November 28, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Bush gets the boot and President Barack Hussein Obama gets the whole world rooting for him!

When was the last time you saw Americans hating their President so much ( well the one leaving the White House so to speak @ George Wacko Bush Jr. the 43rd and most incompetent idiot ever to set foot in the US Capitol ) and to such a stage that they are throwing their shoes at an inflatable figure of him at Dupont Circle in Washington DC, USA?

When the idiot went to Iraq to say his goodbyes to the country that he ordered to be devastated, he was forced to dodge two shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi TV journalist as a sign of how much hatred he has evoked in the Iraqi people!

Well, now his own people are throwing shoes at him and if left to the true American people’s choice, I am pretty sure that this vermin would have long been lynched and burnt at a stake for his crimes against the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, etc.

There is now a movement there in America calling for his arrest and to charge him for WAR CRIMES and for making America lose its honor, integrity and suffer the worst economic depression since the last major depression that America had to go through.


Before I end this article, listen to how the outgoing chicken shit moron from Texas has tried to cover his sorry ass by cramming through a Bill to pardon himself and his corrupt bunch of useless no good Republican Cabinet from being prosecuted for his war crimes?

I’m just speechless!

All that swagger and macho struttings that the bastard put forth ending up with this chicken shit cover his ass evasive measure!

No wonder America is left in such deep shit waiting for Obama to redeem the world’s mightiest nation from its worst ever maladministration under this war criminal turned coward!

Go get him folks and string the fella up!

I’d say that there is no point talking about world peace , justice, freedom, bla bla bla if America lets this fella get to slip slide his way to enjoy his ill gotten gains after massacring millions of innocent people of the countries that he and dick Cheney have now devastated!

Let’s see what transpires next?

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