November 29, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

9-11. Who profited from the ‘Made in America’ Mass Murders?

Dear Readers,
We are now in the month of September, 2008. Soon, in the next following days, the whole world will again be reminded by the United States of America about the need for the whole wide world to blindly toe the line of the world’s superpower of waging war against the ‘terrorists’ led by Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda?

Fellow Blogger Antares has blogged about the ‘Secret Rulers of the World‘ in his article here.

This is the first of a 29 part series of videos that unravel the mysteries of the 9-11 mass murder by the American Government itself upon its citizens and turn the Arabian Al Qaeda movement their convenient scapegoats!

Be warned. What you see will change your whole perception of what you might have taken to be the truth all these while for the footage of actual happenings of the past and hidden from public view or knowledge has been featured here by the producers of these series.

This is also the longest article featuring all the videos that I have published here to save you the trouble of going over to You Tube and search for them one by one?

Hope you will get to enlighten yourself and learn from these series just as I have?

1.The Secret Rulers of the World – Present/Past [part 1 of 29]

As they say in the Malay proverb, ‘Bangkai gajah takkan boleh ditutup dengan nyiru?’
translated meaning : You can’t hide an elephant’s carcass by using a palm frond!

This is to say that no matter how some folks try to bullshit their way by trying to pull a fast one upon the rest of the world by repeating their lies about the greatest massacre of American lives by their own government and put the blame conveniently on the Osama bin Laden led Al Qaeda organization; the truth will still surface one of these days and today, we all have more information as to who are the real culprits to such a tragedy such as the September 11, 2001 massacre in New York, USA?

An American You Tuber has produced these series of explanative videos showing what is the real truth and has all of them readily viewable on You Tube here.

Here are the rest of the videos for you to watch through and ponder upon the questions that the video producers are asking us?

Any decent human being will surely be distressed and upset to see the lengths taken by the unscrupulous beings who ruled and still rule this world through their ‘Ring of Power‘!

In these series, the producers have used excerpts of historical news footage, bits of documentaries, live recordings and even cartoon animations to depict biblical records, etc.

Such usage is necessary to picture past situations and ancient times where cameras and multimedia facilities or technology were yet to come into existence or get invented?

I do however acknowledge that this series are based upon historical records and universally accepted facts and figures of the years gone by?

To refute the contents of this series would be tantamount to lying to ourselves as to all that took place before us and we will be doing humanity a great disservice and insult the memory of all those billions of lives which have been lost due to the manipulations of the the culprits featured in these series and who have since died yet left their acts of crime and malice continue to this day through their successors?

Go through each and every video featured here and learn from what it has to share with us?

I just wish to share with you what the producers have graciously shared here.

I leave it to you to make your own conclusions.

2. The Secret Rulers of the World – Only the Start [2/29]

3.Secret Rulers of the World – Profiting from 9/11 [3/29]

4. Secret Rulers of the World – Hidden Empire [4/29]

5. The Secret Rulers of the World – Vatican Hoarding [5/29]

6. The Secret Rulers of the World – Amen Pharaohs [6/29]

7. Secret Rulers of the World – Forbidden Link [7/29]

8. Secret Rulers of the World – Oceans of Blood [8/29]

9. Secret Rulers of the World – The Queen [9/29]

10. Secret Rulers of the World – King of Kings [10/29]

11. Secret Rulers of the World – The Empire [11/29]

12. Secret Rulers of the World – The Cult of Amen [12/29]

13.Secret Rulers of the World – The Committee of 300 [13/29]

14.Secret Rulers of the World – Godfathers/Rothschild[14/29]

15. Secret Rulers of the World – New World Order [15/29]

16.Secret Rulers of the World – Freemasonry / Mafia [16/29]

17.Secret Rulers of the World – Control All Money [17/29]

18.Secret Rulers of the World – Credit Monopoly [18/29]

19. The Secret Rulers of the World – Bush Nazis

20. The Secret Rulers of the World – Palestine Israel[20/29]

21. The Secret Rulers of the World – The Butchers [21/29]

22. Secret Rulers of the World – The Asses of Evil [22/29]

23. The Secret Rulers of the World – Drug Running [23/29]

24. The Secret Rulers of the World – War on Terror [24/29]

25. Secret Rulers of the World – Iraqi Dates [25/29]

26. Secret Rulers of the World – Antichrist? [26/29]

27. Secret Rulers of the World – Credit Enslavement [27/29]

28. Secret Rulers of the World – Tax Enslavement [28/29]

29. The Secret Rulers of the World – The Power [29/29]

That concludes the series of ‘Secret Rulers of the World’.

Some may argue that all these doesn’t concern those of us who are just common citizens and incapable of doing anything to stop these crooks and criminals of the world?

Well, just remember that the same could have been said of the way things were here in Malaysia all these while until the citizens made up their minds to not cross the ballot paper with the symbols of the scales anymore and helped defeat the tyrannical BN here in Malaysia in 5 states recently!

It takes each and every vote to accumulate and turn into a powerful political sledgehammer and smash the BN Goliath to smithereens in those 5 states and help us get rid of tyrants like the UMNO bigwigs, MIC’s Samy Vellu, Gerakan’s fumbling Koh Tsu Koon, etcetera!

So, if you think that you do not matter or that your vote means nothing, please think again!

By standing up for the truth on our own and then joined by others who think like us, we will be a large group of truth seekers who will then morph into a powerful force to be reckoned with when the next general election comes our way?

Remember how we Malaysian Bloggers helped defeat the BN supporting Mainstream Media and managed to pass on to you valuable information that reached you without any editing as practiced by the MSM’s all these while?

Did you see how we managed to share with you the truth during the recent P44 Permatang Pauh Parliamentary despite the vicious, brutal all out media onslaught unleashed upon Anwar Ibrahim by practically the entire BN huge election machinery utilizing each and every part of the government’s agencies and departments if not the ministries?

Truth needs to be told dear readers no matter if it may seem trivial or inconspicuous to you at first hand?

As non profit making Malaysian Bloggers, we just try to do our part so that justice is served and you get informed.

All I ask is for you to learn about all these manipulations by the ‘secret rulers of this world’ and be able to do your part when the opportunity comes for you to effect change!

May Almighty Allah bless and guide us all.


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