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The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Perak Political Circus – ‘ Pakatan Rakyat getting a taste of its own turncoat’s medicine!

‘Those who live by the sword will die by the sword’ so goes a famous proverb.

This parable can also be used to describe the sudden twist of fate for the fledgling Pakatan Rakyat’s political modus operandi where in recent times it’s supremo Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been loudmouthing a change of federal government very soon since the 16th of September last year by his open prediction of the BN’s Members of Parliament jumping ship to give the Pakatan Rakyat it’s much needed majority of seats in the Malaysian Parliament which will enable the PKR de facto Supreme Leader the chance to be Prime Minister at any costs!

Well, looks like the tides have turned for the Pakatan Rakyat when their gamble in luring the Perak ADUN for Bota to jump ship from the BN to the PR has sort of whipped them back in their face with this sudden turn of events.

By doing so, they inadvertently invited a ‘Trojan Horse’ into their ranks and when he did a ‘ U Turn’, he succeeded in bringing along 3 ADUN’s of the PR over to the BN’s side.

So, the political balance of power has shifted today to the BN’s benefits.

The arrogance of the Pakatan Rakyat Perak Menteri Besar in handling members of the press recently and the highhanded manner by which the PR State Government handled themselves throughout their short lived reign comes to prove the Malay idiom ‘Semakin berisi semakin tunduk‘ which carries the meaning that the more we get richer, more powerful or more knowledgeable, the more we should be humble comes to mind.

The Perak Pakatan Rakyat Government has been cut off at its knees today and the Sultan of Perak has given his consent for the swearing in of the new BN State Government of Perak effective 4.05 pm today.

The BN Pangkor State Assemblyman, the learned Datuk Dr.Zambry Abdul Kadir has been announced by the BN Leadership to be installed as the new Perak Menteri Besar, ending the Pakatan Rakyat’s 11 month controversy filled short rule over this much contested state in the Malaysian peninsular.

Biodata of Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir

Date of Birth : 22nd March, 1962
Place of Birth : Pulau Pangkor, Perak
Married to Datin Saripah Zulkifli
Children : 5 ( 3 Daughters , 2 Sons )


  • PhD (Political Science) Temple University, United States of America (1995)
  • MA (Political Philosophy and Comparative Religion) Temple University, United States of America (1992)
  • MA, Master of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) (1991)
  • Bachelor of Economics (Honors ) IIUM (1987)

    Achievements :

  • Dinstinctive Honors (PhD) 1995
  • Temple University, USA Research Grant (1993)
  • WAMY Award First Convention of IIUM (1987)

    Positions Held:

  • Umno Pangkor Division Youth Chief (1992)
  • Umno Lumut Division Head
  • Pangkor State Assemblyman (since 2004)
  • Perak State Executive Member for Education. Human Resources and Information Technology (from 2004-2008)
  • Excerpt from Bernama.com :

    The Sultan of Perak has the power to dismiss his Menteri Besar even though the latter refuses to tender his resignation after being decreed to do so, a constitutional law expert said.

    However, the power to do so is not within the provision of the Perak constitution but from the Interpretation Act which says the power to appoint also includes the power to remove, said Prof Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi.

    “Article 16 Clause 7 of the Perak constitution says a member of the executive council other than the MB (Menteri Besar) holds the office at the pleasure of the Sultan.

    In other words, the MB cannot be dismissed.

    “But Article 16 Clause 6 says if he (the MB) loses the confidence (of the majority of the State Assembly) he must resign. So the gray area is what happens if he doesn’t resign?” he said when contacted by Bernama on Thursday.

    He said the two separate provisions seemed to contradict, so one had to look beyond the Perak constitution and into the Interpretation Act, which states the power to appoint includes the power to remove.

    “In a situation where the person (MB) doesn’t want to step down despite having lost (the support of the majority), I think the Sultan will have the power to remove.

    “I’m sure he (the Sultan) doesn’t relish (having to remove the MB) but the whole world is watching.

    The government is collapsing not due to popular mandate but due to (political) defections.

    “I’m sure Tuanku is very pained by all this, but he is in a dilemma, he has to have a government but there is an obvious stalemate,” he said.

    End of quote.

    So, I guess by now, the entire Pakatan Rakyat leadership now knows exactly what it feels like to have their own assemblymen and women defect to the BN even though they declare themselves to be ‘independent’ but aligned to the ruling BN coalition?

    Well, that’s the drawbacks of trying to influence the BN Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen and women to turn ‘Brutus’.

    It can backfire and it has surely taken place there in the State of Perak.

    Haughtiness and arrogance doesn’t work well nowadays.

    Time for the arrogant ones to eat ‘humble pie’.

    Any seconds?

    In Malaysian Politics, anything can happen!

    As far as I see it, all these buggers just clamor for the wealth and luxury that comes with the powers of position.

    All these talk of hidup rakyat etcetera is just a whole load of crap that these political opportunists use as a ruse to fatten their bloody wallets!

    At the end of the day, each and every Average Malaysian Joe and Jane have to slough like hell to make ends meet while these political parasites enjoy their opulent lifestyles at the expense of the ordinary Malaysian taxpayers.

    Go figure!

    It makes no difference to us whether this fella or that fella rules? They are all birds of a feather adorning different headstyles.

    That’s all.

    When they crap, it stinks just the same!

    It’s just another twist of fate and fortune folks.

    Guess Anwar’s not so gung ho about getting his team of turncoats from the BN after this foul episode, eh?

    Que Sera Sera…whatever will be…will be…the future’s not ours to see…

    Que Sera Sera…

    What will be …..

    Will be…


    Taking place at 3.30pm

    Istana Kuala Kangsar…

    Stay tuned folks…

    Malaysian Political Circus is in town………………

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