May 7, 2022


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April 14 2008! Be there at Anwar Ibrahim’s Coming out party!

April 14 2008!

The coming event at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kampong Baru is going to be a historical night for this country as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be free from the legal curtailing of his active participation in this nation’s mainstream politics.

I can just imagine how electrifying that night is gonna be and how the padang at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman is going to overflow with Malaysians from all walks of life who will be gathering there to celebrate Anwar’s actual political homecoming?

Be prepared to capture history in the making as one of Malaysia’s most charismatic politician to date is going to be feted and hailed as the next Malaysian Prime Minister in waiting?

No other Malaysian politician comes close to the capability of Anwar to mesmerize his audience with his oratorical skills and mastery.

Najib and company in the UMNO Supreme Council must be having nightmares and bouts of emotional and mental diarrhea as the D-Day for the coming out of their political nemesis ticks closer by the second?

The way Abdullah Badawi has become the target of almost all of the UMNO Division Leaders who call for his resignation and the designs of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah backed by the ever annoying Tun Dr.Mahathir sniping at his heels is the epitome of the rising crescendo of unanimous protests against Abdullah Badawi remaining in office?

Watch Anwar getting interviewed by Al Jazeera’s Riz Khan here.

Here’s a recap on the life and times that Anwar Ibrahim went through in his tumultuous career.

April 14 2008! ‘Reformasi’ is gonna reverberate all over the middle of Kuala Lumpur!

Time: 8.45pm, Monday. Kelab Sultan Sulaiman.

He’s coming back to rock Malaysia and lead the People’s Alliance to their ultimate victory!

Update: (14th April 2008) Looks like the Royal (BN) Malaysian Police Force have deemed this proposed gathering of Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters as an ILLEGAL GATHERING!

So I leave it to you to decide as to whether you would love to be bashed up by the BN’s Security Apparatus in the form of the Federal Roughhouse Unit and taste how acid laced baths from their water cannons and teargas which were silent and muzzled during the UMNO PENANG ILLEGAL PROTESTS in Penang last month?