September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

BN really proves to be a ‘Kerajaan Harga Barang Naik’!

Can anyone update me as to when this silent price increase of the very basic foodstuffs such as wholemeal bread has been allowed to be jacked up in it’s steadily climbing price per loaf?

Did Shahrir Samad, the new Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs approve this price hike of something so basic from RM2.70 per loaf of wholemeal bread to shoot up 30 sens in one leap to now retailing at RM3.00 per loaf?

Where is the logic of increasing the price of bread by 30 sens per loaf when the price increase for flour is about the same per kilogram?

Serves Malaysians right for continuing to return the irresponsible idiots of the BN back into power after more than half a century of being fleeced and squeezed out of every sen and ringgit that we can be ripped off by these crooks in power?

I long for the day when these scoundrels will be voted out of power!

To all Malaysians, when will you ever learn not to vote for these robbers who smile like the sly devils that they are and continue to slit our throats and empty our wallets faster than a speeding bullet?

Will Malaysians forever be doomed to be deaf, dumb and blind to the BN’s atrocities?

Is it any wonder that the culprits are termed as BN the ‘Kerajaan Barang Naik?’

May justice prevail in this land one day and the BN thieving crooks sent to the gaols! Amen.

Reality however tells me that in Malaysia, it is the people who continue to suffer like hell while the bloody buggers enjoy themselves living in opulence in palaces like Seri Perdana and play golf day in, day out at the expense of the unfortunate but idiotic taxpayers who at every General Election never fail to continue voting for the BN @#$%^&*!

Soay siow ey lang! Grrrrrrrr!

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