December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

ZAINKING turns Uptrend Networks Platinum Business Group Leader.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear friends,

As of November 2008, I upgraded my business level at Uptrend Network Sdn.Bhd to be a Platinum Global Business Entrepreneur.

This entitles me to become a Mobile Stockist if I wish to apply to be one!

The status of Platinum GBE is sort of a landmark here in our Uptrend Network. With being a Platinum member of Uptrend, I hereby proclaim to the world about my belief in the company, about my trust that this network marketing business is one that is legitimate by law and halal by my faith of Islam and shows my commitment to stay firm and focused on my mission to earn a good income from this business and that I will remain as an Uptrender to the day and second that I am no more here on Earth.

Why do I appreciate this business so much?

Well, for starters, Uptrend has given me many great and true friends in my business and personal life.

Instead of having someone come present to me this business, I sought them out when I read a flyer left in my mailbox.

Being 48 back then @ in 2006, I was looking for some extra income to meet my needs and with my twenty over years of experience in the Sales & Marketing field, doing Network Marketing comes naturally to me.

My ability to adopt and adapt myself to the world of the internet further helps me to reach out to my contacts online and helped bring me almost the entire group of business associates who have joined me in my Uptrend Network group.

I joined Uptrend in the late part of 2006. December to be exact.

My other obligations as in the field of Landbanking that I was doing at that time didn’t allow me the luxury of time and I didn’t go all out in building up my network.

Yet, in those spare time that I managed to share information about Uptrend through my blog here and over at, I managed to draw the attention of excellent individuals and business professionals who have joined me after coming to learn about the benefits of being an Uptrender.

The thing about Uptrend is that, one automatically needs to be a leader once one signs up as a member.


There is no room for anyone who joins Uptrend Network to remain as a follower or be idle in their business.

Being idle will only deny them any chances of either recouping their initial capital investment where one has to purchase a product package and online Uptrend Network business system which one needs to utilize and use daily in order to generate prospects and bring in sales.

Yes my friends, One needs to do sales in order to earn one’s income and since this is a network marketing business that has its products and services available for purchase, only by carrying out such business transactions and following up with the related business building efforts only can one be assured of good returns from their signing up with us and with each business transaction successfully concluded and paid for in full, will one be rewarded with the fruits of one’s efforts.

This is an MLM based E-Commerce business unlike the traditional MLM business of old where one had to resort to stocking up on products and as a result end up investing heavily on them, risking expiry of such goods or perishables which will and do pose a serious risk of losing one’s hard earned capital by joining any of those traditional product oriented business or industry.

The beauty of Uptrend Network’s seamless cross border international operations gives us another incentive where to those of us who are capable of setting up new markets in neighbouring countries, stand to make more income by the sheer numbers of interested business professionals who make a beeline to our networks.

Its all up to us. If I wish to, I can penetrate the markets here in Asia by turning into a Mobile Stockist or Dealer in any of those countries and go stake out my claim in any areas or territory where no other Uptrend Master Dealer has set up shop or has been given the authority or jurisdiction to oversee such areas or districts.

There are just so many opportunities to earn a good, halal income here through Uptrend and despite attempts by certain quarters where naysayers or faultfinders have issued misguided information about network marketing and lumping them all together negatively based upon their own misconstrued ideas, Uptrend Network continues to grow from strength to strength and its dedicated and committed members, have and are continuing to taste the wonderful fruits of their efforts and becoming more and more financially free, based upon the efforts of themselves and enjoying a much more affluent lifestyle brought by the returns of their endless striving to go earn those extra ringgits, the halal proven way.

My grand upline, Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin was ecstatic to hear about my decision to expand my networks and upgrade myself to the Platinum level.

Here we are at Pappa Rich Restaurant, Dataran Dwitasik where I upgraded myself to being a Platinum Team Leader and registered the deal with my upline Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin, one of Uptrend’s latest millionaires.

I even opened up a new GBE business with the trade name of ZRNETWORKS directly under one of his numerous business networks.

So now, I own a Platinum Network and 3 GBE businesses with another one pending clearance, where I am about to buy over a GBE business where its owner has no more interest to carry on for he has other commitments to pursue and has agreed to sell his lot to me.

Tried calling the fella many times to secure the business but the man seems to be missing in action. Might have changed his cell number?

Anyway, my restarting my Uptrend Network businesses is due to the fact that I just managed to receive my pension funds from my work in my younger days and have settled my debts and wish to start earn more to fulfill my earthly needs and be in a position to finance a mobile Dakwah Unit where I plan to purchase a large truck or commercial van and modify it to be a travelling Islamic Information Centre on Wheels.

It has been a lifelong wish for me to be able to help share the truth and information about Islam with my fellow Malaysians.

I envision owning a large commercial van where I can have the engineers fabricate sort of an RV which is well equipped with all the latest audio-visual gadgets, stock up on volumes of the Holy Qur’an, have Islamic Information brochures, booklets and other publications printed and distribute them for free to all those whom I get to meet.

The idea is to go drive to all the small towns and rural areas of the Malaysian Peninsular on weekends. Choose the local mosque or surau as a stopover point. Open up the RV or Information Vehicle and play Islamic Information DVD’s on the flat screen panels or have them projected onto a large retractable screen and show my visitors such movies or documentaries for free.

After the movie or program ends, to distribute to those who come and watch the shows, those DVD’s, VCD’s or CD’s together with the copies of the Holy Qur’an and other informative materials.

I might sell certain informative products to earn more income to finance further publications or reproductions of such important materials for distributions to the general Ummah and Malaysian public. Insya Allah.

Back to the matter of my turning an Uptrend Network Platinum Business Group Leader.

I welcome those who would like to be with me and my team to earn more to supplement our needs in our life by registering your business with me in Uptrend Network.

My telephone numbers are 019-3353916 and 016-3969881.

Email me at and make an appointment with me if you are living here in KL or Selangor.

Those who live out of the Klang Valley can chat with me live using Yahoo Messenger. My Yahoo ID is the same –mahaguru58.

Life is what we make it to be dear friends and to me, Uptrend is a very solid, viable platform for Network Marketing. Only the positive business minded folks will succeed in this business.

The skeptics, the faultfinders and naysayers will eliminate themselves naturally from the business in the long run.

Enthusiastic, committed, kick ass leaders will remain and enjoy the fruits from the efforts here with Uptrend.

Its proven by the ever growing number of Uptrenders who keep coming to join us whilst those negative ones badmouthing the MLM Network Marketing industry keep gaining the sins of the ones whom they ill speak of without realizing it. So shall it be.

The do’ers will get the rewards and move uptrend in their life’s whilst the ‘No Action; Talk Only’ crowd will end up getting chicken shit for their efforts, the negative ones of course. Let them be!

You need to know that this here is a business. Straight and simple.

There is a registration fee to be paid. Just RM38.00 for a lifetime membership. That’s just about USD$10.00.

Next, you will have to choose your business package where there are different product packages and online E-Commerce Systems which you can buy according to your budget.

I will guide you with that.

So, wish me luck and join me in congratulating my friend and upline, Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin for making it to the top recently where the man has officially been initiated into Uptrend Network’s MEC. Millionaire Executive Club.

Congratulations Cikgu! You deserve it, sir!

To Team Zainking, come! Let’s start working on our dreams and achieve what we have promised ourselves to be a better person and earn more money the halalan toiyibban way.


Here are some pictures of myself with Dato Susie Yeoh, the Chief Executive Officer of Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd and team members of the Polish Manufacturer’s of HerbaVescent, Uptrend’s latest kick ass herbal products.

I wish you the best in your life and am ready to guide those of you who would like to join me in Uptrend to work for our needs both here in the Duniya and in the Akhirat, Insya Allah!

I will be leaving for the East Coast tonight but will still be able to blog for yours truly has now bought himself a Sierra Wireless Broadband Mobile Modem worth RM1099 to connect to the internet wherever I go?

It’s a Celcom Broadband product and although it took them a few days to clear the processing, it now works for me and I am no longer going to be offline from now on.

I also have a new Celcom Mobile number. It’s 019-3353916.

Keep in touch and all the best from me to all of you reading this.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all my Muslim friends, business associates and Uptrenders.

May Allah bless and guide us all.


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