December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Final Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam ( Complete).


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

This is the complete Khutba al Wida of our Blessed Prophet and Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Al Mustafa, the Mercy of Allah for all Mankind.

Both Muslims and Non Muslims alike must learn about this final sermon of Islam’s Greatest Prophet to know the truth about what Islam asks of it’s adherents and what Non Muslims are to expect of their Muslim neighbours, friends or even enemies?

For those of us who are Malaysians, comprised of so many ethnicities and faiths, it is an important standard by which to learn about what the Prophet of Islam has advised us Muslims to live by?


Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, the Final Prophet and Greatest Messenger of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala stated in his Khutba al Wida @ the Final Sermon:

“Praised be Allah; we extol Him, we seek His succour, forgiveness, and refuge, and we seek His pardoning of all our unrestrained actions.

For whom He guides, none can misguide, and whom He misguides, none can guide.

I Muhammad, am Thine witness, there is none other, besides Allah, fit for worship, for He is the One and Only; for none, and nothing, equals Him.

I witness that I, Muhammad, seeking peace and blessings of the Lord upon my person, am His servant, and the messenger He hath sent to you.

And I begin: by enjoining the fear of God unto thee, and I ask you to follow the Lord’s ordained way, only because, there is much good for you in such following.

O ye people, listen carefully to what I say today, for I reckon it is unlikely that we will ever meet again in this context at Arafat. {Reported in Jamharata Khatabul Arab.}

So let ye all know, this is the month of Zulhijjah. Know ye, this is the city of Makkah, and know ye the day, today, is the Day of Sacrificing. Remember your lives, your properties and your honor are as sacred as this day, this city, and as this month are sacred.

For soon we are all to meet our Creator, and He will ask us about our doings. So do not go astray after I am gone; squandering away what I have taught thee, and start killing one another as you did in the days of ignorance.

Those present here should convey the message to the absent witness, for it is likely those not present will heed and remember the message better than you do.

Know ye, I have delivered the message of God. {Reported in Muslim, Bukhari, by Ahmad un Abi Bakr.}

Do not usurp but what you are allowed, granted to you by your brother in faith, of a free willed sharing. Remember, blood feuds, riches, dignities, and positions of honor, of the days of ignorance, I rescind under my feet, until the Day of Judgment.

The first blood feud ended is of my infant cousin, Rabia Bin Haris’s murder; forgiven, and the blood feud ended.

Remember, all kinds of interest… on monies; profiteering, and discounts… (reminders of the days of ignorance) are banished from our lives forthwith, for the Lord hath so decreed.

And the first interest to be banished from our lives is the one due to my Uncle Abbas, and annulled; though not annulling his right to the principal of the amount loaned.

Do not oppress the borrower in demanding harshly what is your due of the principal? Be lenient in your asking back of the loaned.

O ye people, do not shift the sequence of months, for such is an act in excessive disbelief, for it is thus that disbelievers go wrong; in declaring some as sacred, and others as unsacred months, according to their needs.

The non-believers change the ordained sequence of the months in order to perform, earlier or later, what is the ordained sequence of sacred months ordained sacred by God. Doubtlessly, time returns to the its original state of when the heavens and the earth were created.

Certainly, in terms of count, Allah has created twelve months in the year. Four of these are especially venerable; three of these four are contiguous in sequence, and one, between the first and the third, is distinct, you should know…

Have I conveyed? My Lord, Thou art mine witness. {Reported in Jamharat Khatab ul Arab.}

O ye people, fear Allah the Almighty in matters of women, because you have taken them under your personal protection from under God’s protection, rendering women lawful unto thee, by the word of Allah. {Reporter, Muslim un Jabir.}

Be kind to women, they are your amanah (trusts) in protection, but you do not own of their things, except bodies, when they exceed the limits and indulge in open obscenity. You should remove them from your beds; do reprimand them physically, but slightly, thou art certainly not to break their bones in chastisement.

But when the women return to fealty, then do not look for excuses to oppress them. Remember, “your rights over your women are the same they have over you.”

Your rights are the fidelity of your women, to the point of not even allowing the persons you think are bad in the premises of your house. And they have the right of your sustaining them and caring for them. {Reporters: Tirmizi, un Amro bin al Hause.}

I leave with you, to hold on fast unto, and you shall never go astray; the book of Allah, and His prophet’s demonstrated ways of following the book ordained.

You will be asked about me, and be required to stand witness of my conveying the message, and of having admonished you properly. What will you say?

[The Congregate replied with a single voice, “We shall be your witnesses, and we will say, ‘O Lord, the prophet hath conveyed Your message, and delivered his prophetic due, and in such, he did only good for the Ummat.’]

{The Prophet, raising his index finger skywards, brought it back, pointing down at the congregation, and said aloud, thrice:}

O my Lord, be always the witness. O my Lord, be always the witness. O my Lord, be always the witness. {Reporters: Muslim, and Jabir, and Targheeb o Tarheeb un Ibn e Abbas.}

Know ye, none is to bear the other’s burden, for one is to bear one’s own burden; in that the one who sins shall be punished for the committed sin. No father will be punished for his son’s sins, nor the son punished for his father’s sins.

Know ye, each Muslim is a brother of the other Muslim; but this does not allow that one treats anything belonging to his brother as his own, except what a brother might willingly give him. {Reported in Tirmizi, un Umro Ibnal Haus.}

O ye people, Satan hath lost hope for ever that it would be worshipped at the ends of time, but is consoled in your doing what you consider trivial and minor sins. So in matters of belief, guard well against what you might consider the trivial and minor sins. {Reported in Seerat Ibne Kaseer.}

Without doubt, positions and authority of the days of ignorance; except the service of providing Hajjis with drinking water, stand abolished.

The punishment for attacking with the deliberate intent of murdering is in the like execution of the murderer. But a murder ‘involving’ the instruments of a stick or a stone, though resembling the intended, is only likened to the deliberate, and punishment for such is the giving in fine of a hundred camels by the murderer.

Whosoever exceeds these limits is from among the ignorant. {Reported in Jamharat Khatab al Arab.}

O ye people, without doubt, God is one, just the same as you can have only one father. All of you are children of Adam, and he was fashioned from the earth’s clay.

Beware, no Arab is superior to an alien, nor is an alien superior to the Arab.

No red is superior to the black, nor is a black superior to the red.

For human excellence is in the effort we make in our trying to follow the ordained word of Allah, and the actions of his prophet, in word and deeds.

Allah’s honored are those blessed amongst you who fear Him most. Hearken! Have I conveyed? The companions said, ‘Yes, you have conveyed, peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.’

The prophet, peace and blessings of the Lord be upon him, then said, O ye present, convey my words to the absent witness. {Reported in Targheeb o Tarheeb un Jabar bin Abdallah, Jamhrata Khatab ul Arab.}

Without any doubt, the Lord hath ordained human heirship; it is unlawful for you to make amends in the ordained by other willings. The child belongs to the one in whose marriage and owning is the child’s mother.

For adulterers and fornicators is the punishment of death by stoning.

For the one who ‘becomes’ the son of another, besides his real father, and the one who enters the bondage of another, in denying his master, is cursed by God, His angels and all the people; his mandatory and voluntary prayers are rejected.{Reported by Ibn e Maaja un Umro bin Kharija.}

O ye group of Qureish, I hope it is not so that on the day of judgment you arrive carrying the world hung around your necks, while others arrive well prepared; for if such be the case, I will be unable to do anything for you before Allah. {Reported in Khutabaat e Muhammadi un Wara e bin Khalid bin Umro bin Aamir.}

Without doubt, alms in charity are unlawful unto me, and unto my household… not even as much as a pinch of hair from my camel’s neck is allowed. {Scribes: AbdurRazzaq un Shehr bin Hosheb.}

A woman should not spend of her husband’s wealth without his approval.

They asked, O prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon thee, not even of food?

He said, Yes! Food is the most precious of our worldly possessions, its protection is all the more important for our women.

Whatever you borrow, you must return. Return also the borrowed animal given you for your consumption of its milk. And return your loans. The guarantor is responsible for his guarantee. {Reported in Tirmizi un Abi Imam al Bahili.}

Know ye for certain I shall reach Kautsar before you do, and I shall be proud of your exceeding numbers over the number of the followings of all other prophets. Do not let me down.

For some, I will be able to bail out from the distresses of the fair judgment, and thus convey them hither, but some will be taken away from me.

I will beseech the Lord in supplications, and beg, ‘My Creator, these Thou hath separated from me, are my companions in belief.’

The Lord shall Reply, ‘Know ye not of the innovations, they introduced in the ordained belief?’ {Reported by Ibne Maaja and Masnad, Ahmad un Abdallah bin Masood.}

Remember, the Lord hath clearly ordained your duties, and the way of the performance hath also been clearly demonstrated in the Sunnah. The limitations are now in force.

The lawful’s lawfulness, and the forbidden’s forbiddenness, hath been explained, and the way of life perfected.

The ordained way of life hath been perfected, as to make it easy for you to follow, it is flexible, it is accommodating, and it is cultivable.

Remember, the one who does not deliver the entrusted is a faithless person. One who cannot keep the covenant does not believe.

Anyone who transgresses the ordained responsibilities shall be questioned by the Lord about the transgressions.

And the one who breaks my trust, I shall fight him personally, and when I confront, I subdue. The breaker of my trust shall stand deprived of my intercession, and shall never reach the shores of the lake Kautsar. {Reported in Targheeb o Tarheeb un Ibn e Abbas.}

So whosoever be in possession of any trust is under the obligation of delivering it to the assigned. {Reported in Masnad Ahmad un Abi Hur Raqqashi.}

May the Lord be pleased with His servant, and grant him happiness and the peace of mind, one who hath heard me, and with full responsibility and care, conveyed it to the ones who have not heard me in person.

For among possessors of the science of jurisprudence there are many who have no understanding of jurisprudence, but they can convey the exact words to those who may understand better.

There are three things in a Muslim’s heart, malice cannot alloy, these are; one, the engendering of sincerity in one’s actions for God; two, counseling those in power about the ordained; and three, the invariable holding on to God’s party.

Doubtlessly the people’s prayers will be with the one who fears hereafter’s reckoning; The Lord will sort out his worldly affairs and enrich his heart, and the world in need will come a-begging to him.

And the one before whom are the worldly gains, The Lord shall rent his affairs with confusion, and he shall see poverty in this worldly life, and he shall get from this world what hath been ordained for him. {Reported in Jamharata Khatab ul Arab, Masnad Ahmad, bi Sanad Muhammad bin Jabeer bin Matum un Abeh.}

Know ye, the performance of umrah is now the same as the hajj; this is something I have been made known just now; for had I known it earlier I would not have brought sacrificial animals with me, and thus if I were not under the obligation of sacrificing the animals I could have freed myself of the obligations of Ahraam.

Those of you who have not brought sacrificial animals can now replace the Ahraam with your daily wear.

Suraqa bin Malik asked the prophet, ‘O prophet of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on you, is this ‘leave’ restricted to this hajj, or is it for all times?’

The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, replied, ‘No, it is not limited to this hajj, it is for all times.’

O ye people, Gabriel hath conveyed me the Lord’s greetings, and ‘conveys the Lord’s forgiveness of the sins, and the guarantee of the resolution of their affairs involving interpersonal excesses, forgiving all those assembled at Arafat and Masjid-e-Haraam.

[Hearing this, Saiyidina Omar, son of Al Khattaab, may Allah be pleased with him, asked, ‘O prophet of Allah, peace and blessing of Allah be on you, is this a distinction limited to this present assemblage?’]

The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, replied: ‘This distinction is for you, and also for all those performing the hajj rituals until the day of resurrection. [Omar, may Allah be pleased with him, said, ‘Our Lord’s mercy and forgiveness is indeed great; abundant.’] {Reported in Targheeb o Tarheeb un Anas.}

The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, then said, ‘The Lord hath rewarded thee this day with great favors, and hath forgiven all your sins, but not the sins involving the infringements of common human rights… in the rights of one human being violated by another human.

The Lord, in responding to intercessions of His true followers, hath granted today what the followers had asked Him, and in it are forgiven the sins of gross evil doers.

[The prophet of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, then asked the congregation, ‘Let us now head for the next stage of hajj… Muzalfa.’] After they had reached Muzalfa, the prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: in continuing his


‘The Lord hath blessed the good among you, and hath accepted their intercession. The Lord’s mercy now blankets thee, His mercy envelops the earth, and each one who hath asked for the Lord’s forgiveness stands forgiven… ones who protect their tongues and hands.

[Satan and his troops, watching these proceedings from o’er the mountains at Arafaat; beholding the granting of the Lord’s favor and mercy upon the true believers, but when the mercy and favor were declared common, for all… Satan and his troops wailed in agony, as they thrashed their own heads with their hands, in the very sheerest of frustration.] {Reported in Khutabaat Muhammadi un Ibadah bin Samit.}

A Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand the people are safe. And the Mukmin is one in whom is the safety of life and property of the people.

A Mohajjir is one who hath left behind his past errings and sins; and a Mujahid is one who fights the worldly desires for Allah’s pleasure. {Reported in Al Wasaiq as Siyasia, un Fazal bin Obaid al Ansari.}

Remember, the nobles and vice-regents are to be from among the Quraish; Remember, once again, the nobles and my vice-regents are to be from among the Quraish. Provided they stick to three things; one, they are just in their commands; two, they honor commitments; and three, they are merciful towards those who seek mercy. {Reported in Khutabaat Muhammadi un Ali.}

And the nobles and vice-regents not following these stipulates are accursed, of Allah, and of His angels and the peoples.

O ye people, fear the retribution of God. And ‘even if a Negro be made to manage your affairs; and though he might also be short of an ear, obey him, listen to his word, provided he orders according to the Book of Allah.’ {Reported in Tirmizi, Masnad Ahmad un Ummul ul Khaseen al Ahamsia.}

The hajj is the hajj of Arafa, so the person who reaches Arafaat before the dawn prayers hath completed the hajj ritual. Three days are ordained for Mina, but for the one who hurries back from Mina after two days, or stays longer than three, there is no misconduct in it. {Reported in Masnad Ahmad, un AbdirRahman bin Ya’mr al Daily.}

Allah hath never designated a prophet who did not caution his followers about the evil manifest, Dajjal.

Noah, peace be upon him, cautioned his people, and after him the other prophets also cautioned, may the peace and blessings of the Lord be upon them all. They all cautioned their respective people about the Dajjal, telling all except what was hidden from them.

And that clear knowledge does not remain hidden from Muslims; know ye, Allah is not blind of one eye. {Reported in Masnad Ahmad, un Abdallah bin Umar.}

O ye people, acquire knowledge before it is seized; before it is lifted beyond acquisition.

The Lord calleth, O ye who believe, ask not about matters, if manifested unto thee, shall be unacceptable to you. But if you ask during the moments the Quran is being revealed, these could be manifested.

The going away of Ilm; organized knowledge, is in the going away of those who bear its weight. The going away of organized knowledge is in the going away of those who bear its weight. The going away of organized knowledge is in the going away of those who bear its weight. {Reported in Masnad Ahmad, un Abi Umama al Bahili.}

Know ye four things, :

  1. ‘Do not associate anyone or anything as an equal or a partner of God;’
  2. ‘Never kill any of the living unjustly;’
  3. ‘Do not commit adultery;’ and
  4. ‘Do not commit theft.’ {Reported in Masnad Ahmad un Salma bin Qais al Ashjae.}

O ye people, learn the performance of hajj ritual from me, for I may not be able to perform after this year. {Reported in Al Wasaiq al Siyasia, un Abdallaf bib Umr bin Al Aas.}

O ye people,

  • “There is to be no prophet after me, nor an Ummat after thee.”
  • Worship thine Lord,
  • establish five prayers,
  • fast during the month of Ramadhan,
  • obey your authorities; and you will enter the Lord’s paradise. {Reported in Al Wasaiq al Siyasia un Abi Qabeela.}

Take good care of those subordinated to you, and also those who are in your bondage, feed them of what you eat, and clothe them of what you wear. If they make mistakes and you are not inclined to forgive; then sell them off… but fearing God, do not physically punish them. {Reported in Khutabaat e Muhammadi un Zaid ibbne Haris.}

The prophet, peace and blessings of the Lord be upon him, said, ‘For one to go forth in the way of the Lord in the evening is better than anything in the world, that one can do in the evenings; and to go forth in the way of the Lord in the mornings is better than anything in the world that you can do during the mornings.’

Without doubt, a believer’s dignity, wealth and life are as sacred as this day is sacred. {Reported in Masnad Ahmad un Sufian bin Harb.}

O ye people, accept gifts and rewards as long as these remain gifts and rewards. But when Quraish start fighting for worldly possessions, and gifts become rewards in lieu of belief, then reject such gifts and rewards. {Reported by Abu Daud.}

Without doubt, Allah’s friends are:

  • those who offer prayers;
  • offering the five mandatory prayers with regularity, and in search of the Lord’s pleasure,
  • fast in the month of Ramadan, and
  • willingly pay the poor’s share from their owned wealth, and
  • abstain from the major sins forbidden by the Lord.

[Someone from among the companions asked, ‘O prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon you, how many are the major sins?’

The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, replied:]

‘The major sins are nine in numbers;

  1. to associate with Allah an equal or a partner;
  2. to unjustly kill a Mukmin;
  3. to flee the battle, in God’s ordained warring;
  4. to slander a pious woman;
  5. necromancy and witchcraft;
  6. usurping what belongs to the Orphan;
  7. interest;
  8. disobeying one’s Muslim parents; and
  9. showing disrespect to the Baitul Haraam @ Holy Ka’abah

[In life and in death, anyone abstaining from these major sins, and establishing prayers, and sharing at the determined rate with the poor of his owned wealth, shall enter a paradise, doors whereof shall be of gold, and he shall be a companion of the prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him].

O ye people, there is no goodness in racing your camels and horses; ride them at a moderate pace, and take care of the old and the weak, and do not trouble your Muslim brethren. {Reported in Khutabaat e Muhammadi.}

Doubtlessly, the ignorants used to return from Arafaat when the sun was about to set; as if the setting sun’s rays falling on their faces were their glorious wrappings; and they would return from Muzalfa, when the sun had risen to a fair height, shedding light, liken to the setting sun’s rays, and they thought as if the risen sun’s rays were their shining turbans.

But we shall not return from Arafaat until after the sun hath set, and our returning from Muzalfa shall be before the dawn. For our ways are distinctly different from the ways of the idolators and polytheists. {Reported in Khutabaat e Muhammadi, un Muhammad bin Qais bin Mukhrama.}

Those of you who have no sacrificial animals and need to convert your hajj Ihraam to the Ihraam of Umra should do so now. But those bringing sacrificial animals should not do so. {Reported in Al- Bukhari, un Ayesha.}


[The Prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam]

O ye people, should I not tell you of the signs preceding the day of resurrection? [Salman, may the Lord be pleased with him, a companion, submitted, ‘May my parents be also devoted to you; Yes, tell us, O prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on you, about the signs of the nearing of the resurrection day.’]

The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said;

‘Among the signs of the day will be the;

1.squandering away of prayers,

2. the peoples inclining towards physical pleasures, and

3. consideration of riches as the sign of human respectability.

Upon hearing this, Salman, may Allah be pleased with him, was much surprised, and asked, ‘O prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on thee, is it to be so?’ The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, replied, ‘I swear upon Allah, yes, it will exactly be so.

For in the days near the day of resurrection;

4.the paying of the share of the poor at the determined rate from the rich’s owned wealth will be considered a penalty.

5.And the spoils of war will be considered the personal wealth of the rulers.

6.Liars will be considered the truthful, and the truthful considered liars.

7. The usurpers will become the famous trustees.

8. And the Royabza will start advising people about how to conduct the affairs.

[People asked, ‘O prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on you, what is Royabza?

The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, replied:] ‘The Royabza are those whom we would avoid even talking to; giving opinions about people’s affairs.

9.Nine-tenth of the truth shall stand denied.

10. Islam will be in the name only.

11. Quran will become a compendium of words, written in letters of the Arabic alphabet; and the book’s words shall be gilded in gold.

12. The males of my Ummat will become obese, and

13. concubines shall become counsels.

14. Adolescent youths will preach from the pulpits.

15. And the important affairs will be in the hands of women.

16. In those times, mosques will be profusely decorated; like the convents and churches, and minarets will be erected.

17. And although there will be more numbers of the worshippers, but the hearts and the tongues and the thoughts of the worshippers will be elsewhere, not in the prayers.’

Salman, may Allah be pleased with him; was dumbfounded, and asked, ‘O prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on you, is it really going to be so?’

The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, ‘I swear by Allah in whose hand is life of Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him… it will be thus, and exactly so.’

18. O Salman, in eyes of pretenders, the worth of a true believer will be less than of a girl born in bondage.

19. And the true believers will melt in frustration, just as salt melts in water.

20. The believers will be witness to the misdeeds of pretenders, but will have no authority to correct them.

21. Sodomy shall prevail as will lesbianism, young boys will be envied just as are the virgin maidens.

22. Then in such times, transgressors will proclaim being the Saviour,

23. though their ministers will be foul charactered,

24. and their trustees will usurp, abandoning prayers, they will pursue the worldly pleasures.

If you find such times, then offer the ordained prayers at ordained hours.

25. In such a time, people will come from both east and west, their bodies will be human, but their hearts will be satanic,

26. they will show no mercy to the child,

27. nor give respect to the elders.

Salman, in such times, although people will perform the rituals at Bait ul Haraam; but

28. kings will perform for their outings and pleasure.

29. The rich will perform for trading, and

30. the poor will perform for begging.

31. The reciters will perform for glory and gains.

Salman, may Allah be pleased with him; was dumbstruck, but managed to ask, ‘O prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon thee, is it going to be so?’

The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, replied, ‘Yes, it will be so. I swear upon Allah, in whose hand is my life,

32. falsehood will prevail,

33. a comet will appear.

34. Women shall join ranks with men in businesses.

35. Markets will be in close proximity to one another.’

People asked, ‘O prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on you, what is meant by the close proximity of markets?’ The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, ‘Goods will not be sold, there will be a little profitability in business.

O Salman, at such time

36. the Lord shall lower a wind bearing yellow colored snakes, these snakes will fall on the heads of leading clerics, for they knowingly did nothing to stop evil from spreading.

Salman, may Allah be pleased with him; asked, ‘O prophet of Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be on you, will it happen?’

The Prophet said, ‘I swear upon Allah, who hath sent me bearing the truth; yes, in the days nearing resurrection, all of this will happen, exactly so.’ {Reported in Khutabaat e Muhammadi, ba Rawayat Ibn e Marduya wa Imam Seyuti fi Dar ul Mansus.}.


That my dear brothers and sisters is the complete Final Sermon of the Blessed Messenger of Almighty Allah to us who are Muslims and as a Standing Order for us to live by in dealing with our fellow Muslims and with those who aren’t?

As you can see, the Final Sermon is so detailed and crystal clear as to where we stand in living our life as those who worship none other than Almighty Allah?

It also foretells of the current state of events as far as the modern world is caught in [ a thousand four hundred and twenty nine years later] where many of the things that the Holy Prophet prophesied has come to be?

I have purposely numbered these prophecies so that we can refer to them one by one and discuss as to whether all these prophecies have come to pass and is prevalent here in Malaysia and the rest of the modern world?

Shall we start by prophecy # 1?

1.squandering away of prayers,

Squandering of prayers. We all know how in these modern times, a very large number of Malaysian Muslims do the very thing by being at let’s say – football matches, concerts, etc. without a bother about the calling of the azan at for instance, the Asar, Maghrib and Isya’ prayers.

Football matches and concerts usually start by 8.00pm. Soccer fans queueing up for tickets after travelling from nearby states usually have been on the road, full of enthusiasm to watch the match of the teams that they support.

How many of these soccer fans do you think will bother about praying maghrib or even ‘Isya when they are at the stadiums?

Does this prophecy come to be realized?

Okay, I am not saying that the entire legion of Muslim soccer fans here and all around the world miss their solat’s but let’s be frank here and tell it as it is?

You and I know how things are at the stadiums so to me, this prophecy has come to be as far as the scenarios at such matches are to be considered?

Now, let’s take a look at the way, Malaysia Boleh works as far as the endless concerts being held here in Bolehland is to be considered?

Akademi Fantasia for example. Fuyoo…same scenario as the football fans only that the crowd here is even more varied.

From small kids to the almost expiring grannies and grandpa’s, all flock to the auditoriums or concert venues from as early as before Asar?

How many of such concertgoers do you think bother about catching up on their solats?

Not that many, huh?

Everyone’s excited about watching the weekly concerts. The contestants are all prepped up, made to wear makeup, having their hairs done, etcetera.

Preparations usually start very early, don’t they?

They surely won’t be able to go perform their solats with their hairsprays, make up, eye shadow, blushed cheeks, etcetera for taking wudhu would surely wash away all that hard work, prophecy # 1 is here to stay, isn’t it?

Okay, not wanting to be one who rubs it in, so I am going to mosey on to the other aspects of our average Malaysian Muslim’s life in other areas.

How many of you have been to Pasar Malam’s?

The setting up of the stalls etcetera usually commences from before or around Asar.

Usually, such Pasar Malam’s are set up along the roads of our towns and cities.

How many of you have actually seen any of the Pasar Malam Muslim traders fulfill their religious obligations?

Not that many I suppose?

Anyway, it is up to the individual Muslim trader to settle his solats but to me, this prophecy # 1 does come to pass here?

What about office workers, CEO’s, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, etc?

Sometimes, we know that such people are caught up in business meetings. running late for assignments, busy debating bills, etcetera into the deep of the night?

Does prophecy # 1 come to be relevant to such cases or scenarios?

That is just one particular prophecy of the Blessed Prophet that I think is just so very true nowadays?

I don’t even want to go into the rest of the above prophecies. Will take just my whole day here.

You figure it out for yourselves and tell me as to whether what the Blessed Messenger of Allah the Almighty prophecied has not come to be?

To me as a Muslim, I dare say that each and every one of these prophecies are true, has come to be and are staring at us in our face!

So dear Muslims and Non Muslims, especially those of us here in Malaysia; can we afford to ignore what the Blessed Prophet has warned us about and just watch this nation go asunder by not speaking up and reminding our fellow citizens as not to screw up the trusts of the people and try to salvage what we have left and bring this country back on track?

The way things are going at the moment is just too damn scary to pretend that such racist bearings that some folks in power today are not going all out to create a flash point to spark off another bout of destruction and mayhem to our fellow citizens and this nation that we all call our motherland?

May Malaysians be protected from harm and dangers being posed by those who fail to heed these warnings of our Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam?

May Allah bless and guide us all.


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