December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

CBS 60 Minutes Exposing Israeli Apartheid Videos

Dear brothers and sisters,

Do you know that CBS has produced for the first time an amazing video program that exposes the Israeli regime’s atrocities and had broadcasted it over the American airwaves resulting in a Zionist backlash against the American station calling it as a ‘hatchet attack against the rogue Jewish nation ?

On Sunday, January 25, CBS 60 Minutes aired an amazing segment exposing Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians.

The piece is by Senior CBS Foreign Correspondent Bob Simon, who is Jewish living outside Tel-Aviv and produced by Robert G, Anderson.

Well, here are the videos in 2 parts which I obtained after being informed about it from Window into Palestine which asked for my support to help spread the word about this.

Part 1

Part 2

I’m sure that with the advent of the Blogosphere, it’s getting harder for Israel to stifle the international media or the Palestinians from exposing the atrocities being committed by the Zionists in robbing the Palestinians of their lands and usurping the homes and olive tree orchards by force.

The internet has now opened up a window into Palestine which the Zionists very much want to keep shuttered and get away with their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and hiding their war crimes from the knowledge of the rest of the world.

This CBS program therefore comes a crashing against their plans to keep their crimes out of the view and knowledge of the American taxpayers, their main sponsors who if they knew where their dollars end up as ammunition to kill more Palestinians will surely want to no longer support the Zionist regime!

Thus I am all for helping to expose this blatant massacre of the Palestinians by the Zionist terrorists.

Help spread the message in your blogs as well.

Thank you.

Remember! ‘ Knowledge is power!’

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