February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian post petrol price reduction quagmire? Wake up!

I am referring to today’s petrol price reduction and the bemoaning Government of Malaysia’s apparent lack of willpower in seeing to it that the retailers reduce the prices of basic commodities!

First and foremost as a Malaysian citizen and motorist, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Malaysian Government for reducing the price of petrol today.

I am not one who does not know how to thank the authorities when they start reducing the price of petrol for the overall world crude oil trading price has been dropping steadily now.

What pisses me off however is the way our Prime Minister seems to be bemoaning the way retail prices of basic commodities and foodstuffs are still not being reduced in tandem with the recent petrol price reductions!

Hello??? What’s the point of being in power if you folks in the Government of Malaysia do not have the willpower to enforce the reduction of such prices forcibly?

Doesn’t the Ministry of domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs have the jurisdiction to see to it that their officers go out and do spotchecks after consulting with the manufacturers and distributors of basic commodities and then come up with the recommended new lower prices for the retail market nationwide?

What’s the point of having such a ministry if the best that you can do is to cry like a bloody toothless grannie before the media that ‘ I’ve ordered the reduction of petrol prices but so and so is not reducing their prices?’

Are we having senile sleepyheads running the show?

Wake the hell up and start enforcing the laws dear Datuk Seri’s!

That’s what you are supposed to do when you run the government not be moaning and grumbling like official eunuchs!


You don’t expect the people to boycott food and drinks, do you?

It’s the Government of Malaysia’s job to see to it that those retail outlets and distributors start reducing prices for all basic commodities or fine those bloody useless rascals and confiscate their overpriced stuff and distribute them to the poor and needy!

You’ve got the power man!!!

Don’t you forget that!

We depend on you to make things right. We don’t need to hear you moan like a toothless granny or grandpa even though most of you act so!!!

I am referring to our Prime Minister grumbling about the refusal of traders and retailers to reduce the prices of the basic commodities despite the Government’s reducing of the petrol prices recently!

When one is the Prime Minister, one has the authority to direct such price reductions by following the proper and established procedures. Not just grumble and mumble.

That’s the job of those who can’t do nothing about it …like us common folks!

I await further action of this from the PM and Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs!

Start doing your job gentlemen! We the people hope you both can get cracking on these.

Thank you.

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