May 10, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysia’s Turning Point in Political Perspectives.

Malaysia is sort of coming out of the woods politically when we saw the Barisan Nasional coalition party headed by UMNO get trounced in 5 northern states of the Malaysian Peninsular recently by the DAP-PKR-PAS ‘People’s Alliance’.

For a multi-ethnic, multi-faithed, multi-cultural country that has seen so much strife and occupation by foreign powers since the collapse of the Malaccan Sultanate in the 15th century, it’s been a constant state of turmoil and upheaval in this developing nation of 26 million over people.

Things aren’t as what they used to be anymore.

For the first time after gaining Independence from the British Colonial Empire on 31st August, 1957, we as rightful citizens of this nation are witnessing a turning point in our country where half a century of race based policies drove a wedge between our hearts and brought about a situation where on the surface Malaya which seemed to be a united new nation actually hid underneath the calm, a simmering undercurrent of racist suspicions between one another!

Singapore, British North Borneo as Sabah was called before and Sarawak joined the Federation of Malaya to form Malaysia on September 16th, 1963. Source.

Imagine having all kinds of different ethnics and indigeneous people trying to forge a united Malaysia when over at the Malayan Peninsular there existed an uneasy climate of political jostling for power and position in the newly liberated Malaya?

The Malays realized that if they allowed things to go the way the British Colonials wanted by proposing the Malayan Union policy, their position as being the heirs of Parameswara, the Sumatran prince who established the Sultanate of Melaka and developed the peninsular into being what it was which attracted the foreign powers to come invade and occupy the peninsular for more than 5 centuries will be gone and they needed to defend their rights and stake their claim to be the masters of this land?

In the following documentary series, we can witness for ourselves how things were 10 years before Merdeka and listen to those who fought for and established political parties and trade unions in order to protect and fight for their rights?

Today, the country just witnessed how Malaysians decided that enough is enough as far as race based politics is concerned with dictating where we as a nation are headed to?

The old ways of focusing on just one’s own ethnic representation in the federal government of the day which used to and still hangs by a thread, the BN’s coalition party led by UMNO, MCA and the MIC plus other parties which were taught an eye awakening political lesson by the voters in the 5 states has shown that Malaysians are no longer bothered about race based politics?

People like me are more looking at the type of persons running for office and couldn’t really care about what race the particular candidate standing for elections in my constituency is from?

Yet, time laid apartheid tendencies still surface times and times again when we are constantly bombarded by racists barbs and religious infused propaganda meant to scare and threaten us with guilt and castigated for voting against those who are from our own race and ‘faith’?

Emotional blackmail continues to be used by those in the BN especially by UMNO members against those of us who voted against them?

Many have emailed me or sent in their comments asking if I would vote for a clean Non Muslim Non Malay candidate or support a Muslim Malay candidate whose background reeks of scandal?

Naturally, I face a dilemma there but if push comes to shove, I’d go for the clean candidate.

After all, it’s a 5 year term. If in the next election, there is a better alternative clean good Muslim candidate who is known to stand up for justice for all, my vote and support would definitely be his or hers?

Yet again, I have to look at which political party he or she represents?

If it is the corrupt, arrogant, oppressive coalition that the BN represents, I would have nothing to do with it?

On the other hand, if things change and the present DAP-PKR-PAS coalition under the People’s Alliance forget themselves and turn into as corrupt and arrogant as what the BN have come to be and the BN truly repents and comes out as a decent All Malaysian fair coalition, our choices would change once again?

It all boils down to what the present DAP-PKR-PAS Coalition do in their term as the state governments of the 5 states and whether life improves for all of us under the new alternative governments or gets worse and we are all stuck with the same old shit but under a new form of tyrants?

Currently, we see some of those who were considered as the conscience of the reformists in the BN be given space to play their part in the cabinet of the beleagured and embattled BN federal government of the PM who has overstayed his welcome, Abdullah Badawi?

Here is Zaid Ibrahim, who has been appointed as the Minister in charge of Law in the Prime Minister’s Department speak of the need to allow protests by the citizens of Malaysia before he was brought in to the current cabinet by Abdullah Badawi.

In a sense, such thoughts and viewpoints hold promise of a better future for the citizens of this country to be given leeway to express themselves in a manner befitting their positions as those who have brought some changes to our nation’s political destination.

Whether the current changes to the foundations and fundamentals of this country comes to result in a more just political, economical and social awakening that promises a better tomorrow for all Malaysians is something that we just have to work towards and hope that Insya Allah, will come to be within our lifetimes?

As far as I am concerned, I will continue to do my part in sharing beneficial views for the good of all my fellow Malaysian citizens, regardless of creed or color?

May Almighty Allah give me the strength and wisdom to do just that. Ameen.