December 2, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Unseen Gaza Videos that Israel doesn’t want you to see.

It’s important for the world population to learn about what actually took place there in Gaza where the Israeli regime had planned in advance months before they pulverized the Palestinian population of Gaza whom they have herded into the Gaza Strip after pulling out their illegal Israeli settlers so that they can carry out this massacre of the Palestinian civilians under the pretext of going after the HAMAS Palestinian authority.

The video above is from Channel 4, an Australian news channel who sent a team to cover the Gaza Strip offensive by the Zionist regime.

The reason why the Israel regime tried its best to keep the international media out of Gaza is to avoid the exposure of what they wanted to do and now have done that is to exterminate as many of the Palestinians as they can before pretending to call for a truce or cease fire?

Problem is that nowadays international journalists are much more creative in getting their footage on air through the advent of wireless transmissions and satellite communications to transmit their videos and other forms of news reports to their respective news channels or to You tube and other media services online.

Gaza Carnage & Slaughter Part 1

Gaza Carnage & Slaughter Part 2

Even animals in the Gaza Zoo were not spared by the Israeli butchers as they shot these caged animals in cold blood!

Did any of these animals shoot rockets into Israel to deserve being massacred by the Zionist terrorists?More videos coming after this.

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