November 28, 2023


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Rural Delights Part 1 – Experiences that you don’t get in the big cities.

The recent trip to my wife’s hometown at Kuantan sort of gave me a refreshing opportunity to take part in events that are only best experienced in the rural areas.

My missus’s kampong located in Kuantan sort of gave me a golden opportunity to record these sights and visuals that are a delight to this city dweller.
Its good to know that one can still get to live it up in the kampong, pluck fresh rambutans off its branches, savour fresh ‘jambu air’ as much as one pleases and still get to consume fresh fruits without worrying as to whether such fruits are safe to eat?

This here is a pomegranate @ ‘buah delima’ ripening on its stalk. If such a fruit was to be at the city, one can just forget about it! It will be gone before you can say’voila’! Hehehehe…

This is a shot I took of fresh ‘jambu air’ growing undisturbed just in front of my in laws place there in the kampong.
The abundance of such fruits in the kampong results in many of those fruits just drop off the trees and rot away enriching the fertile grounds of the village.
Natural enrichment of the grounds which in turn allow the fruit trees and other vegetation grow well, free from chemicals, healthy and productive.
I got to shoot a video of my brother in law prepare the bamboo casings which he lined up with fresh banana leaves to prepare for filling up with glutinous rice and freshly squeezed coconut milk, to be baked before the glowing embers of burning wood.
This is Bashir, one of my brother in laws, preparing the bamboo containers which after being cleaned thoroughly with water, is then lined with freshly taken and cleaned banana leaves to be filled up with the washed and toast dried glutinous rice and filled up with freshly squeezed coconut milk.

The prepared ‘lemang’ bamboo containers will then be lined up and baked by revolving the filled up bamboo containers to cook the ‘lemang’ with the heat emanating from the scorching embers of glowing wood fire.

This is Arbi, Bashir’s Indonesian assistant preparing the bamboo containers for filling up with the lemang ingredients by washing the internal areas of the bamboo thoroughly to prepare for the filling up with the banana leaves and then the glutinous rice and coconut milk by Bashir.

Arbi then prepared the ground for the wood fire and framework for baking the ‘lemang’.

This is a video I shot of the preparation. Thanks to Arbi, our spirited ‘workhorse’.

This is Arbi, preparing the ‘lemang grilling area’ with burning embers.

More after this. Insya Allah.

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