May 3, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Muslims of Malaysia and the world need a Khalifah!

As a Muslim, I feel extreme disappointment seeing the way the Organization of the Islamic Conference leaders fumble and mumble their ways over the years in failing to protect and defend the Muslims of the world!

The spirit of chivalry and courage is just not there in the hearts and minds of the so called Muslim leaders of this world.

Here in Malaysia, we have a lame duck masquerading as the Imam of ‘Islam Hadhari’ which is a blatant corruption of the trust and goodwill of the Muslim Ummah here in Malaysia.

This sorry excuse for a Muslim leader stood still and powerless when he was the Chairman of the OIC and did nothing to stop the American massacre of the Iraqi people!

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stands accused today as the weakest of the weakest amongst the Muslim leaders of today.

As a Muslim, I do not acknowledge this man to be anything with regard to my existence as a Da’ee.

I join my brothers and sisters all over the world in praying that soon we will have a Khalifah who will protect us and defend us from the onslaught of the Kuffar’s who wage war upon us!

I pray that the Muslims of Malaysia will join me in enjoining the good and forbidding the bad!

The social rot taking place in this nation is a direct result of weak leadership from those who claim Malaysia to be an Islamic nation?

An Islamic nation in name only, eh? Not substance! Not by practical reasons!

We have amongst us those who dare to insult the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam by claiming that in the times of the Prophet there was no shaving system?

We have amongst us those who ridicule this and that in Islam by inferring that if the Islamic Sharia were to be practiced, there would be many amputees around?

We have amongst us those who ridicule us for covering our modesty and would rather have the so called Muslims of this land live a life free of inhibitions and fornicate on the streets and public places as they please? It is already taking place in places like KL and other so called modern cities of this nation?

We have young Muslims in name only fornicate and shoot videos of themselves doing these despicable acts and publish them online for the whole wide world to see and enjoy?

We have amongst us young and old who mock the tudung @ the jilbab and engage in zina @ adultery whilst having on such jilbabs to show that even those who cover their modesty aren’t virtuous folks?

We have our so called ‘Islam Hadhari’ BN Malaysian Government broadcast day in day out so called entertainment programs that are followed so earnestly by the millions of Muslims especially those from the Malay community who would go stir crazy if reality programs such as Astro Ria’s Akademi Fantasia were to be scrapped?

We have amongst us so called Muslim politicians who shred official government documents and files when they lose in general elections and the so called Muslim police force protect them as they go about committing such unIslamic actions?

We have amongst us those who would dare to insult the Supreme King of Malaysia and who is their Sultan and Amir of Islamic Affairs in the State of Terengganu just because a former Menteri Besar couldn’t get the Sultan’s blessings or consent for him to be in power again by calling the Sultan an ‘animal’?

We have amongst us today those who would stop at nothing to besmear and ridicule the truth seekers by ordering the FRU to brutally assault the people of Malaysia just because the executive ordered them to do so?

We have with us a Police Force that instead of protecting the rightful citizens of this country, terrorize and assault them when they march in protest at the various injustices against their fellow Malaysians and bulldoze away residences and religious places just because some idiot in office gave them the go ahead?

So, dear Muslims of Malaysia. Wake up to the reality before us that if we do not speak up against all these injustices that are taking place right before our very eyes, there is no guarantee that what is shown in the videoclip above will not take place here in our nation?

Are you still willing to remain indifferent to what’s going on in Malaysia?

Remember the Hadith of Rasul SAW to stop injustice with our hands, speak up against it if we can’t do the first, hate it in our hearts if we do not have the ‘guts’ to do so?

Know you that the last choice is the closest to being one who is a Kufr towards Allah Azza Wa Jalla?

Decide wisely O Muslims because your fate is in your choice. Act or react before it’s too late!

Start getting back on track as a proper Muslim and do what’s required of you? Be a Muslim in the true sense.

Do not forget for a second that we are in the constant monitoring of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and His Malaikats! You may think that no one sees you but the Almighty does, 24/7!

Live a good life and help others do the same or die trying? After all, this life is just a temporal phase in our journey through existence. Be aware of that. Learn and improve your knowledge!

Insya Allah, there might just still be a chance for you and me to make Malaysia a better place to live in?