December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!


by Zainol Abideen @ MAHAGURU58
Protem President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance

from his position as the Secretary-General of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance
with immediate effect from the 18th of May, 2008.

Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi @ MENJ had been appointed by myself, Zainol Abideen @ MAHAGURU58, Founding member and Protem President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance, to be the Secretary-General of the due to be registered Muslim Bloggers Alliance which for the moment being is operating as a Google Group here.
Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi @ MENJ was entrusted by myself to be my webmaster and I had commissioned Mohd Elfie to backup my blog articles from here with the intention of moving to my own dotcom from Blogger soon.
On April the 15th, 2008, I happened to come across a *posting on MENJ’s blog @ which contained lewd and explicit pictures showing the female genitalia and a procedure called vaginoplasty which contravened the protocols of being a member of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance because MENJ has implicated his ‘girlfriend’s honor and reputation as a Muslimah by attributing to her certain words and expressions which are an act of serious fitnah and libel against her.

* UpdateHe has removed the particular posting as at yesterday. Classic!
As a friend and also the Protem President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance, I immediately contacted MENJ and asked that he reconsider his decision to publish such a detrimental, crude and offensive article as it reflected badly on his position as our appointed Secretary-General and to remove the said article as soon as possible.
MENJ however took offense to such a sincere reprimand from myself and said that it was meant to be a pay per click posting as he had linked it to a plastic surgeon’s clinic.
He had stated that the particular article was meant to be a hidden article but as the online community can see it is definitely not.
As the Protem President of the MBA, I have done my duty and left it to MENJ’s decision to do the right thing. I had however had the instinct to capture a screenshot of the offensive article as a back up of evidence of his disgusting deed.
I referred the matter to a few members of the MBA and they too have seen the offensive article and voiced their displeasure to myself as the Muslim Bloggers Alliance Protem President.
Two days ago, on an impulse, I had conducted a Google Search on my ID mahaguru58 and was shocked to see my dotcom which before this had contained my previous blog articles that were backed up there by MENJ to no longer be there and instead had ‘The Science Mahaguru‘ which I know to be the work of no one else but him, my supposed webmaster?
To add to my dismay and horror, MENJ had posted a pornographic article with a naked Japanese woman in the disgusting article!!!
I promptly called him up but he refused to answer my calls just as he had refused to respond to my pm’s through Yahoo Messenger.
I referred the matter to one of my contacts who knows MENJ in person and is also a blogger.
He had called MENJ and asked about what he had done to my website which he controls?
MENJ denied any knowledge of the dotcom’s defacement despite maliciously publishing a pornographic article to implicate myself and destroy my good name and reputation!
Within minutes after receiving the phone call from the brother who does not wish to be named (shies away from glamour), MENJ who is the only one having the access admin password and holds the source code to which I had trusted him with had removed the pornographic content!

No matter that he has removed the offending pornographic article which he meant to embarrass and destroy my reputation with, I have backed up all such webpages on a before and after screenshot and saved it on a cd and online backup. He can’t escape from facing legal repercussions this time as he has just gone too far with his nonsense.

I hold him responsible for this criminal breach of trust against my person as a Muslim and also as the Protem President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance.
MENJ is therefore immediately removed from being the Secretary-General of our Muslim Bloggers Alliance and is expelled and banned from the MBA.
He has breached our following bylaws which are in the Constitution of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance which were drafted by myself, checked and reformatted by our Lawyers Pawancheek Merican and Nizam Bashir, who are amongst our panel of Legal Advisers.
Membership. Section 2 :
i. Any member who fails to follow the by-laws of the MBA or acts or blogs in a manner that brings disrepute to the MBA can be suspended or dismissed from the MBA within a period that may be decided by the MBA Executive Committee.

j. Before any member is dismissed or suspended from the MBA, the member must be informed of the reasons both in writing and by email and be given a chance to explain and defend themselves.

k. The dismissal or suspension from the MBA must be enforced unless the Annual Meeting postpones or cancels the decision upon appeal by the member.

l. Any member found to act detrimental to the safety and well being plus the reputation of the MBA members and its entity will be reported to the proper authorities and upon conviction have their membership terminated immediately.

m. All members must observe and uphold the Holy Al- Qur’an Al Kareem, authentic Hadiths and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and the Federal Constitution and be responsible Muslim citizens of the nation.

n. Any report against any member with regard to any illegal acts or behavior will be thoroughly investigated and brought to the attention of the MBA Executive Committee at any of the MBA’s regular or special meeting.

I will be lodging a police report against MENJ soon as advised by my lawyer Zulkifli Nordin and hereby am issuing this media statement to the general public.

Effective from May the 18th of May,2008, Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi is no longer a member of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance and is banned permanently from our alliance.

I had been patient all these while with his crude and crass mannerisms in the way he uses vulgar words to attack the Non Muslims and refuses to listen to advice or reflect what we in the Muslim Bloggers Alliance stand for?

I thought that I could guide him to be a better Muslim online activist using the proper methods and approach to carrying out Dakwah al Islamiyah but obviously I have been proven wrong.

I have all the evidences necessary to prove my case against him and will furnish all such data to the authorities as needed.

I take this action on my capacity as the victim of a gross and serious case of Criminal Breach of Trust on his part against my person and also to safeguard the reputation of myself and also that of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance members.

May the Truth and Justice prevail. Ameen.

As Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala is my Witness and attested by my Brothers & Sisters in the MBA, I hereby issue this media statement informing you of this important matter.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta’ala Wabarakatuh.

Zainol Abideen @ MAHAGURU58
Protem President,
Muslim Bloggers Alliance.


Pending the clearance of the matter and settling of this case, I hereby announce that I have no control over the said or which I had entrusted those sites to MENJ to handle.

Any contents of all said websites are not to be attributed to Zainol Abideen @ Mahaguru58.

I will be starting legal proceedings against the culprit to regain access to my online identity as MAHAGURU58 if he fails to apologize, reinstate admin access and control of the said domains belonging to my ID and those of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance which I entrusted him with?

Zainol Abideen @ MAHAGURU58
Bandar Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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