September 28, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Anwar’s expired 16th September promises – All smoke and no fire?

Well, 16th September 2008 has come and gone overnight without Malaysians getting to see a political coup by the Pakatan Rakyat in succeeding to pull the carpet from under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s feet and take over power from the BN at Putrajaya!

That’s the danger of overpromising this and that by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim & Company way too soon and too confident in changing the course of this nation by way of initiating crossovers of BN Members of Parliament into the Pakatan Rakyat ranks.
Anwar Ibrahim sort of disappointed the hundred over media personnel who gathered at the PKR Headquarters yesterday expecting to hear earth shattering news from the PKR supremo only to hear the above explanations from him.
It surely speaks of a humongous political letdown as far as the millions of Malaysians who have supported him and the dissipation of the Permatang Pauh constituents dreams in seeing the man get to deliver upon his solemn promise to give Malaysia a brand new federal government by or on the 16th of September which was yesterday!
His detractors had a field day running him down at Utusan Malaysia, RTM TV1 and at Agenda Daily apart from all other media channels devoted to the BN.
Over promising and under delivering‘ does not vouch much for the Opposition Chief’s grassroots support in the long run for it will eat away at whatever support he has been building up for the Pakatan Rakyat ever since he was freed from incarceration.
Sometimes it is better for someone like Anwar to work his way upwards steadily like he should instead of always opting to settle for ‘quick fix’ arrangements to reach the pinnacle of his political career.

The old phrase of ‘a man in a hurry’ returns to haunt the PKR supremo just as he was termed as such before he was unceremoniously sacked from all his official positions by Mahathir 10 years ago!
He did the same didn’t he before when he was Mahathir’s golden boy only to be slam dunked by the old maestro of Malaysian politics back to square one in 1998?
Instead of slowly building up his ground base by delivering to his constituents and the general Malaysian people who have come to support the Pakatan Rakyat in all 5 states here in the peninsular, Anwar Ibrahim has once again been in a bit of a rush to go warm the PM’s seat at Putrajaya by initiating this ungentlemanly political coup through attempting to get the BN MP’s to crossover to his side?
I for one prefer to see the Pakatan Rakyat prove to us that they are capable of running this country better than the BN by going ahead with all kinds of reform and help the citizens of those 5 states under their rule first!
They should work hard and deliver all their promises to the people and wait for the next GE to takeover the Federal Government proper from the BN who obviously are serving their last term in office if the present political mood is to be so till 2012 or 2013?
Trying to pull a fast one like this turnover of the BN MP’s just doesn’t seem a honorable thing to do given the Pakatan Rakyat’s battlecry of championing justice and fair play all these while?
This is my personal point of view, of course. I prefer to see Pakatan Rakyat win over power in a fair gentlemanly manner at the polls! Not see more ‘Ibrahim Ali’ types in the Pakatan Rakyat!!!
Has Anwar Ibrahim screwed up again just as he did in 1998 and are his detractors correct in assuming that his 16th September 2008 ‘Change of Government’ strategy just a case of ‘all smoke and no fire’?
From the feedback that I read and receive from many disappointed Malaysians online, we just can never tell as to what is really brewing here in Bolehland?
Abdullah Badawi says that all these talk of Anwar having more than 31 BN MP’s ready to tango with him is all just a dream, a mirage!
For the moment being, it surely comes across exactly as what the BN President states! 
Doesn’t it?
Is there any truth to Anwar’s claims or is it really all just a case of ‘biting off more than one can chew?’
Wallahu alam bissawab!
p.s. To those who question as to why I am ‘attacking’ Anwar ; which I am obviously not, please bear in mind that I am a blogger who has been supporting Pakatan Rakyat without any vested interests except to see change here in our country! 
Only clueless folks wouldn’t know the difference between questions and statements!
If as a blogger, I am expected to be deaf, dumb and blind to any screwups of the Pakatan Rakyat, then those dimwits who sent me such nonsensical comments best go and study about what is meant by blogging for the truth and speaking my mind, free from aligning myself to any political parties regardless of my initial support for them?
I want to see our nation get better governance but it doesn’t mean that I am obliged to overlook any faults of any one party or politician just because he or she is from the Pakatan Rakyat?
Just because I write against the screwups of the BN politicians doesn’t have to mean that I will shut the hell up when it is anyone from the PR who fails to deliver as he or she promised us!
Hope this clarification will satisfy certain blokes who questioned me with regard to this article and help them learn that bloggers aren’t to be branded as pro this or that party perse!