May 3, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

JELMOL – A breath of Fresh Music from the Malaysian Orang Asli’s.

I happened to come across a compilation cassette tape of traditional Malaysian folk songs when I was shopping at Tesco Ampang recently and was pleasantly surprised to listen to this group of Malaysian Orang Asli band called JELMOL who very creatively brought back the zest and spirit of the 60s with their brand of music.

Their music has oomph and packs a punch with a kind of rock beat to it complete with excellent lead guitar works by the band’s musician.

I really enjoyed listening to these two songs and the first one ‘Halijah’ has really very soothing rhythm to it although I confess that I do not understand a word of the lyrics! 😛

I searched Youtube for the group and have discovered these two video clips of their fantastic songs.

How come this band have not been highlighted by our national broadcasting radio and television channels?

They are really good and deserve to be recognized for their musical prowess. I dare say that the Orang Asli folks are just real gems of this nation waiting to be discovered for the wonderful raw talent that they possess?

JELMOL gets my vote for superb music although I’d really appreciate it if someone can translate what the lyrics of the songs mean?

Come to think of it, the recent Pakatan Rakyat PROTES event at the Kelana Jaya Stadium may have ended in a better atmosphere if these brilliant Orang Asli chaps were invited to perform instead of that butt showing indie band?

Anyway, it’s all history now and the PR fellows should have learned their lesson as not to take for granted that the crowd will just accept whatever ‘entertainment’ that they come up with?

JELMOL will sure soothe away all those disgruntled souls who were pissed off with Carburator Dung the other day if they are invited to perform at the next major PR event. Hehehehe…