December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live! – Personal Development’ Motivational Videos.

Personal Development’ talk by Jim Rohn.

Dear readers,
Last night, I was online with an MBA member, chatting about life and all that concerns us, when Dalilah Dato Bakri, a former Walton International colleague of mine came online in Yahoo Chat.

Now Dalilah or Dee as we call her, is an enterprising business entrepreneur and she has always made me feel good to see the dynamism in her and ‘never say die’ attitude.

She blogs at and has in her blog placed motivational videos that after I watched them, feel that they are really beneficial for those of us who would like to listen to some of the business guru’s and financial wizards out there and learn from them. owned by Tom Wood, its CEO/Founder is in my opinion doing the whole world a great service by putting up these exhilarating motivational videos online for us.

Here’s another great video courtesy of

It’s titled ‘Generation Why?’

We who are reaching a certain age always ask about this and that and so do billions of growing teenagers and young children who want to know why?

I think that it is important for us who are considered the ‘senior citizens’ to answer them with the correct answers and not try to bullshit our way through the relentless barrage of questions that are coming at us?

By enriching ourselves with the right facts and knowledge of positive information, we in turn can help others to learn from us in return.

The truth ought to be shared and passed on from one generation of human beings to the next.

As a Muslim who has been and still am studying from the oceans of knowledge and resources out there, I have come to learn that the first to enter Hellfire will be the scholars.

Scholars who despite knowing the rights from the wrongs chose to keep their knowledge to themselves and became miserly with their wealth of information that if passed on or taught to others would help correct the social imbalance prevalent in all human societies, all over the world?

So although I am no scholar but just a perpetual mureed @ student, I choose to share here with you what I have come to learn or discover because I care.

Information especially the good beneficial universal ones must be shared. It helps us to spread on the message of truth and goodwill amongst mankind.

We must do our good deed for the day. Spread the message of knowledge to all. Help teach another, even if it is just posting motivational videos such as these.

Share good productive information with your readers. After we are gone from this temporal life, Insya Allah @ God Willing, our efforts here will remain as a source of knowledge and information that in turn will spur on the spreading of knowledge.

The continuation of good efforts from those amongst us who are good and a source of inspiration.

A beacon of hope and carrying the torch of excellence that we human beings are capable of if we want to achieve that?

We are what we think, assume and opinionatedly decide what we want to be, what we want to do, where we want to go, what we want to achieve, have and enjoy, etcetera?

By feeding our inner selfs with positive vibes and positive thinking, our minds and bodies react and respond to external stimuli that in turn boosts our inner will to survive and excel.

To me as a Program Consultant and Caller to Islam, I appreciate each and every motivational source out there and try my very best to adopt and adapt myself to the positive, creative ways of thinking and programming myself to be able to face, cope and overcome whatever obstacles that come my way?

I read a lot from all sources and to me, these You Tube videos and the ones posted online by good folks such as Tom Wood and many others.

To my readers, I suggest that apart from our focusing on socio-political-religious issues that do affect us and our way of life, we also need to spare some time to build ourselves from within by positive input and absorb as much productive materials available out there and keep ourselves in good company.

We might not be able to meet these motivators in person but here we have right before us, their thoughts and views which if put to practice by us, will and can add value to our persons.

I wish you the best in your life and careers. May Allah grant us our sustenance and watch over us as we journey through our own individual life’s within the swirling human masses that we live within.


To Dee, thank you for putting up these videos in your blog. I am truly pleased to discover them.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala bless and enrich your life as well. Ameen.

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