September 23, 2023


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Cargas Cafe The Movie – Home of the Bayan Lepas Killer Fried Chicken

I shot this short film on Cargas Cafe, home of the famous Bayan Lepas Killer Fried Chicken and spicy, mouthwatering Stingray Fish Curry!

It was amazing to watch the customers practically intercept the incoming freshly fried chicken pieces before they even made it to the counter!

The fried chicken pieces are sought after so much because they just taste so good!

The Bayan Lepas Killer Fried Chicken of Cargas Cafe are deep fried after being marinated with some specially blended secret spices that makes customers sing praises about them!

After 10 minutes, every incoming tray of fried chicken are all gone!

Within a few minutes of shooting the video, by the time I returned for the next shot, the only remaining fried chicken are the neck pieces….fuyoo!!! Talk about gone in a few minutes!!!

I myself didn’t get the chance to sample the mouthwatering, lip smacking delicious fried chicken or even the Kari Ikan Pari which were an obvious winner with the multi ethnic crowd who just love eating at Cargas Cafe!

If you happen to be visiting Penang and particularly Bayan Lepas, mosey on down to the most happening Cargas Cafe along the main road of Bayan Lepas Old Town!

The best fried chicken south of Penang Island!

You surely will keep returning for more! 🙂

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