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Mahaguru58’s answer to a Singaporean Muslim’s questions.

I received an interesting comment from a young Muslim Singaporean who asked me questions that merit my answers in the form of this article. Here is his comment.

Blogger Muhammad Suhail said…


I am a Singaporean and I am turning 16. I have been reading your blog from tym to tym as it provides a balanced and unbiased view and side towards Malaysian politics. As i got to learn much more abt politics, i have learnt even more about my own religion.

I am attracted by how you do dakwah through blogging. I’ve got a question to ask you that came up when i read this post. Do you think religion will last in time to come? What i mean is, i am worried by how teens nowadays do not take religion seriously, as an important principle of life. To them its something irrelevant and unimportant.

Dunno abt masyarakat Melayu/Islam in Malaysia but in Singapore, its becoming more apparent and evident here in Singapore, when teens forsake religion for their own needs and current trends. This is my generation. I am afraid that after your genration, or even mine, religion (not only Islam) will cease to exist as many had forsaken it, treatingit as “uncessary” in current times, and its just a manifestation of awkward beliefs of people in the past.

Is it inevitable? How to we go abt preventing it? I believe it will happen one day, looking at the current state of the world, more globalised and giving way to unruly beliefs, trends and westernization.

Also, abt the students and the lecture notes part… I believe we students are doing something benifitial and is encouraged in Islam. Although we might be engrossed with studying,and may not be thinking of Allah when we study, i believe, it will come to everyone due to human intuition, how studies (knowledge)n God are related and how the 2 factors is playing a part in whatever you’re doing in life. degrees and diplomas are rewards for hardwork, but the realisation and kesedaran we got along the way, is important, to feed the siritual need of every human being.

May it lead all of us to the correct path of Islam or not. SO i agree with you that we shld use our god given intellect to get closer to Allah s.w.t. InsyaAllah.

Monday, 21 April, 2008

My answers to Muhammad Suhail:

Wa’alaikumsalam Muhammad Suhail.

It’s a pleasure to receive your comment. Happy to know that you are one of my readers and appreciate your feedback regarding my writings.

Regarding my using the internet to carry out my Dakwah efforts, I believe that as a Caller to Islam, I must utilize every platform of communications to reach out to my fellow human beings, regardless of creed or color?

I am confident that if we Muslims are to succeed in our missions to be the true followers of Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, we must grab the opportunity to pass on his message to all mankind, through the internet.

The internet is a wonderful network of multimedia systems that helps us to spread the truth about Islam by way of text, visuals, audio and interactive medium where we get to reach out to others all over the worldwide web.

Online systems such as You Tube and other video hosting services provide us a fantastic medium to share the truth of Islam or to show the world what Islam really is or to use the service to teach others about our faith.

I hope that you too will eventually be a Caller to Islam in your own way and maybe even be better than this old man in being a ‘kick ass’ Da’ee in the near future!

Okay, regarding your question as to whether religion will last in times to come?

None of us can foresee the future save for Almighty Allah.

Yet, based on what is happening in our lifetimes today, the realities are indeed worrying if we look at the way ‘born Muslims’ are taking for granted the faith of Islam and not really putting in the efforts to learning or studying about what they claim to profess?

As you have stated, teenagers are the ones who are in danger of living life devoid of understanding the very essence of the foundations of Islam in their life’s and what they really ought to know about the building blocks of the faith?

To me, my fears are not only about the teenagers but also about the elders especially their parents and even the grandparents who are also at times clueless about the religion they are supposed to profess and in frequent cases not even practice in the truest sense?

Muslims of the world are wallowing in ‘maksiat’ @ sin in all forms and sadly do not want to accept that they are at fault in living a lie as they do not really make the effort to truly understand about Islam and what it takes to be a true Muslim what more a Mukmin?

Muslim teenagers who are neglected by their parents or guardians in the need to learn about Islam and to understand what being a Muslim demands of them are unfortunately exposed to the pitfalls of sin and wander aimlessly through life and at times get hurt in their life.

Many fall victim to the manipulations of others and some die young and are added to the crime statistics of the local police departments.

Those who survive through their teenage years usually end up as bitter adults who in turn abuse those who come into their life and the vicious cycle continues year after year.

Learning about Islam and keeping to the do’s and don’ts of the faith are crucial towards ensuring the futures of our teenagers regardless of where such youngsters are and in whatever society?

In my online exchanges with Muslims all over the world, I have come across many cases where young Muslims have become victims of sexual abuse, parental neglect and society’s apathy where these youngsters at times cry out to me for spiritual help and counseling.

I try to help whenever I can but at times it can be just so overwhelming and I just have to pray to Allah that they get to save themselves from getting dragged in to the pits of their society’s downwards spiral to the bottomless state of those who are beyond any help?

I understand what you say as to the state of youngsters nowadays who live a life devoid of any resemblance to an Islamic state of being?

Modern life which is uninhibited and almost always heading towards a hedonistic existence where sex, drug abuse, hip hop culture, etcetera takes a toll on the ignorant youths in our world and such disastrous consequences are taking place at an alarming level in most countries of the world and Malaysia is not spared of such social problems which are spiraling out of control as we speak?

Islam remains as a lifesaver yet many teenagers aren’t getting the right information about it as a result of the Muslims apathy towards the younger generations.

When teenagers cry out for help and assistance from those whom they thought would be able to help them out, most of them end up getting abused by these very persons who put up a charade of being holy moly and victimize them in return.

Islam must be taught to each and every Muslim child, teenager, young adult and the elders as well, through each of the generations that exist in our society.

The burden of carrying out this Dakwah al Islamiyah is borne by the relevant Islamic Affairs Department of every state and also by the Islamic Development Department of the Prime Minister’s Department here in Malaysia and Majlis Agama Islam Singapura in your island republic.

Informed young Muslims such as yourself can play a major role in disseminating correct information about Islam to your peers by way of starting a blog and network amongst your friends who in turn can do the same and branch out as a dynamic vibrant movement of reaching out to your fellow Muslims there in Singapore.

Start small and share with whatever you find useful here in my blog with your friends.

I give you my full permission to take whatever you need from my articles here and use them to spread the knowledge about Islam in your republic.

Insya Allah, I will be sharing what I can about being a Muslim in my blog here and a dedicated blog of mine towards sharing Islamic Information at http://islamiccentral.blogspot.com

Together, we can do our bit towards making other Muslims start their own Islamic Information blogs and websites which are based on authentic teachings and principles of Islam from our own individual perspectives yet not deviating from the truth of the faith.

As long as there are true Muslims who stick to what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has revealed to us and what the Blessed Messenger has left us in the form of his Sunnah and in his authentic Hadiths, Islam will never stop from growing all over the world as promised by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala!

As we speak, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are embracing Islam and helping to spread the Deen of Allah in every corner of this Earth.

I have come to learn that Muslims in Singapore are becoming more religious by the day contrary to what you are saying?

Maybe we need to look deeper into the situation there and not be too general in assuming that things are much worse than they really are?

Nevertheless, it is important to identify the root causes of the decadence amongst the Muslim teenagers and young adults.

The authorities and Islamic NGO’s in both Malaysia and Singapore ought to go in and address the rot taking place in society using wisdom and rational counter approaches.

You must understand that change doesn’t take place overnight?

Remember that our Holy Prophet Khatamun Nabiyyi @ Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam took 13 long years of his life in Makkah al Mukarramah after being appointed as Allah’s Greatest Messenger in just teaching the Qureisyi Arab Kaffirs there that ‘There is No God but Allah and that he Muhammad is the Final Messenger’?

After the Hijrah to Madinah al Munawwarah, Allah’s Greatest Messenger took another 10 years to teach the Muslims of his adopted city, about how to live life as true Muslims and how to practice Islam?

We have today before us countless sources of knowledge about Islam and various forms of authentic Islamic multimedia that can be easily shared with our readers all over the world through our blogs and websites in the internet.

All it takes for us to utilize this wonderful platform of communications, is to follow through with our will to help spread the truth of Islam to all who come within our network and contacts.

Just do what we can and leave the rest to Allah. We can do it. Even after we die and are no longer around, what we have written or published online will remain online in the internet archives accessible to all until Yaum al Qiyamah @ Doomsday.

Now, about the matter of the majority of the university and college students not truly taking the initiative to do their part towards the Dakwah efforts in spreading the truth about Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, it’s not that I say that the entire Muslim university and college students population are at fault but rather a large majority who are often in the news for the wrong reasons?

If we can trigger an awakening of sorts amongst these promising young Muslims to do their part for Islamic Dakwah, Insya Allah we might be able to see a profound change in the Islamic world around us?

All it takes is for the spark of Islamic awareness to catch fire in the hearts and minds of our fellow Muslims of Malaysia and Singapore.

Soon we will be able to see the renaissance of Islamic resurgence in our society and from here throughout the Asian region and from there on to the other Muslim nations.

Please do not misunderstand my highlighting about the need for the university and college Muslim students to do their part towards helping our fellow Muslims learn and study about Allah the Almighty and Islam in the true sense of the word.

The Muslim students of Malaysian and Singapore universities and colleges can be a force to be reckoned with where their youthfulness, stamina and energy can be galvanized to spearhead the restoration of Iman and Aqeedah in the hearts and minds of the wayward youths and teenagers that you worry about?

Insya Allah, Islam will keep drawing those who are rational and sincere amongst the Children of Adam Alaihis Salam towards attaining the Peace, Salvation and Tranquility that true Faith in Almighty Allah, God Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, can bring us?

May Allah Azza Wa Jalla guide us all towards realizing our true potential to be the best that we can be as true Muslims, worthy of His Mercy and Blessings.

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta’ala Wabarakatuh.

Your ‘uncle’ in Islam,

Zainol Abideen a.k.a. MAHAGURU58

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