September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Anwar Ibrahim’s Lawyers Statement upon his release video.

I was outside the Kuala Lumpur Police Headquarters this morning to conduct an on the spot interview of Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters and instead got to record a live interview of Anwar’s lawyers, YB Sivarasa Rasiah, the PKR Vice President, Member of Parliament for Subang and Sankara Nair, two of Anwar’s 4 legal defence team. The other two are YB Karpal Singh and his son YB Gobind Singh Deo. YB Karpal and Gobind were not there this morning.

From YB Sivarasa Rasiah, we learned that the police had released Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at 9.45am this morning on police bail and he is ordered to report back to the KL Police HQ on August the 18th, 2008 for follow up procedures pertaining to the case against him.

Among the questions that reporters raised to YB Sivarasa was why Anwar Ibrahim refused to give his DNA samples voluntarily yesterday at the KL Hospital?

YB Sivarasa explained clearly as to the reasons why? Listen to him speaking in the video above.

Yesterday, Khairy Jamaludin, the MP for Rembau and Son in Law of the Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, raised a ruckus in Parliament about Anwar’s refusal to give his DNA and was supported by the MP for Jerlun, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, who was reacting in response to YB Azmin Ali, the MP for Gombak who lambasted Khairy for raising the matter and asked him how did he know the facts of the police report against Anwar when even YB Datuk Seri Wan Azizah, the MP for Permatang Pauh and wife of Anwar Ibrahim herself doesn’t have a copy of the said police report?

So is the way things are unfolding at the moment in this country. Malaysians are witnessing Season 2 of the Political Conspiracy that is being hatched and carried out as if on queue by those who were the main key players in the downfall of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the former Deputy Prime Minister during Tun Dr.Mahathir’s Premiership.

As YB Sivarasa puts it, the one who was the Investigating Officer of Anwar’s case back in 1998 is now the Inspector General of the Royal Malaysian Police and in the most powerful position to do what most Malaysian supporters of Anwar fear?

I don’t have to spell it out here for you but the general concern is the possibility of fabricating such evidence as Blogger Maverick SM highlights in his blog about the using of DNA to suit one’s purposes?

That was exactly what I had in mind when I saw the news clip of Khairy Jamaludin raging on about wanting Anwar Ibrahim to surrender his DNA samples voluntarily in the Parliament report last night and Datuk Seri Wan Azizah lambast the fella and ask how the hell did he come to be privy to the police report of the alleged sodomy case that even she as Anwar’s wife has yet to see?

It all stinks to high heaven, I must say?

I mean, we have all come to learn about all these DNA profiling and evidences that in a high profile political conspiracy case such as this that Anwar is facing for the second time around in a space of 10 years, it isn’t that hard to plant such samples of his DNA into that alleged sodomy victim’s arse?

The thing is, we are talking about an allegation of sodomy that is reported to have taken place several weeks ago?

The alleged victim if he was really buggered by this 60 over years old man with a spinal problem surely would have been able to kick Anwar’s butt and whacked the daylights out of Anwar IF such a heinous attempt did ever take place?

All we hear is bloody speculation and fitnah of the lowest levels that all stinks of a conspiracy to thwart Anwar in his moment of making political history in the greatest comeback into political dominance that this nation has ever seen?

History records all that took place and amongst his libellers, many have died horribly and now vanquished to the sidelines but two of his biggest enemies are currently in the most powerful positions in the government’s machinery.

Namely the Inspector General of the Malaysian Police and the Attorney General of the Malaysian Justice Department.

The majority of Malaysians aren’t like other nationalities who would take to the streets at the slightest cue because Malaysians usually are prone to be lethargic when it comes to matters that do not immediately threaten their own private and personal rice bowls or fuel tanks for the matter?

If let’s say, the news goes out that the price of petrol is going to be increased even 5 sens by this midnight, I guarantee you that the roads leading to the petrol pumps will be jam packed with vehicles of all sorts, shapes and sizes for each and every motorist will be making a dash to fill up before the next bloody price hike?

As far as Anwar’s fate is concerned, most Malaysians will just adopt a ‘tidak apa’ attitude.

Yes, deep in their hearts, they will say,’ So what?’ Not like Anwar is going to come and pay my bills or what?

To hell with the fellow!

He must have done it maa…that’s why the police are after him…bla ..bla..bla’.

The irony is that most Malaysians have always been a bit self centred since day one and don’t really bother to show care or concern to their fellow citizens.

It’s all a matter of ‘ as long as it does not affect me, why should I bother’ mentality.

It is because of this deep set mentality of Malaysians at large that the ones in power get to do as they please knowing fully well that the Malaysian public won’t really give them any trouble.

They are free to rob and loot the nation blind and Malaysians will usually shrug their shoulders and look the other way, pretending not to notice.

Malaysians are not confrontative people.

Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc. We are all usually peaceloving folks who just want to live life as it is and normally refrain from getting involved in anything that doesn’t affect us directly.

This is the main reason why the BN has been able to get away with just anything.

‘What can we do? We are just common citizens maa… Tak payah nak sibuk sibuk hal orang lah!’

These are the usual comments or excuses that most of us give.

The problem is that if we, the Malaysian people do not bother to take an interest in something as dirty as this political conspiracy that is being carried out against someone as important as Anwar to most of the Malaysians, who would even bother to take note of the average Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy when the crooks in power, choose to steamroll over us as they please?

One classic example is the way Abdullah Badawi just raised the petrol prices as he pleased like it’s nobody’s business?

Who suffers?

All of us, of course.

No matter that you didn’t have anything to do with supporting the Pakatan Rakyat or whatever?

Everyone suffers.

Except of course, the ones in power and living in palaces, guarded by the ones employed to serve them and grovel at their feet, day in, day out.

These are the ones who continue to live a life of opulence whilst poor folks all over the nation are being forced to skip meals in order to survive.

Think I am blowing things out of proportion?

Just read the news and watch the crime statistics climb steadily since the petrol price hike.

More and more robberies are taking place.

People are getting more frustrated and mental stress is having a field day.

In the midst of all this, you have a 23 year old, college dropout, who loves hobnobbing with the rich and powerful amongst the ruling UMNO and BN Cabinet ministers, squirrel his way into Anwar Ibrahim’s camp under the ticket of being a volunteer just before the 12th General Elections, cry out foul that he has been buggered by the one who was cleared of all charges and about to regain his political high mark!!!

Too coincidental for me to stomach that Anwar Ibrahim would be so bloody stupid to go and sodomize someone like that?

As I have said it before, common logic is that if Anwar is really that randy andy, hell he might just go and pick the choicest beautiful virgins who are available in this beautiful land of ours and enjoy himself as much as he pleases?

It just stinks like hell to have Anwar’s foes take a cue from Mahathir and use the same old dirty trick to cut the man down, again?

Whom are we to believe?


His son Mukhriz, who is singing the same old tune as his dad that Anwar did sodomize all those men?

Khairy Jamaludin?

Najib Tun Razak?

Imam Hadhari?


All these fellows talk and behave as if they are immortals and will not die one of these days and face the Almighty Allah?

Do they not realize that each and every second, everything that they say or do is being recorded by the Malaikats ascribed to each one of us?

Malaikat Raqib on our right records all our good deeds and even intentions.

Malaikat Atid records all our bad deeds and screwups, not missing one dot for the record.

We have all these fellows with vested interests and open agendas speak as if they are the milky white glowing angels that they would want us to believe they are by voicing out against their fellow man, who is a father, a husband and a brother to them yet they know this not?

I can keep going on and on but that defeats the purpose of this post.

All I pray for is that commonsense will prevail and that Malaysians will wake up to the reality that ‘If it is to be…it is up to you and me!’

It is up to us to show our care and concern to our fellow man for what is happening to him today, might just as well happen to each and everyone of us IF we choose to not bother?

May Allah protect us all from the evil that some of our kind do!


This is the Kuala Lumpur Police Contingency Headquarters.

Among the Malaysians who gathered in support of Anwar at the entrance to the KL Police Headquarters was Blogger Zorro Unmasked, Brother Bernard Khoo who was there with some of his friends. Zorro is the one in the dark teeshirt and cap with the signature pipe. A straight talking gentleman blogger who is always there for his friends. A true Malaysian.

There were also PKR supporters and from HINDRAF, the Makkal Sakthi brothers. I conducted an interview with the Hindraf brothers and will be publishing it soon here in my blog after processing the raw footage.

This is myself with the brothers posing just outside of the entrance gate to the IPK KL. The number of police were far greater than the number of those of us who gathered there this morning, hehehehe… As if Malaysians are really that easy to assemble? Most just don’t bother!

An ardent Anwarista!

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