sincere in fighting for the rights and needs of the people.


For those who would like to read further and see some photographs of people demonstrating asking for proper medical treatment be accorded to ISA detainee Uthayakumar who is said to be in danger of succumbing to diabetes, you may want to visit a Hindraf supporting site here.

This site brands me as an Islamic terrorist. 🙂


Strange, isn’t it?

An Islamic terrorist writing in support for the betterment of the Malaysian Indians!

Damn terrifying, wouldn’t you agree?

We can’t have bearded Muslim Bloggers championing the cause of his fellow Malaysians!

Something must terribly be wrong with me, eh?

Hehehehehe…’s okay.

I don’t mind the insinuations and misunderstandings as long as I can help improve the awareness of our nation’s citizens about the real deal regarding any issue or matter that affects us in one way or another?

Even those like Haris Ibrahim call me up and propose to me for a meet up and have a cup of coffee and discuss things?

Insya Allah!

We may differ in our principles and perspectives here on Earth but deep in my heart, I still regard the fellow as a brother.

Aren’t we all?

Good night Malaysians.

Keep on reading and blogging for the good of our nation and go easy on the labellings, eh?

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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