April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Doesn’t DBKL check the quality of the contractor’s works?

Have you noticed that the quality or rather lack of it seems to be the deteriorating standards of the public works carried out by the subcontractors engaged by the local authorities of the various states lately?

I snapped these pictures of the crumbling kerbs in Bandar Tun Razak near the CIMB Bank branch besides Jalan Jujur.

Do you notice that the kerb is made up of low quality crumbling concrete or rather substandard cement?

I remember seeing much more better quality public infrastructures commissioned by the British Colonials and even the Dutch Masters in the structures back home in Georgetown, Penang and at the Stadhuys Complex at Bandar Melaka.

Centuries old and yet remaining solid to this day.

I recall reading about mandores of the City Council of Penang supervising public works carried out by either the PWD @ JKR back in the colonial times ensuring that the quality of materials used and standard of workmanship were kept to the highest standards back then.

Doesn’t modern day City Hall of KL bother monitoring such works by the obviously cheating contractors as shown by their lousy workmanship in the building of such kerbs in the photos above?

I have seen walkways caving in, roadsides going all uneven and crumbling here and there in KL that at times I wonder how the hell do these shoddy contractors get away with it?

Does DBKL have supervisors watching over these crooks to ensure that the contractors use proper materials and do a quality job or do they just not bother?

I am sure that the problem is not just in KL here but all over this country.

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