December 4, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Principles of Leadership for Network Marketers by Zainol Abideen.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

If you are just starting to explore the interesting and exciting world of Network Marketing, then you need to know that there will come forth all those faultfinders, naysayers, fatwa spewing self appointed ‘mufti’s and ‘know it alls’ to try and dissuade you from your attempt to earn some extra cash to pay off your accumulated debts or provide for yourself!

I know that from my own personal experiences and despite such blatant attempts to dissuade me from my pursuits, I have learned not to get distracted by such pessimists and am about to go full swing in my journey to achieve financial freedom in my own business of network marketing.

To those of you who would like to venture forth in the field of Network Marketing, here are some points or principles that you might want to learn and put to practice.


Set realistic and achievable Short Term and Long Term goals for yourself. You of all people know best about your own self? Your plus and minuses. Your strengths and weaknesses. Where you excel and where you really need to do some improvement?

Start by listing down what you want to achieve within a specific time frame? For example, if you have no experience at all in network marketing, you might want to equip yourself with the right skills and marketing know how?

In Uptrend Networks, we have a systematic way of training our Uptrenders with all the necessary skills and business acumen.

Attend the N.E.W. @ New Entrepreneurs Workshop and start getting to know the way our business system works.

Do not attempt to present the business plan to anyone before you complete the N.E.W. for you might end up misrepresenting the way our business works or just shoot off your mouth without really knowing what it is you are talking about?

Many eager beavers end up shooting themselves in the foot by saying things that can’t be substantiated or just a figment of their own over excited imagination or unbridled enthusiasm.

As a result, they destroy any chances of getting more business networks in the process by having the classic ‘diarrhea of their lips’.

Take it easy and learn from the ones who have acquired and attained a certain level of business competency and know the facts and figures of the business than resorting to spewing fiction.


Uptrenders must realize that each and every one of them is automatically expected to be a Team Leader.

This is a business network of team leaders and if you come and join us in this business, you are required to have a sense of leadership and be able to lead and motivate your own group of networkers to achieve their own individual networks and groups.

Uptrenders must learn to set an example for their team to emulate and those who choose not to follow the leader will eventually be left out in the business building process.

We are not babysitters and those who expect to be spoon fed should please stay the hell out of this business!

Uptrenders must learn to evolve from being zeros to heroes! No one will want to go and sign up under someone who does not have any clue as to what the whole business is about or entertain the nitpickers!

You know, the kind who love to zoom in and start questioning every nitty gritty aspect of this and that and in reality are the ones who have gained nothing in their own screwed up life’s all these while.

You need to learn how to differentiate between the chaff and the grain, metaphorically speaking.

Uptrenders need to be keen to learn and put to practice whatever it is that they have learned in their business building efforts.

You need to focus on your business and ignore the sidetracking efforts of other business networkers who try to pull in to their own companies and promise you this and that which borders on the ridiculous!

Dress to Win! Act as a Leader and Speak with Conviction! Remember! The tail follows what direction the head is leading it to? Be a Star!!!

Do not speak like someone who is drunk! Be articulate! Speak with full knowledge of what our business is about if you have reached the stage where you are able to present to your prospects with conviction and firmness of belief based on the facts and figures of our company’s business plans.

Do not be shy. If you are shy, please wave goodbye to your dreams and wishes. Do not join this business if you can’t speak to people. Do not be an Uptrender just for the sake of wanting to appease your ego and end up as a useless daydreamer.

I am being very crystal clear about this because I have a few deadwoods in my own network who are just that and do not make any attempts to change their mindsets despite all my attempts to reach them.

These folks do not answer their phones or reply to the endless messages that I sms them. As I said, sorry this is not a babysitting business.

You want the money then please come do your part in building up the networks. No effort means no income. Straight and simple.

You say our products are too expensive? Then please…don’t join!

Don’t waste your time and mine. To each their own. Fair?

I bloody well hope so!

Nothing is attained by those whose only talent is to constantly, 24/7 gripe and grumble like a freaking lunatic!

Best to stay away from this action oriented business. Spare us the headaches of having to listen to sour grapes.


Consistently upgrade yourself in Business Knowledge and Marketing Skills. Go study all the latest news and views about Network Marketing. Invest in good, informative, accurate books and magazines that teach us about how to do our business?

Read the right books and keep abreast of all the current business scenario. Absorb as much as you can of all the relevant business happenings and market updates. Remember what is important and related to our network marketing and do not go overboard in anything that you do. Learn the correct phrases and points of presentation in order to excel in your business.

Attend all the training workshops and get yourself familiar with all the key people in our company. Be good to others and respect them if you want to go far in this business.

We deal with people so please improve yourself with the business building know how and public relations skills.

Learn to think before you speak and consider the implications of whatever it is that you want to convey?

Remember to apologize and correct yourself if you slipped up and said or quoted the wrong thing or matter.

A true leader must never be too egoistic and learn to go with the flow if he or she is right and stay your ground if you know that you are correct but do so in a nice way.

Be firm but pleasant. 🙂

Read the news daily, learn all the time and teach your downlines without fail…if they themselves come forward and do their part which is to learn and put to practice their acquired skills and knowledge from you. Knowledge is to be shared if it is good for the team.

There’s more that I would like to share with you but I need to stop here as I am going to go buy me a new notebook and projector for my business needs.

To those of you in Team Zainking, please get cracking and reactivate your network marketing if you want to join us in the winners circle?

I am here. All you have to do is to call and make an appointment to meet me either in person or online.

With all the communications channels available to us, being busy is just not an excuse that we can give, can we?

Let’s stick to our commitments and go get what is rightfully ours by earning it!

Insya Allah.

Visit my Uptrend UI2U website to learn more.


Each Uptrender who purchases and comes to own a Global Business Entrepreneur business will come to own one with their own preferred business trade names.

So, those of you who want to join me, please call or sms 6-016-3969881 or email me at

Where there’s a will, Insya Allah, there will always be a way!

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta’ala Wabarakatuh.

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