December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

George Galloway rips apart SKY NEWS – Watch him in action!

The more I watch British ‘RESPECT’ MP Mr.George Galloway, the hardhitting smack you down Scottish hero give it to the biased Western media especially news organizations such as SKYNEWS owned by Rupert Murdoch, the more I come to respect this man!

SKYNEWS whose media channel blatantly try their level best to paint the picture to the Zionist advantage by turning the Palestinians and Lebanese Freedom Fighters into ‘terrorists’ and portray the real terrorizing Israeli Zionist rogue occupying armies into saints!

Imagine the preposterous way SKYNEWS tries to make the Israeli Demonic Forces look like angels when they are actually heartless, murdering bastards who have no qualms in massacring innocent children, babies and women along with unarmed civilians in their quest to rob those people of their lands!

I feel so inclined to applaud MP George Galloway for the way he rips to shreds this obviously biased news reporter and host of SKYNEWS over the Israeli assault against the Hezbollah in South Lebanon!

Watch Mr.George Galloway in action where he righteously whacks the reporter based in Occupied Jerusalem for trying to pull a fast one on him!

If only the people of Britain can see the gem of a man they have in this Scotsman, they will stop at nothing to make him their Prime Minister and undo all the wrongs that their current and previous rulers have been perpetrating in the name of freedom and all that bullshit that the UK and the USA have been unleashing upon the helpless countries of the entire world?

You have my utmost respect Sir!

May Almighty Allah bless you Mr.George Galloway!


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