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Pasar Pudu Wet Market in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur 24th April 2008.

I took an early morning trip to the Pasar Pudu Wet Market as it’s been some time since I had been there to snap some photos of the market scenes showing the various Chinese traders in this vibrant market.

As you can see, the shops are yet to be opened for business as it was still too early in the morning. Most shops there open from 9.00am onwards.

I came upon this basin full of Peking Ducks which were about to be hung on the rack ready for customers to snack upon them early morning.

The stall is named Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Duck. It’s mainly for Non Muslim customers from my observation. No worries. Let our fellow Malaysians enjoy themselves. Bon appetit!

This is a herbs seller. In the foreground are bundles of sugar cane.

The Pudu wet market is a pulsating vibrant activity filled hodge podge collection of individual traders grouped together like a kaleidoscope of various Chinese business folks who complement each other with the varieties of goods and produce that they put up for sale.

Bargaining is part and parcel of the trading done here and you will hear all kinds of haggling and different Chinese dialects assailing your eardrums from all around you.

The photo shows Chinese housewives browsing through the clothes on sale. Early morning bargains.

Pigeons on sale for RM7.00 each. These birds are for either breeding or consumption?

Live chicken on sale.

‘Ketam Batu’ @ Crabs on sale. When I was a kid living in the village back home in East Jelutong, Penang, I used to catch such crabs which made their nests around the ‘tongkang’ wrecks embedded in the mudflats along the foreshore of my seaside village.

I would use a long iron rod with a hook at the end which I would push deep into the crab’s hole! The crab would lock on to the hook with it’s claw and would not let go even when I pulled it out with force.

It was easy to catch such crabs but we needed to be extra careful so as not to be careless where the crab might just clamp up on our hands if we were not alert!

I wonder where these crabs originate from? I mean, KL is landlocked. Could be from either Kuala Selangor or Klang areas?

I have lots more photos for you but it’s getting late and I need to sleep. Will follow up on this.

Here’s a video I shot of the Sri Paandi Indian Restaurant where I had a tosai made fresh for my breakfast.

Hope you enjoyed that. Catch up with you later. Have a nice day!

Peace out!

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