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Beware of this Conwoman! Spread the word!

Dear fellow Malaysians,
I came across this disturbing news of a conwoman who is going around fleecing desperate loan seekers of their hard earned money using the age old trick of ‘knowing certain people’ and ‘able to settle all the necessary loan processing’ needed to get them what they need?
This alert comes from:

A Miss Susheela who has been conned of her money by this fraudster posted this alert to the Yahoo Group to alert the general Malaysian public so as not to fall victim to the conniving lady called Sham.
I have Susheela’s permission to publish this alert here in my blog. This is the alert that Susheela posted about the conwoman who is still at large.
Read and be warned.
Posted by: “Suseela”   Fri Oct 3, 2008 10:37 pm (PDT)
Good day everyone.
I would like to warn everyone out there about this lady who goes around claiming to have contacts with people who can get anything done for those who are blacklisted or not able to get a loan from banks. 
I approached her because I was not able to secure a housing loan due to the simple reason that I needed a co-borrower as my income was insufficient.
This ladies’s name is Sham (0163851244) who was introduced to me by my long time friend Mala (0173174850) who assured me that Sham is a very genuine person and can be trusted. 
Sham is a stout, short lady who is rather manly in her demeanour.
Sham took me to CTOS to check for my financial status and said I have to pay RM250.00 cash and RM30 Digi reload card to get a clarification which will show that I am not blacklisted in any way. 
After that we went to Bank Negara to get the CCRIS details of my existing loans.
However, along the way to these two places she was going on and on about how my financial status does not matter as she has a friend Ravi who is able to prepare any sort of documents required in the application of the loan. 
All he requires is my IC. He can even prepare an appointment letter and salary vouchers which will elevate my financial status.
I was quite sceptical about her as she was bragging and bragging about all that she can do and all the people she knows, but because my long time friend Mala assured me that she is genuine and being a Hare Krishna devotee she won’t cheat anyone, I trusted her.
That was the last I saw Sham. After our visits to CTOS and Bank Negara and taking RM250 cash and RM30 Digi top-up from me, I never saw her again. 
She is not answering my calls or SMS’s and so I called my friend Mala and asked her what happened?
Apparently, they have seen the guy Ravi and he has asked me to be patient and he will look into my loan application. 
But it is me who has to continuously call her to find out what’s happening. Sham is missing and Mala does not call me about this at all.
Obviously there is no such person called Ravi. These ladies are probably just satisfied with taking RM250. Imagine RM250 a day is a lot of money. There are prying on people who are desperate. 
I blame no one but myself. As long as there are people like me who, inspite of life’s incessant lessons, continue to trust so easily, there will be cheats like Sham. 
Please people be aware. Don’t get cheated like me!!
This is just one out of many hundreds of thousands of fraud being committed by sweet talkers who come in various characteristics and guises.
Each of us might have fallen victim to such fraudsters in our life and still get duped every now and then by these conmen and women who always keep devising new ways and methods in pulling a fast one on us.
No matter how many times we have been conned, taken for a ride and fleeced out of our hard earned money, thinking that since we have been exposed to these scams and fly by night operations, we should know better, we still get hoodwinked by the devious ones out there who love to cheat us of our money or whatever?
I think that it is important to spread the word about such conmen and women so as to aleret others so that they will be more aware of such cheats!
Do alert your friends and families about this conwoman who is going around cheating poor folks out of their precious money, no matter how trivial it might seem to those who are flushed with cash?
A good deed like alerting others about this scamster will surely go a long way to help others know about this person and her chosen modus operandi!
Spread the word and help the police to nab this conwoman!

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