February 27, 2024


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Network Marketing – More Tips for Team Leaders by Zainol Abideen

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear Networkers,

How are you today? Hope that you are doing fine and are in the best of health, body and soul. Insya Allah.

Now, back to the subject of Network Marketing. I have more tips to share with you who are Team Leaders or on your way to become one.

In my previous article on The Principles of Leadership for Network Marketers, I spoke on :

  1. Setting Goals
  2. Setting an Example and
  3. Constantly Improving oneself

Today, I’d like to share more with you on :

  • Preparing your inner self to be at its best and do some self reflection.

Yes. Many of us who are caught up doing so many things at the same time or try to juggle tasks and jobs almost always have little or no time at all to reflect on ourselves?

We are always rushing off from one thing to another that sometimes we just neglect our own peace of mind and state of health, physically, spiritually and mentally.

I would like to ask you.

Have you truly prayed your Fajr Solat this morning?

Many claim to have done so but not that many in fact actually get to streamline their physical selfs with their spiritual beings when we prostrate before Almighty Allah.

To those who are inclined towards the study of our Deen of Islam, this is called ‘Khusyuk’.

Some of you may wonder what does ‘Khusyuk’ in solat have to do with Network Marketing?

Well, to be straight forward about it, I’d say plenty.

There are plenty of reasons why a Muslim Networker, male or female must make sure that he or she never misses his or her solat or when they do so, to offer their nawafil @ sunnat prayers to make up for the ones that they missed.

Physical benefits of Solat for the Networker.

Networkers who keep up with their prayers will find themselves alert and responsive to their prospects needs and questions.

Solat is a form of gentle exercise itself and has many benefits to the worshippers. By keeping up with your prayers, your mind is more at peace with itself and you will be able to deal with your prospects in a more relaxed but affirmative way.

Fluidness of motion during presenting signals a healthy individual and when you have the energy and stamina to stand there speaking before a group of interested prospects, the energy level will Insya Allah be more higher and you won’t bore yourself and others in the presentation event.

Spiritual benefits of Solat for the Networker.

When a networker has settled his or her obligation to pray to Allah, his or her mind will be at rest and more focused on the subject matter.

He or she will be able to speak the right words and present his or her marketing or business plan to the prospect in a more amiable, relaxed manner and be much more effective network marketer than one who is worried about missing the prayer!

When your heart and mind are at rest, chances are that your good vibes will result in presenting more effectively to your prospects and be able to deliver a better presentation to your prospects and Insya Allah, close more deals.

Mental Health Benefits for the Networker.

Those who have nothing but a sincere heart in themselves and are involved in network marketing will find prayer to be a source of relaxation and fine tuning of their inner self to shine out and be a natural leader in this business.

A team leader needs to be mentally, spiritually and physically fit in order to last the road to e-commerce success for it takes a winner to execute all the necessary measures in order to close new clients and build up that network.

A well balanced, easy going, knowledgeable, intelligent, God fearing networker will come out victorious, able to present the opportunity with others well and be successful.

I am sure that each and everyone of you would love to be a kick ass, doing well Uptrender!

All my best wishes to you dear Uptrenders!

We can do it!

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