September 21, 2023


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Brothers in Arms -Esprit de Corps

AlhamdulillahiRabbil Alamin.

All praises be to Allah, Lord of all the worlds.

Salawats and Salaam to Muhammad Al Mustafa, Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers of God.

I had my youngest brother Nasirudin, one of the owners of Cargas Cafe in Bayan Lepas, Penang, come pay me a visit recently.

My brother Nasirudin has heard about my laptop short circuiting recently and where I was forced to replace the motherboard for RM570.00, now adding to the cost of operating it to more than RM4000.00 in accumulated costs so far.

Being one of my ardent supporters of my blogging activities, my affluent brother decided to give me a gift that I sure welcome very much – a brand new desktop pc.

He asked me to bring along my recently purchased 2nd hand desktop CPU @ Pentium 3 for RM350 and only a 30GB Hard Disk to the Plaza Imbi computer centre.

We traded in that pc for RM150 and bought a whole new system that has Intel Centrino Duo Core, an MSI motherboard, 2GB RAM, 160 GB Seagate Hard Disk, LG Super Multi DVD RW burner and player, etc.

Costs us about RM870.oo for the new pc and after trading off the 2nd hand pc, Mahaguru58 now has a brand new desktop pc for use in my work.

Thank you very much Din. I really appreciate this. May Allah SWT bless you for this kind gesture.

Din returned home to Penang taking the 12pm NICE super express coach yesterday as he had appointments to keep and I sent him to the NICE Express bus terminal at the Keretapi Tanah Melayu station in KL.

My brother Din with me at the KTM waiting area.

Myself posing at the nation’s historic landmark and one of the oldest train stations @ KTM KL.

Heritage Hotel. A good way to preserve one of our nation’s historical heritages. The Government of Malaysia can do more to preserve the cultures and ways of the glorious past of the train services by having the Tourism Ministry work hand in hand with the KTM authorities have guides dressed in the uniforms of the pre colonial times and authentic couture of the past and help visitors and tourists get a sense of how things were back then at the station?

This in turn will help to generate interest and draw Malaysians and foreigners alike to enjoy our unique traditions, foods and experience the Malaysian way of life as many other nations have their own unique culinary adventures and delights to whet the appetite of both the locals and tourists flocking to their countries.

Right now, it seems that only the Indian Muslims serve the ‘Nasi Kandar’ to train commuters and visitors to the station. What about other foods? We should have Nasi Melayu, Chinese Food, Indian Food and maybe even Western Food to cater to the train commuters and express bus passengers coming there?

I am surprised to see just a single Nasi Kandar stall operating there.

This is not good for the image of our nation. We should look into making the Keretapi Tanah Melayu station be as lively as the ones in other countries by having more food caterers do their business there?

Surely the KTM bosses can do something more to draw people to frequent the station and help keep it alive for future generations of Malaysians and foreign tourists to enjoy?

We can if we want to? All it takes is some brain activity and proactive efforts from everyone who can do something to preserve and maintain this historically precious heritage of our nation!

Will be publishing more pictures that I took yesterday in the following articles. Till then take care of yourselves and to my brother Nasirudin, my gratitude and appreciations to you sir for making your brother a happier man today with this most needed system.

Jazakallah khairan kathiraw ya Akhi! May Allah SWT reward your generosity to me. 🙂

Ribuan Terimakasih Din!

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