February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Obama! Obama! Obama! Welcome back to the world America!

YES WE CAN! That’s what Senator Barack Hussein Obama has been saying all these 2 years of his campaigning for the position of the President of the United States of America!

Today, America has done the impossible!

America has elected an Afro American to be its 44th President and made this election a historic one!

Today, in the eyes of this blogger, America has redeemed itself and returned to the fold of the world!

Today, the whole world celebrates with Barack Hussein Obama that there is still hope for America!

For those of you who missed the live telecast of President-elect Barack Hussein Obama’s victory speech, you can go here and watch the video complete with a running transcript of the President-elect’s speech, word for word.

America has redeemed itself today by electing a man whom we can all respect and honor. Just listening to him speak, gives us a sense of hope.

Each word that he utters, each sentence that he proclaims, returns a sense of goodwill to America.

You can’t help but believe that tomorrow will see America back to being what it was during the times of the past when America was known for its Peace Corps and Boy Scouts nature, doing good all over the world.

President George Walker Bush Jr.’s presidency cost America its honor and prestige. Americans feared for their lives and lost any sense of respect from most of the world’s population.

9-11 and the conspiracy behind it are still being discussed and talked about by most people who do care about the truth and justice.

Muslims were made into scapegoats by President Bush Jr. and two Middle Eastern countries suffered as a result of his decision to carpet bomb them back to the Stone Age!

Remember Afghanistan and Iraq?

Millions died and many more are living a life that none would even dare imagine as a result of the wrong choice of Americans during the past two presidential elections in the US of A.

Americans lost their jobs and Bush Jr. kept asking Congress for trillions more of dollars to carry on his agenda in Iraq and the Middle East.

All these unnecessary sufferings were caused by America’s decision to keep the worst President in American history in the White House ; President George W.Bush Jr.

Today, America has unshackled itself from its mistake.

Today, the whole world celebrates the coming of a new era.

The era of President Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

A man whose lineage is as interesting as well as promising.

An American President that the whole world can respect and expect to correct the many wrongs which the outgoing administration has committed.

A President who stands up for the common man and vows to improve the quality of life for all Americans and hopefully for the rest of the world, too.

I congratulate President-elect Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and Vice President-elect Joe Biden.

Live up to your promises and help heal American and the world!

Yes! You can!

Insya Allah!

The following photos are courtesy of the New York Times. Read here for more news.

The next Presidential First Family of the United States of America acknowledge the cheering masses.

The historic moment where the world heaved a sigh of relief and celebrated worldwide upon hearing the election results!
It’s President Obama!

A man who taught law and overcame the mountains of challenges and has made history as the first ever Afro American to become the President of the United States of America!

An intellectual who commands respect and knows bloody well what he is saying! Not like the outgoing murderous clown; Bush Jr.

Tears of hope and joy flow down the cheeks of this grateful American lady.

Reverend Jesse Jackson cries tears of joy and seems to be in a daze and disbelief that finally America has come to its senses and done what’s right?

The Presidential couples hug their spouses ; realizing that they have achieved victory!

President Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

The silhoutte says it all!

Obama and Joe Biden acknowledging their supporters.

Obama making his victory speech.

The joy of seeing their choice win!

Well done America! You deserve this man! He speaks as a President should! He stands firm and fair! You folks have done what’s right!

Congratulations once again. Obama comes into office with the full support of the true Americans!

He will bring about the changes that you and the whole world need!

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