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Answering petestop’s questions about the Bar Council’s ‘Forum’ protest

This is in response to one of my blog readers comment and questions regarding whether what happened to a Chinese lady who was married to a Muslim for 30 years and didn’t know that her husband had also married an Iranian lady found out that she wasn’t recognized by the Shariah courts as the lawful widow when she tried to claim her dead husband’s estate is Islamic Justice?

I told him ‘No!’ ; that it is not!

I for one believe that the lady should pursue her case through the justice system and not through a useless and ineffective forum!

I am also responding to petestop’s reference to the way the GPMS folks misbehaved during the protests.

Watch the videos above and read what I have to say about the matter below:

Blogger petestop said…

It is weird that Muslims perceived this forum as a injustice done to them.

How can it be an injustice when that one religion, protected under the constitution, who gets 95% of the whole country’s budget to build their places of worship, who unilaterally declared the country as a its own religion country… and can practically get away with violent disruption to peaceful forums… and person wearing GPMS T-shirt and claiming he is from UMNO, calling “You India, Cina… go to hell”.

Please say that it is injustice to the Chinese wife of 30 years to a man who secretly married an Iranian lady, and when he died, later found that she have lost all her properties as she is not recognised as that man’s wife under Syariah law.

Is this Islamic Justice ??

Monday, 11 August, 2008

Blogger MAHAGURU58 said…


first and foremost, there were some agent provocateurs in the protest and the one that I saw misbehaving worst was the GPMS Vice President Jais Abdul Karim and some unidentified persons who were shouting racist slurs against those leaving the forum!

I myself took offense at a PAS Youth Head named Rizuan who was very rude and arrogant in his manners towards even myself when I challenged his abrasive manner in asking the protesters to sit down on the hot tarmac?

Maybe the fellow didn’t know me or who I am so he thought he could get away with being ‘kurang ajar’ but I confronted him and made sure that he apologized to me there and then.

So, yes the protest was hot and tempers flared!

I am not happy that there were racists amongst the protesters who used the moment to spew forth such curses but it was pure pandemonium and even the FRU could,’t control the crowd!

What I was surprised is that several Special Branch officers to whom I asked for help in bringing Jais down from the steps where he was practically raging at the top of his lungs just let him rant and rave and stopped us from going near Jais and calm him down or what?

It was like they purposely let Jais blow off steam as he pleased?

That perplexes me even to this moment?

Another thing I’d like to say is that I don’t think the Bar Council can solve any outstanding problems involving dead or divorced converts to Islam on their own?

Are the Bar Council capable of effecting change to those persons lives by holding such forums or wouldn’t justice be better served by going through the legal system and engage with the proper authorities representing the Government such as JAKIM?

What is the point of raising such sensitive issues through an open forum like what they did and disregarded calls from even the PM himself to call the forum off?

There were many unanswered questions and what seemed to me like a purposeful allowance of certain instigators like the GPMS VP to turn the protest into such an uncontrollable turn of events!

To answer your question, as to whether that was Islamic Justice, the answer is NO!

The proper way to go seek justice is to go through the Shariah Courts and plead their cases before the Hakim’s!

As the deceased or divorced persons were and are Muslims, the Non Muslim survivors have every right to seek justice through the Shariah courts and when found to be in the right, they will surely be reinstated whatever properties or trusts that they are entitled to?

Believe me that we can pursue this through the Shariah courts and get the truth be told there.

Not through useless and ineffective forums!

That’s what I think!

Monday, 11 August, 2008

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