September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

When sex is no longer sacred – innocent life’s get wasted!

Among the ominous Signs of the coming of the Last Day, is when something as important as lawful sex within holy marriage no longer remains sacred and widespread acts of adultery or sex before marriage takes place amidst a society that tends to be lackadaisical about it!

Hardly a day goes by without us hearing of a rape, a molestation, sexual crimes hog the newspaper headlines and someone somewhere comes across a dead baby, thrown into the rubbish bins, sewers, rivers, swamps and other areas.

This scourge of immorality is spreading all over the world and Malaysia has on record it’s fair share of these social breakdowns smearing the reputation of our society.

Following are some pictures of dead babies born out of wedlock that have been disposed off by their irresponsible mothers and fathers who have sinned yet do not have the will to face the repercussions of their succumbing to their raging lusts!

Brace yourselves for the realities of the present social ills that you are about to see.

This dead baby had been thrown into the rubbish heap.

An aborted foetus being observed by a Malaysian policeman. The fruit of sin. Tragic!

A decapitated dead baby dumped in a Malaysian oil palm estate.

Same dead baby close up. I want the young teens watching this to see this dead baby and remember that this is the tragic consequences if you fail to control the lusts and fall prey to the ones who will only abuse you and dump you and the baby once they have had their pleasure!

A pitiful scene of a life that was conceived in a moment of lustful illicit pleasure yet here it lies dead and disposed off in a manner that only uncaring humans amongst us could have the evil heart to do?

What if the parents of the perpetrators had dumped them off in the same manner? They would not have lived to have grown up and committed this atrocity!

A dead baby that was burnt in an attempt to dispose of the evidence that it was ever born? A life that was snuffed out due to it’s illegitimate status born out of wedlock due to the social and moral breakdown of our Malaysian society in the land of ‘Islam Hadhari’.

Most cases such as these are usually the crime of Malay teenagers and young adults who fall prey to the wooing of their irresponsible beaus and the ‘tidak apathy’ of our couldn’t care less Malaysian society.

A dead infant scooped out from an open sewer. The policeman must have become immune to seeing such tragic victims of the lustful ones in this country. Does anybody in authority care?

Dead and disposed in a mangrove swamp. The ones who did this did not think of the consequences when they ooh’d and aaah’d in their moments of illicit sexual throes that after the baby was born, the cruel ones coldbloodedly resorted to kill it and dump the corpse into the mangroves!

A fine healthy baby born out of a sinful liaison of it’s useless parents lies dead, dumped in the grass of a park. How could they have been so heartless?

Dead babies like this turn up at the entrances of surau’s and masjids. Usually followed by a note such as this.

It reads:

Assalamualaikum. Sebagai hamba Allah saya tahu perkara ini Dosa Besar, tapi apa kan daya saya… Hanya satu saya pinta. tolonglah saya uruskan pengebumian arwah anak saya dengan sempurna…Berharaplah saya agar tidak diperbesarkan hal ini….Saya benar benar insaf dan bertaubat atas segalanya….Jadi berbesarlah hati saya sekiranya tuan atau puan sudi menguruskan. Hanya disini sajalah saya rasa tempat yang sesuai…moga moga ALLAH membalas budi baik tuan dan puan…anak ini bernama NUR AIN ATIKAH bte. ABDULLAH. Dilahirkan pada 20/12/2006 jam 5.45pg dan meninggal pada tarikh yang sama jam lebih kurang 11.30pagi….. …..Wassalam…..

Translated :


As a servant of Allah, I know that this matter is a Major Sin., but what can I do…
I just have one request. Please help me by taking care of the burial of my late child with dignity.
I sincerely hope that this matter is not dwelt upon any further. I truly , truly have realized my mistake and repent about everything. I would be honored if your kind sir or lady could please see to this.

I think this is the only suitable place. May Allah reward your kindness, dear sir or madam.

This child’s name is NUR AIN ATIKAH daughter of Abdullah. Born on the 20/12/2006 at 5.45am and died on the same day at about 11.30am.



Thus reads the note of confession and plea for assistance of the wayward mom who asked for help in seeing to the burial of her dead illegitimate child.

How many more dead babies does this nation have to see before the authorities and members of our Malaysian society do something to nip these scourge in the bud?

It’s time that Malaysians wake up and start attending to this growing problem. Our nation’s youths and young adults need to be saved from committing these vicious crimes.

Start caring and watch over our loved ones before they end up as part of the sex crimes statistics.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala grant us the courage and inspiration to do what we need to?


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