November 29, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Truth Exposed – Scenes that you would find hard to believe!

One of my blog readers emailed me these video links. I figure that these videos hosted on You Tube are worthy of your attention.

Watch and discover the truth that not that many know about?


Tim Ryan, the Democrat Representative from OHIO, USA lets fly with all that he had been keeping pent up in his heart unleashing a verbal assault against the most hated President in American history for all the lies that George Wacko Bush Jr has been spewing all through his stint at the White House.

This rare public display of an official of the American Government’s displeasure against America’s Commander in Chief is just absolutely precious.

Those who have been swallowing hook, line and sinker what the American Government has been dishing out all these while need to recheck their assumptions and conclusions as to the real perpetrators of the crisis in the Middle East?

Here’s another disturbing confession coming from an American soldier who was based in Iraq telling all about the true American Policy in Occupied Iraq!



With policies like these, is there any wonder as to why America is now just a faint shadow of what it once was as far as its international image is concerned?

Whom should we blame?

George Wacko Bush Jr. or the majority of the American voting public who gave him two stints in destroying their reputation?

In the meantime, the Israeli Zionist regime willfully massacres the Palestinian population of Gaza with full American blessings!

Obama seems to have spurred the current onslaught by his tacit approval of the Tel Aviv regime’s murderous campaign of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.


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