September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

UMNO has betrayed its BN Allies when it chose to ‘merger’ with PAS!

Are the other coalition parties in the BN deaf, dumb and blind to UMNO’s act of betrayal against them when it chose to talk with PAS in setting up a merger between itself and it’s arch political enemy recently by turning it’s back on all the other BN coalition parties?

I did not hear any protest from either the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and all other so called BN coalition parties!

It must be true then that all other BN coalition parties do not have the moral courage to speak up against UMNO and they truly deserve to be sidelined by the ruling party which champions the supremacy of the Malay ethnicity over the true justice of Islam that is being fought for by PAS and it’s Pakatan Rakyat Coalition partners?

Although the DAP might not seem so bloody gung ho about endorsing PAS’s fervor to make the Syariah Laws of Almighty Allah be the main bedrock of the new Constitution of Malaysia should the Pakatan Rakyat ever manage to take over power of the Federal Government of Malaysia, the DAP sure has more say in the Pakatan Rakyat than what the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP, etc. have in the Barisan Nasional!

What a bloody shame for the BN coalition parties. No spine to stand up to Abdullah Badawi and his political shenanigans.

At least the Pakatan Rakyat folks have reaffirmed their commitments to their pact. The BN 14 member parties are just reduced to being Brainwashed Nincompoops.

Tch…tch…tch…must be something to do with all that ‘Yes Datuk Seri’ kowtowing syndrome.

They say that it’s incurable for most but at least one MCA woman leader had the ‘balls’ to do what she accomplished recently by quitting the MCA and joining the PKR with 2000 members who have realized that the BN is just too full of shit for them to stay and suffer in silence?

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