December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

UMNO – Sinking ship that is trying to stay afloat!



It doesn’t surprise me to see how UMNO and its Supreme Council made an about turn as far as their endorsement of the Terengganu MB Datuk Ahmad Said -he of dubious background-because if they were to stick to their earlier threat to expel the chap, Terengganu would see the MB party less and naturally, the man would weigh hooking up with PAS or PKR and re-establish his political base?

All the postulating of the former MB Idris Jusoh and his stable of 22 UMNO State Assemblymen has come to no avail, and they are now forced to eat humble pie.

It’s either kowtow to Ahmad Said the palace appointed MB or resign en masse which I doubt that they would ever do as it would mean canceling their ‘meal ticket’ for the next 5 years?

Idris Jusoh has no financial worries as I hear that he has amassed quite a stockpile of funds to see him and his family through for the next 7 generations from his term as the Terengganu MB?

I receive lots of feedback about the way Terengganu is said to be ruled by Khairy Jamaludin’s proxy but then again as usual it’s all just like the flowing wind, you feel it but can’t quite grasp it?

All these about turns by UMNO signals only one thing. That the party is desperate enough to be willing to twist and turn its way to avoid being sucked into the swirling whirlpool caused by the huge defeat it experienced in the recent general elections and the reality that UMNO does no longer command the awe and respect of the Malays of today who themselves are sick and tired of having to suffer consequential mental anguish due to the arrogance of UMNO leaders all these years?

If there is one major aspect of why even the Malays have turned away from supporting UMNO is the brazen way Abdullah Badawi and family have misbehaved despite not having earned their way up the UMNO political hierarchy because Abdullah Badawi is there today only due to Mahathir having appointed him as his successor?

As far as leadership standards are concerned, every sane Malaysian knows that Abdullah Badawi is by far the weakest Prime Minister as far as this country is concerned.

Today, UMNO is just like an old rusty ship that has exhausted its sea days and is now sinking due to wear and tear with a fumbling captain who knows not the bow and the stern of the spinning vessel!

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of this racist nationalist party that has throttled the nation for the past 50 years and disrespected the Malay Sultanates by clipping the wings of Their Majesties by removing certain vestiges of their sovereignty a decade ago and now seen to try and pressure the Malay Sultans to capitulate to their whims and fancies as to whom they decide to have as the MB’s?

Problem is that today’s Malay Sultans aren’t easy to mess around with for Their Majesties are politically savvy as well and can’t be duped or influenced as easily as before.

You will soon see the rats scurrying out from the sinking ship and try to latch on to the butt of the People’s Front as Malaysians forget about racial based politics and embrace a more democratic outlook on life and a better future which is just emerging after 50 years of apartheid policies that UMNO spearheads even to this day?

I hope that Malaysians will slowly but surely remove the years and years of prejudice and racist tendencies that has been ingrained into the nation by the BN and their divide and conquer strategies since Independence.

No one wishes to see any Malaysian ethnicity disappear and become extinct due to the way the BN went about its policies!

To me I am all for us to live and co-exist in peace, prosperity, and harmony for the rest of our lives and beyond.

You have voted for change in the most peaceful of ways and we are now seeing changes take place in our lives.

May the rest of the nation follow suit and restore Malaysia to being the most wonderful home we had before and can have again and after us, our children, and their heirs!

We can do it Malaysia. Let the past slowly fade away and tomorrow bring us a better future!


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