May 3, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Terengganu Darul Iman still remains pristine to this day!

When we went on our holiday exploring the East Coast recently, I can safely say that out of all the 3 states of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan, I found Terengganu to be still pristine and worth visiting.

I mean, although each state here in the Peninsular has its own special attractions, Terengganu somehow still comes up tops as far as its genuineness is concerned?

The way the people are quite charming and welcoming is one thing, the beaches are still relatively unpolluted except for a stretch of Kijal beach which sure could use some ‘gotong royong’ to spruce up the golden sands which were cluttered with flotsam from the sea.

I can’t say that I have totally explored Kelantan in total to dismiss it off but circumstances didn’t allow us a chance to get proper accommodation the night we were there.

Catching a glimpse of the not so hygienic manner by which some butchers just dumped the slaughtered cattle from the lorries to the road sidewalks by the Pasar Siti Khadijah further shocked us to make our way out of Kelantan and head towards Dungun where we hoped to find accommodation at the Hotel UITM Dungun which we had passed by earlier on our way towards Kelantan.

Still, we loved Terengganu for the way the people treated us with gentleness and courtesy, the glorious Ulek Beach Resort we got to stay in and experience 5 star hospitality from the staff and its owner, Puan Sri Zu Ghairi, who was once a recording artiste with a few albums of her own, delicious fresh squid curries from a restaurant at Penarek, etc.

Here are photos of some of the great places we managed to visit.

This is a fishing vessel moored besides a road so close to the estuarine area of Kuala Dungun.

Here’s another beautiful view of the fishing vessels moored at the riverine jetties that dot the Kuala Dungun river.

This is a small kampong cafe that the fishermen frequent and hang out waiting for their next fishing trip.

The large bougainvillea plant with it’s blooming flowers added so much color to the place that I just couldn’t resist taking many photos of the cafe. The fishermen were a bit camera shy and I had a hard time coaxing them to pose for me. Hehehehe…

A shy Terengganu fisherman. I can just imagine the hard life that he has lived through by looking at his weather beaten sun scorched face smiling shyly as he looks out at his fishing vessel berthed by the river leading out to sea.

Despite his tough looking face, his gentleness shines out as he smiles and contemplates as to what life is going to show him next?

May Almighty Allah bless him as he seeks out his living on the high seas to provide for his family and bring in the next catch from the bountiful South China Sea. Ameen.