May 3, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

O Lord! It’s hard for the BN to be humble!

Remember the song by Mac Davis?

In the song, Mac sings ‘ O Lord! It’s hard to be humble ..when you are perfect in every way….

The thing is, I for one seriously conclude that them fellas in the BN must have taken such lyrics to heart and maybe even infused them into their brains …if they still have any?

Now, why would I say so?

Well, just reflect back on their reluctance to say that they are sorry for the way the screwed up our life’s and destroyed the wonderful goodwill that we all had from days and years gone by with their apartheid policies over the nation since 1957?

The BN has not come to their senses after the ass whupping we gave them on March the 8th 2008 and still strut around so pig headed thinking that they are God’s Gift to us all and free from sin?

You can’t say that they are kampong hillybillies for each of them big ass BN ‘mean’isters talk as if they are the ones who know each and every bloody thing there is in running or as in their case, ruining the country?

We have a pompous clueless ‘false prophet’ who is so narcissistic he must surely love to hear the sound of his own fart?

That’s the gross of the gross to speak of as the chap wedging his fat ass into the PM’s seat seems so oblivious to all the cacophony of calls from all over the nation asking the fella to spare us further heartache and to go, call it a day!

So, I am not a wee bit surprised to read today’s daily bullshit propaganda decrying Zaid Ibrahim’s call for the BN Government to issue an apology to all those High Court Judges who got fried way back in 1988?

Recalcitrant old fools I must say! They just have elephant hides as replacements for their skin for any honorable God Fearing team of public servants would have wasted no time in resigning en masse and let others who are more deserving to serve in their place?

So, until and unless we the people go and effect change politically, there is no way in hell that these parasites would want to let go from sucking up all the wealth and opportunities there are in the hallowed halls of Putrajaya?

I can’t wait for April 15 to come up and witness the dawn of promise that will see the release of Anwar Ibrahim from the political curse that has been cast upon him, denying Malaysians his presence in the political arena of this screwed up democracy since 1998!

Zaid Ibrahim might mean well but he needs to remember that Anwar tried to clean up the shit bin that is the BN from within and look as to where it got him?

Anyway, we the Malaysian people do appreciate his good intentions but as we all know good intentions never managed to extricate tyrants like Samy Vellu and his like from office?

Malaysians have to change things ourselves if we want to get rid of the BN vermins!

No amount of good intentions can change our future! We need to go kick ass! Agreed?