December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Life’s not altogether so rosy over there in the US of A!

Many people around the world seem to think that life for Americans must be quite heavenly ; what with the notion that the Land of the Free and so called home of the Brave must certainly be heaven here on Earth?

The reality that things aren’t exactly as what they seem to be based upon all the Hollywood flicks that one might be viewing on the telly?

There are quite a number of homeless families who live out their lives travelling from town to town and try to survive in their mobile homes and campers due to the economic downfall that most Americans have inadvertently found themselves to be caught in when they lost their jobs and subsequently their homes as well due to unpaid mortgages to the banks.

The videos above captures a few of the unlucky ones who are living as the travelling homeless and showcases the immense problems which President Obama has been burdened with as a result of 8 miserable years of America stuck under the worst President who ever got to rule their nation of 250 over million people from all walks of life!

It’s not gonna be a walk in the park for President Obama to change the lives of so many of his fellow citizens overnight.

There are many different type of causes as to how these people ended up on the streets?

Some of them might have mental problems, some of them having emotional crises and some might just have given up on trying to improve their lots?

Who knows or cares?

People nowadays are wary of lending a helping hand because at times they themselves end up getting hurt in return!

We have heard of good samaritans who in turn get bitten off by those whose personalities and characters sometimes borders on the criminally insane!

It’s not easy to generalize the reasons as to why these people end up like what we see here?

This is something that the media just do not wish to highlight to the viewing public.

We always just get to see palatial homes of the rich and famous. Get to see the luxurious lifestyles of all the pop and film stars. Gawk at the filthy rich Americans with all their latest gadgetry and bling blings of the super rich.

Well, with the advent of You Tube, the world gets to see the other side of Life in the US of A.

When we compare this with our Malaysian way of life, hell…we aren’t that bad after all.

My heart goes out to these unfortunate families and to the millions of others out there who live life a day at a time, wondering where they are going to end up next and as to whether they will be able to get a decent meal again?

But then again the Government of America seems to think that its worth much more to spend trillions of dollars in sponsoring their pet rogue State of Israel in bombarding the oppressed Palestinians out of their now destroyed homes and lands in Gaza!

Among the comments that I see being posted by viewers of these videos are those that condemn their American Government for spending so much in waging war overseas when such money could be better spent to improve the lives of their own unfortunate citizens?

That is something that President Obama needs to take very much into consideration and undo all the horrific damage that George Wacko Bush Jr has done to not only Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere but also to the United States of America itself!

America should also stop funding the Israeli Zionist regime at once and take care of its own people first and forever.

Behold! ‘Bushville!’. A tent city that showcases exactly what the current Great American Depression is all about?

For all the hype that America gives out about the sorry state of affairs regarding life for countries all over the world, the reality is that its own people are suffering like hell and even worse!

May God bless us all and keep us safe from harm’s way no matter where we are?

May Allah bless and provide us our daily sustenance and give us our shelter.


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