May 5, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Embracing Islam for the wrong reasons – the outcome.

Lately I have been receiving emails and calls from fellow Muslims who wanted to ask me for my help in assisting their colleagues who are converts to Islam and now sadly caught in the age old problem of being ‘converts in name only‘?

The usual reasons why these people had embraced Islam in the first place were because of the run of the mill causes again such as :

  • getting married to Muslim partners (male or female)
  • because they got pregnant out of wedlock and needed to get married to solve such dilemma’s
  • because they wanted to get out of a Non Muslim bad marriage (escapism)
  • etc.

It’s not fair to lump all such cases together for each case differs as to the reasons and prevailing circumstances which brought the converts to such a decision or situation where they fall out of faith and return to their previous faith or belief or just become atheists?

We need to know that people like these are forced to become Muslims just because they were caught in a situation where they had no choice?

It was something that they had to do at the particular moment in their life’s.

This is the main reason why many converts to Islam fail to stay true to the faith?

The bedrock of Iman and Aqeedah was just not there in the first place!

Embracing Islam because they had to instead of becoming Muslim because they really want to?

The prevailing circumstances were more of pressing circumstances than a sincere wish to be Muslim because of their faith in Allah?

Many Muslims in name only are also caught in this same situation for they fail to make the necessary efforts to realize their true status as Muslims?

They neglected to make efforts to study and practice their faith from the moment they came to understand about anything?

The problems we are facing today as a result of the neglect of all parties concerned to carry out their duties in overseeing the religious welfare of our fellow Muslims especially those who are concerts to Islam and those who are big city dwellers such as here in KL, Georgetown, Penang, Ipoh, Perak, etc. are so frustrating that at times I just seethe with anger and so dismayed to hear of such things?

Who do we blame for this sorry state of affairs?


Can we blame the various Jabatan Agama Islam ‘pegawai’s?

Can we lay the guilt on to each Mufti who are sitting high and mighty in their plush air-conditioned offices overlooking the vista before them?

Can we put the blame on all the various Exco’s of Religious Affairs who are so busy with their meetings here, seminars there day in day out all over the country?

Shall we heap all the converts sins of getting out from practicing the faith on to the Muslim Chief Minister’s and Menteri Besar’s shoulders?

Finally do we lay the blame onto our Royal Highnesses the Malay Sultans for the deteriorating iman of the said converts due to nobody really bothering to look into their state of faith or affairs?

Do we have to wait till cases such as Revathi Masoosai or formerly known as Siti Fatimah binti Abdul Karim explodes and smashes us in our faces?

The failure of the BN Government in looking into the welfare of the converts or reverts to Islam all these years add to the already messed up situations in the religious departments of this land.

Most Malays practice discrimination when dealing with Muslims from other races and ethnic origins?

They look down upon Indian Muslims or Chinese Muslims whom they consider to be 2nd grade Muslims.

Even to this day, the general saying that uninformed Malays state is that the Chinese or Indians who embrace Islam is that they have ‘masuk Melayu‘?

Such utter stupidity still prevails to this day!

No one can become a Malay by embracing Islam! He or she will still be whatever race or ethnicity they are born as?

It is their misconceived notion that being Malay in Malaysia means that they are better than the other ethnicities born in this country?

They forget about what Allah’s Greatest Messenger has said in his Final Sermon to all Mankind?

“All Mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a Non Arab nor does a non Arab has any superiority over an Arab;

In addition, a White has no superiority over a Black nor has a Black any superiority over a White except by piety and good actions.

Learn that every Muslim is a brother (or sister) to another Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one Brotherhood (or Sisterhood).”

There are still a lot of educating to be done to the Muslims of this land. Everyone needs to do his or her part in looking out for one another?

I just ask that whoever is able to do some Dakwah efforts to help guide our new brothers and sisters in Islam to do just that while they are still alive?

We never know whether we are still going to be alive tonight or until tomorrow morning?

Whatever little information or knowledge about Islam that we have managed to acquire ought not to be wasted by keeping them to ourselves?

Who knows that our small efforts in helping to share Islamic information with others might be blessed by Allah and will in turn flourish the spark of Iman in the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters who have uttered the Shahadah in whatever circumstances?

We need to shower our brothers and sisters who have come into our fold with the love and compassion that I know exists in each and every heart of ours.

Please do not differentiate between anyone whom we see coming into Islam, no matter who or what they are?

Accept them as they have come into Islam and show your concern and care to them. The rewards of those who help their brethren in Islam is guaranteed by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala both here in this life and in the hereafter.

After all, what are we so bloody proud about our hereditary?

What can we be proud of saying that we are this and this and so and so is from such a lineage?

Malaysians are so fond of calling each other derogatory names!

We call others ‘pariah this pariah that! We call our brothers ‘keling ngok ngak’, melayu ulu, cina bukit, bai mabok, jakun, orang hutan, this and that!

We forget that beneath this epidermis that we call our Malay, Mamak, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Orang Asli, Caucasian skin we are all just muscle and bones!

We look the same minus our skin and eye color.

When we die, we decompose and swell up, putrefy as a dead rotting corpse.

All our worldly achievements, titles, honorifics, all disappear into nothingness when our soul is taken away from our bodies.

Do you remember all those who lived in grandeur before us?

All those people who drowned in opulence and wealth but yet have died and turned into just a memory?

We seriously need to reflect on all that has happened to people who lived before us and that we too one of these days will follow them back to the presence of Allah or be condemned to the burning Hellfire which He has prepared for us if we fail to heed His Warnings?

We need to help our brothers and sisters who have come into Islam or those who are seeking the Truth about Islam out there.

We need to help ourselves by learning about Islam and help to teach others about whatever we come to acquire about it?

We really need to appreciate the faith of Islam that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has honored us with?

We can do it if we want to by starting to share with our friends and contacts what we have come to learn and understand about Islam.

Let’s start by correcting ourselves and steering our life’s away from fitnah and evil. Insya Allah.