December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysia – Land of many laws but lacks enforcement.

I refer to the way our country’s government ; both federal and state levels are so prone to enacting laws every other day but in practice lack the backbone or will to enforce them.

We hear of all kinds of abuse taking place at all levels of governance throughout the country but no one authority has really lived up to its mark and delivered to the people, an administration that all of us can say, “Hey! That’s my government or department! I’m so proud of them!”

Mismanagement, Little Napoleons, Utter Racism, Cronyism, Nepotism, Favoritism, and all other kinds of `ism’s’ run riot in this struggling nation.

We envy Singapore, a small island republic south of the border but we do not emulate the positive measures taken by its government in making sure that whatever laws are approved and gazetted by Parliament are put into practice and enforced by the concerned departments and agencies.

There is basically no pride or sense of belonging to the respective ministries, departments and agencies or units.

Almost everyone just seems to be interested in punching in at 0830 hours, just be at their respective offices or seats, put in a half hearted performance at work, leave it to others to do all the work or pretend to do so and disappear at 10am for their morning break, come back late to their desks or areas of work, make a beeline to the door at lunch at 1300 hours sharp, drag themselves back in at 1400 hours and hurry back home the minute the clock strikes 1630 hours sharp!

Why won’t Malaysia be where it is if this is the sort of mentality that almost each and everyone of the nation’s civil servants puts to practice daily without fail?

The new state governments of the Pakatan Rakyat will surely not be able to transform their recently acquired local and state government workers mindset overnight!

The process will have to be long haul. The mentality and working styles of the various races have been deep set and it would only be a fool who expects to see miracles take place within the first few years of the change in government from the BN to the People’s Coalition.

I myself am guilty of expecting too much from the Pakatan Rakyat State Governments. Why wouldn’t I and I am sure millions of likeminded others yearn for good governance?

Its a yearning that stems from the years and years of frustration welling up from deep inside my heart and those who think like me knowing that our country can do better?

Our country has so much natural resources to sustain the development and provide sustenance to its people yet here we are having to cope with corruption and mismanagement of the country in practically all levels of administration in the entire system of authority, here in Malaysia.

This is a reality and you my dear reader know it to be true as well!

If only each and every official, each and every government staff, each and every enforcement officer really puts to practice whatever powers of enforcement that he or she has bestowed upon them, and in tandem, approved and authorized by their respective seniors, and in concert, when brought to court, the punishment is imposed to the letter by the magistrates or judges concerned, then a new dawn will surely break for this country that we all so love and appreciate?

The problem is that all these while, it is just a matter of all talk and no proper action.

Will our nation ever get the right people to run it?

Wallahualam bissawab.

Only Allah Knows.

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