December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

ISA – Misusing it causes present day concerns amongst Malaysians.

I refer to the subject matter of the call by many Malaysians for the Internal Security Act @ the I.S.A. to be abolished for the sole reason that it is today being abused and misused by the BN Government to stifle the voice and actions of the Opposition and Malaysians who pose a danger to the nation by touching on sensitive and taboo issues such as Malay Supremacy, Islamic Affairs, Monarchy, Racial Matters, etc.

From a point of view, what the opposing voices amongst the Malaysian grassroots are calling for has its points and the recent spate of arrests of bloggers, politicians and journalists smacks of just the very abuse of power by the BN Government’s Minister of Internal Security that many aren’t happy about?

If we are to be realistic and upfront about the reasons given by the Minister Datuk Seri Syed Abdul Hamid Albar that the individuals concerned had committed crimes of incitement to cause political uprising and instability in Malaysia, broken the laws concerning not touching on religious and racial issues, etc. then we ought to have seen those individuals charged under the relevant sections concerning those crimes that they have been accused of committing but we saw a blanket usage of the ISA in arresting and incarcerating those individuals without room for their legal representation or to be charged in court as they should have been?

Hence, the continuing vigils and protests by the concerned Malaysians who are seeking the abolishment of the draconian preventive laws that were first gazetted to combat communist insurgency.

We are now living in the year 2008. 51 long years after Independence and there are no more communist terrorists around and alive in our jungles.

You might bump into Ayah Pin in the Thai-Malaysian border but I doubt if there are anymore ‘Bintang Tiga’ kakis posing a danger to us at the moment?

What we have now are the incessant faultfinders and noseyparkers who seem fixated and obsessed with Islam, Muslims and the National Fatwa Council.

These noseyparkers and faultfinders do not have to be charged under the ISA if the authorities manage to trace and nail them for their many blasphemous crimes against Islam and the Muslims.

I know for sure that there are enough laws in both the Syariah and Civil system that can be used by the PDRM to nail them with?

We do have adequate Syariah and Civil laws which are already gazetted and they can be used against the troublemakers in our courts of law!

Dato` Seri Syed Hamid Albar might have meant well and that he was just doing his job and duty towards safeguarding the country against a repeat of the tragic racial and religious riots of 13th May, 1969 but he was wrong in using the ISA to arrest Teresa Kok, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, etc.

If the Minister of Internal Security had instead used the proper Acts to charge them with, he might not have been forced to shoulder the burden of wrongful arrest and misusing the ISA as he is accused of today?

No one is above the law and that should be the way forever.

Problem is that today, those who are Non Muslim legal eagles tend to think that just because they are legally trained, they can just issue statements and opinions as they please?

Usually their statements almost always tends to zoom in and cause problems for us Muslims when the mostly Non Muslim lawyers start questioning and interfering in Islamic Affairs that usually doesn’t concern or affect them.

We all need to know the do’s and don’ts of this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed country. Unless something issued by the Islamic authorities of Malaysia infringes upon or oppresses the rights of the Non Muslims to practice their faiths in peace, then I don’t see the need for the Non Muslim Malaysians to start getting involved in Muslim Affairs?

The ISA ought to be abolished but at the same time preventive measures under other relevant Acts and Laws can and should be used by the Ministry of Internal Security and by the Royal Malaysian Police to oversee and protect us from those who mean us harm.

Malaysians have come so far and managed to maintain a reasonable sense of goodwill and harmonious co-existence with one another despite our differences in culture and faith. We can all see to it that we nip any problems in the bud before they grow out of control and wreak havoc within our nation.

Bloggers and journalists must always remember not to create unrest and inflame others by writing and publishing articles or reports that aren’t true and ought to moderate and see to it that comments which they receive in their blogs or newspapers are vetted and moderated in order not to allow to be published offensive and libellous comments by devious individuals or groups who seem to relish the prospect of seeing our country go to hell and anarchy runs amok?

I appeal to all concerned to treasure what we have now and not risk destroying this motherland of ours by descending to the pits of human debauchery and instigate unrest amongst the masses based upon the racist tendencies that we Malaysians almost always keep alive and well fed by succumbing to the dictates of those who are clearly sick and unbalanced in their minds.

May Allah bless and guide us all.


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