April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

9/11 Revisited. Lest Mankind forgets the USA’s Crimes against the WTC?

Brothers & Sisters,

In a month or so, we are going to once again be bullshitted to by the United States of America’s Administration of President George Walker Bush Jr.

Dear fellow mankind.

The atrocious willful murder of hundreds and thousands of American and international citizens who worked in those twin towers by parties suspected to be none other than the American Government itself is being exposed by each passing day and minute by learned scientists and researchers who have produced the above explanatory videos.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have been reading about the plans of President George W.Bush Jr and his War Department to wage war against the Islamic Republic of Iran on the pretext of wanting to protect the civilized world from the Iranian Axis of Evil.

President George W.Bush Jr. has been responsible for causing the death and destruction of hundreds of millions of lives in Afghanistan, Iraq and now setting his sights on Iran.

The main reason, dear brothers and sisters for all these warmongering is none other than the total occupation of the Iranian oilfields, especially those oil rich fields of Kurdistan, bordering the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The United States of America which used to be known for it’s noble goals of world peace has since the 1960s turned into the world’s leading neo colonialists and occupying nation in the whole world.

President Bush Jr. has proven to be America’s worst warmongering President.

Watch how he has prepared for this catastrophe that he unleashed upon his own people and with that excuse of avenging their deaths , launch the deadliest attack upon innocent citizens of an already wartorn country, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and from there launch an occupation of the People’s Republic of Iraq on the pretext of liberating it from the clutches of it’s dictatorial president!

Today, both countries have yet to recover from the total annihilation inflicted upon them by the American occupying forces and in the process caused hundreds of thousands of casualties of their own armies and millions of Muslims massacred in the name of Operation Iraqi Liberation!

Note the acronym of the operation. Operation Iraqi Liberation. Spells OIL.

That’s right folks! OIL! That’s the main objective of George W.Bush Jr. and his Vice President Dick Cheney.

All that they give a damn about is getting control of and tapping into the oilfields of Iraq, Iran and the entire Middle East.

So, brace yourselves to the spectacle that the USA is going to launch very soon in conjunction with the coming anniversary of the worst crime that a regime can do to its own people in the so called Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

Yeah right!!!

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