September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Islam Hadhari among the main reasons for the BN’s fall.

When Mahathir Mohamad handed over power to Abdullah Badawi, many felt relieved that finally Malaysia was going to be free from his dictatorship and iron fist policies.

Many thought that the worst was over, and Malaysians could now look forward to a better future for all, regardless of one’s creed or color.

Abdullah Badawi was known to be not that corrupt back then and he even got the nickname of ‘Mr. Clean’ compared to the rest of Mahathir’s cabinet.

So, the passing of the political baton took place and as expected ‘Mr. Clean’ announced this and that and promised to not be one who looks for millions?

As it came to be, it was not millions that the PM was looking for but rather billions.

Abdullah Badawi then committed the major ‘faux pas’ by listening to his Islamic Affairs ‘Advisor’ in the form of Abdul Hamid Othman and came up with his concept of ‘Islam Hadhari’.

Now for those Muslims who know the forbidding of introducing anything new in the form of thought or concept such as what these smart alecs tried to do with their promoting of an official doctrine that adds the term of ‘Hadhari’ to the faith and practices of Islam, it falls to an act of ‘bida’ah al lawwamah’ @ accursed innovations.

To me as a Muslim who tries my best to stick to what Allah the Almighty and His Final Messenger the Holy Prophet to all Mankind, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, have passed on to us as the True Faith of Al-Islam, this innovative concept of Islam Hadhari is a clear attempt to do one better than the Holy Prophet as if the Greatest Messenger of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala did not complete his mission and we need these ‘Johnny come lately’s ‘ in the form of Abdullah Badawi, Hamid Othman and Dr. Mashitah to come teach the Muslims a new form of practicing Islam and ridicule Allah’s Sharia laws and the Hudud by their innovative ‘approaches’?

From that moment on, I distanced myself from this ‘Islam Hadhari’ thingy and vowed to not have anything to do with the BN.

The matter is compounded when the BN under Abdullah Badawi continued to stifle the Muslims by introducing many ‘Islam Hadhari Villages’ by building huge complexes in Terengganu and also holding such events in other states with a carnival like atmosphere that did nothing for the advancements of the Muslims and was more of a money wasting gambit on the part of Abdullah Badawi and his cronies.

Take a look at the way Abdullah Badawi allowed his crony Patrick Lim to lord it over many of the projects in Terengganu especially the wasteful Monsoon Cup programs which were more of a camouflage to divert the billions from the Petronas oil royalty money that was due to the State Government of Terengganu but rather into their own coffers!

If not for the objections from concerned and alert Penangites especially the exclusive reporting by esteemed journalist blogger Anil Netto, the humongous and stark ugly tombstones like high rise apartments which were part of the PGCC multibillion ringgits projects under the same Patrick ‘Badawi’ would have come into being?

Thank God for the toppling over of the Gerakan BN Government in Penang which has seen the Pakatan Rakyat coalition take over power, after being voted in by the Penangites saving the island from falling prey to the designs of Patrick ‘Badawi’ and his hosts residing at Seri Perdana, Putrajaya.

For all the brouhaha that Abdullah Badawi and his ‘Islamic advisers’ have come up with the half-baked concept of Islam Hadhari, the only thing that has come out of this innovative agenda of the BN is that they have successfully alienated themselves from the main body of alert and knowledgeable Muslims both here in Malaysia and elsewhere.

The longer Abdullah Badawi remains in office and continues to attempt pushing his ‘Islam Hadhari’ concept to the Muslims of Malaysia, the greater contempt will he face from the Ummah and eventually find himself and the BN on the way out in the next GE.

Insya Allah.

* I ask that those amongst the Non-Muslims who do not understand the gist of what I am saying about the concept of Islam Hadhari as compared to the true Islamic teachings, to please refrain commenting on the matter for there are no reasons for Non-Muslims to say anything on the subject. Thank you.

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