September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Anwarophobia gripping Putrajaya. What I make of it?

I just returned home to KL from Penang and I have lots to share with regards to what I saw in Penang, my home island, the good, the bad and the uglies.

Yet all that pales in comparison to what I see taking place here in Bolehland. Yes, Abdullah Badawi has done something unprecedented in the history of this nation’s politics.

He has turned the Premiership into a heirloom. Something like UMNO’s private property by bequeathing the leadership of this country to someone whom the whole nation isn’t that sure of the man is capable of taking charge or be willing to bite the bullet when push comes to shove in this nation’s future?

If I were to run a poll here in my website, asking my readers as to whom they would like to see be the next Malaysian Prime Minister, I am pretty sure that the results will not show Abdullah Badawi or Najib Tun Razak to be in the top 5 for the matter?

Yet here we are today, reading about roadblocks being set up across the roads leading to the Malaysian House of Parliament and orders being given to the Malaysian Police to arrest Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters if they are to be within 5 kilometres of the Malaysian Parliament which has now being turned into a ‘no public access’ political prison!

What bloody hell kind of mockery of the political process is this?

When Malaysian citizens stupidly returned the bloody Abdullah Badawi regime back into power, they screwed their chances of making political history!

Yes, those amongst the Malaysian citizens who returned the crooks back into power are to be blamed for this anarchy.

Malaysians who voted for the BN in the recent 12th GE are the worst idiots that this country has ever seen being born here on earth.

After 51 long years of political dictatorship that screwed each and every decent son and daughter of this Malaysian earth by way of racist and apartheid policies, there are still numbskulls and dimwits who have yet to awaken from their self induced political awareness coma and failed to see through the gross and blatant injustice perpetrated by the Bloody Nincompoops who think of themselves as being the saviours of this nation whereas they are the ones who have been colonizing and monopolizing the political theatre of this country since the British left in 1957?

Today, the citizens of this country who go seeking higher education in places like the UK and the USA, choose instead to overstay in those countries which may be considered to be the home of Islamophobia but when those Malaysians consider the political uncertainties taking place here in Bolehland, they prefer to stay put instead of returning home to the land of ISA.

ISA as in ‘Ikut Suka Aku’ country where whatever bullshit is spewed forth from the mouths and ill conceiving brains of the Imam Hadhari and his sidekicks is taken to be the absolute truth from UMNO’s millions of dedicated apple polishers and hero worshippers who are mostly deaf, dumb and blind to all the atrocities perpetrated by the ones calling the shots at Putrajaya today?

Again and again the ‘Assabiyah‘ @ ‘Nationalism’ ticket is used to scare the Malays into submission to the will of Abdullah Badawi and Najib’s coterie of extremely devoted cabinet of asskissers that this land has ever seen?

True Muslims will never differentiate between skincolor and instead focus on the ties between us humankind which goes back to the origin of us as the Children of our Father, the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam (peace be upon him) and our Mother Saiyidatina Hawwa @ Eve Radhiallahu Anha (May Allah be pleased with her).

When Malaysia’s so called leaders insist in ruling this country based on race based policies instead of the Universal Justice that is found in true Islamic teachings, their rule is against the true principles of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala’s Command and Amanah @ Trust which He the Almighty places upon those who have been entrusted by the Ummah to be just to them and to all who reside within the borders of this nation?

Verily , the discriminatory ways of this 51 years old regime is against what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and His Final Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam commanded and enjoined?

Just take a look at what recently transpired?

Is the Malaysian Premiership the sole property of Abdullah Badawi & the Gang?

Who the hell ever gave the UMNO leader the power to do this unprecedented abomination of handing over the fate and future of this country to a man who is accused of having his part in the murder of a foreign interpreter from Mongolia?

Even though he (Najib) denies his or his wife’s alleged roles in the murder of Altantuyaa Shaariibuu, the way things have unfolded following the manner by which:

  • the accused killers of Altantuyaa are being allowed to hide their faces like ninjas to and from the court to the Sg Buloh Prison;
  • the way the RPK Statutory Declaration pointing the collaboration of Najib’s wife in Altantuyaa’s murder has been purposely ignored;
  • the manner by which the former Special Branch officer P.Balasubramaniam turned Razak Baginda’s Private Investigator gave his Statutory Declaration pointing the finger at Najib’s involvement with the C4 bomb blasted Mongolian translator and his subsequent retraction of his SD stating that it was done under duress and later his lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu countered that it was nothing of the sort;
  • and Balasubramaniam’s fleeing the country with his family fearing for his and his family’s safety is just too much to overlook or be forgotten by us , citizens whose futures also hang in the balance?

The laws of this nation been prostituted to suit the whims and fancies of the raspy voiced sick joke of a leader and so bent as to go out of shape just to accommodate the needs and wants of this sorry ass BN Government especially that of UMNO!

Anwarophobia has beset Putrajaya so much that the ones who have been erroneously returned to power by idiots amongst the Malaysian voters to such an extent that I just can’t make out as to what other disaster is going to unfold in this going crazy nation that we call our homeland?

The nation is in danger of imploding from the way things are being orchestrated by those in the ruling party are sparing nothing to ensure that their iron grip on political power remains the sole possession of UMNO that the latest developments taking place here in Malaysia is just so reminiscent of the world’s infamous regimes of despots and power greedy dictators who spared no quarter in ensuring that they remain in power no matter what it takes?

If we are to realize what is taking place now here in Bolehland, it shows all the signs of a maniacal regime that will even resort to assassinations and political incarcerations of all its opponents no matter who or what they are?

I don’t rule out that the desperados of the UMNO leadership will order the rounding up of their political opponents and critics in ‘Operasi Lalang 2’ just so that they can silence their political adversaries and to scare the people’s will to overthrow the BN regime from further robbing this nation blind and making us suffer under their dictatorship?

This Anwarophobia has caused Abdullah Badawi, Najib and company to lose all sense of fairplay and good governance that they trumpet about but actually have started initiating the general mechanisms of tyranny and despotism of old but using cleverly scripted spin masters webs of deceit and political manipulations to suit their ends and meet their needs.

The latest sodomy accusations against Anwar Ibrahim is just one of the many lengths that they will go on to take; in the name of preventing the man from ever getting to pull out the rug of political power from Abdullah and Najib’s feet there in Putrajaya.

Parliament is being monopolied by the BN agents of office and despite the large number of the Opposing Pakatan Rakyat MPs being in its august house, the cloak of political treachery still overshadows whatever motions that they take and as expected are overruled and deemed irrelevant by the BN’s Speakers.

Our nation is being held to ransom by Abdullah Badawi’s political shenanigans and the general Malaysian public are either clueless as to what is really happening?

This is due to the people being occupied by the backlash of higher prices of commodities due to the petrol price hikes by Abdullah Badawi to distract them from focusing on this Anwarophobia.

Looks like Malaysians are really being taken for a ride by the current BN regime which cleverly cooks up scheme after scheme to keep the people occupied by the spiraling inflation and the severe dent that the BN have put on the people’s wallets to even bother to care about the manner by which the Imam Hadhari is playing his political charade?

If and when Najib takes over the reins of this country, his indecisiveness is going to rend this country asunder.

There will be a serious case of a leadership vacuum in Putrajaya when this nation will be run by someone who balks and falters at even the simplest of decisions due to his years and years of apple polishing and general ‘play safe’ mode of not risking his neck for any bloody major issue that takes place in Bolehland?

Forebodes of a nasty future for this nation when we have people like Abdullah Badawi doing as he pleases with the fate and lives of 26 over million Malaysians by taking away the rights of Malaysians to choose their next leader?

2010 looks pretty bleak to me and I am doubtful of this anointed one in having it in him to lead this nation proper?

From the looks of things, Anwar Ibrahim sure has been made out to be the sacrificial lamb awaiting political slaughter by his nemesis in the form of Abdullah and Najib, the double trouble we have running or ruining Putrajaya.

He might have suffered a black eye in his previous brush up with the BN’s forces before but the present political scenario orchestrated by Abdullah Badawi & Najib Tun Razak now promises an even blacker and potential fatal injury to this political ‘phoenix rising out of the ashes‘ and political wilderness that he was sent into by the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in 1998!

Anwar’s political enemies are coming for his jugular and things are going to get pretty messy and ugly as I speak?

No one can predict what the future holds but the atmosphere today reeks of vile intentions and devious plans are being hatched to decapitate Anwar Ibrahim’s political renaissance and to chop off his growing ambitions to be the next Malaysian Premier?

Who would have expected Ezam Mohamad Nor, Anwar’s trusted lieutenant to urn traitor and stab him in the back like this?

Politics! It sure ain’t a place for good samaritans. The political hounds will surely drive you nuts and rip your head off if you aren’t too careful?

It’s a wild, wild jungle out there. Anwarophobia is just being hatched.

Watch out for the impending catastrophe that are going to be unleashed by the forces of evil and despots out there calling the shots today.

Today, Parliament has been turned into no citizens land by the regime.

Tomorrow, we might even see curfew be imposed in their desperation to quell the rational Malaysian people’s uprising against Abdullah Badawi & Co?

Is the Malaysian Premiership their father’s property to be bequeathed from one despot to another?

Malaysia runs the risk of turning into a banana republic just like any other dictatorship out there if we fail to stop this rot from spreading by exercising our rights to have better, mre responsible political leadership?

Will Malaysians still be cowed into silence as we have been all these while?

Wallahu’alam bissawab!

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